Friday, July 30th, 2010

Dare to Wear Look:  Yellow, Green, Blue

I gave false eyelashes another try.  I’m proud to say I was at least able to get them on decently without 2 hours lapsing!  They’re not perfect (both are a little high), but I tried to compensate by dabbing Blacktrack between my lashes and the false lashes.  I will say that it’s not noticeable from a normal viewing distance — but up close, you can kind of tell (even with my “fix”).  But for me, I’m pretty satisfied, since normally, it takes me 45 minutes to get one on, and by that point, the makeup is either so messed up or I’m so defeated I give up.  (And trust, I have watched a bajillion tutorials, know all the tips, and I still struggle.)  I should have also used more glue, because after 10 minutes, the edges seemed to pull back a bit.  I only wore this for twenty minutes or so, as my upper lash line was itching something fierce.

While I aspire to always be better at everything I do, inevitably, I don’t always get things perfect — but it’s part of the learning process, and I don’t mind sharing my journey with all of you! :)

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Going Bananas eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease. Lightly blend Lime eyeshadow on the middle of the lid with the 239. Apply Zingy eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid with the 239 and lightly bring into outer crease. Next, apply Sassy Grass eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Deviant liner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara. Add false lashes if desired.

For cheeks, apply Springsheen blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116, then lightly pat Mary Lou-manizer on the cheekbones.

For lips, apply So Bad lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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385 thoughts on “Dare to Wear Look: Yellow, Green, Blue

  1. Jennifer

    I love this color combo! And those false lashes make your eyes look sexy!

  2. Claudia

    That’s so pretty Christine. Bright colors look really nice on you. :)

  3. Meredith

    Aww, Christine, I think that you got the lashes just right. When I had to pass my MAC test at the counter a long time ago, I was freaked out because I would have to apply lashes. It’s easier for me to do it on someone else, rather than my own eyes. My small tip, for easier application, try cutting them in half. That really helped me. The whole false lash IS a toughy!

    • Thank you! They are definitely WAY easier on others. I’ve tried cutting them in half (and even thirds!) and still didn’t find it worked for me, lol. I am lash inept!

  4. regina

    Love this look. It is so awesome. You work well with mattes.

  5. Mirna

    Wow, this came out sooo pretty! Beautiful! Good luck on the lashes :)

  6. Jennifer

    Brown eyes are a dream when using bright colored e/s… Looks great Christine!

  7. Dallas

    this looks AMAZING on you

  8. I realllly love the pop of matte on your lids surrounded by all that shimmer!

  9. Tiffany

    That is so pretty! Reminds me of a parrot. :)

  10. So pretty! I wish you can use lashes more often because they look amazing on you. You’re so pretty and the lashes really bring out your eyes.

  11. sharon

    your eyeshadow combo is beautiful!

  12. Zinnia

    I love this look I’m going to try it out very nice

  13. WOW. One of the best you’ve done, I think. I LOVE IT!

  14. amy

    So Bad is gorgeous, I will have to get it.

  15. Jousy

    wow, am i really the first comment? cool!
    you look gorgeous as usual, Christine, but with an added kick because of those luscious falsies! so glam!

  16. Lisa

    WOW Christine you look super GORGEOUS with false eyelashes on! It gives your look the extra ummph!!! Springsheen blush looks beautiful on you!! How similar would you say springsheen and orgasm is?? I just cant make orgasm look good on me. I have coralista witch is like orgamn but pinkier witch suits me better. Would you say springsheen is like orgasm?

  17. Elysia

    I LOOOOVE this look!

  18. kara vitacca

    holyyy gorgeous! I love love love this! plus how cool does your iris look in the second photo from the top?!?

  19. seattle

    as soon i saw the pic, i said to myself outloud “wow! that’s beautiful!” LOL. i truly mean it, christine. i absolutely LOVE your bright, colorful looks. i am definately feeling the dare to wear collection. it’s right up my alley- bright colors AND mattes. yum!

  20. CONNIE

    Awwww you look gorgeous with false eyelash, love the eyeshadow combos! I dont think i can pull it off on me though.

  21. traci

    So pretty amazing colors!!!

  22. Christine! YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! :) love this look! i originally wasn’t going to get anything from this collection, but now i just might have to!

  23. ace

    i think it looks great!!! lol if that is ‘imperfect’ then i hate to think what happens the few times i actually attempt to do false lashes… it would be great if you would post the tips you have!!! :)

  24. Your skin looks amazing!! So jealous lol :-)

  25. Vanessa

    Wow. Love this!! Thanks for sharing & it takes me 45 minutes to put on lashes too. lol Im horrible at it. :(

  26. Wendy

    you look beautiful with falsies :) Practice makes perfect so keep putting them on. On oneof those tries your gonna come up with a trick or method that works for you.

    • Thanks!

      Yeah – the thing is… I just don’t have 2 hours to waste doing something like false lashes – I wish I did, though. I just have so many other things I need to get done that it’s not worth spending that much time on it.

      • Sonia

        I suck at putting them on too! So I know what you mean>_< I can never get them close to the lash line.

  27. Shayna Marie

    love the colors! they remind me of Fun dip haha!

  28. When I was checking out this look, my boyfriend looked over my shoulder and said “That’s cool! You should do that look!” You know when it gets his attention/approval, it’s an awesome look. Are there any substitutes for Lime? I think the closest thing I have is Rated R. Boo.

  29. Katie

    I flippin’ love this look on you!! Great colors! :)

  30. rukia0814

    I have to comment, you look so pretty in this look =) Nice colors.

  31. This is gorgeous! I love love love the colors.

  32. Ashley Marie

    Holy hott mama! Love it. Practice lashes girl cuz that looks amazing.

  33. Omg Christine. Looks absolutely cute cute and everyday-wearable. And the falsies look fab as well. I’m so happy to see you use a look with the new collection already. It was hard for me to pick which e/s were must haves. But thanks to your recommendations I ended up getting: sassy grass, louder please, and shock-a-holic :) Beautiful look again!

  34. jennylevi


    I like this look!!! wonderful cat eyes

  35. Farah

    you look so ferosh with those eyes. oh la la. the boytoy better prepare himself hehe

  36. Zoe

    the lashes look amazing!

  37. Amy

    Before I read anything you wrote (even afterwards), I want to say your eyes look amazing! Really like how the lashes brought up the look!

  38. Ryan

    im so sorry the lashes dont work for you… becuase it makes your whole look so sexy! love it!

  39. Joanne

    OMG, beautiful!

  40. Sari

    Please do more looks with at least liner on the top lash line , it looks beautiful & personally , for me , I ‘ve always found % 90 of eye make up looks incomplete without at least some liner on the top , preferably black .

  41. OMG! u have lashes on! lol awww nice pics Christine! and the colors you used are pretty! I know you get a bad reaction after wearing lashes but THANK YOU for doing something different 😀 maybe you’re allergic to the lash glue?

  42. Jimena

    I agree in how you look in your first full face picture… just gorgeous!!!

  43. these colours are perfect on you, although bold they suit you stunningly :)

  44. AlyxVeee

    Wow those lashes are stunning on you Christine! Pity you have trouble with them :( because they just add to the eye candy (no pun intended) that are your eye looks :)

  45. Jennifer

    this is such a gorgeous look on you! :) extremely complementing to your hair color, eye color, and skin color. beautiful!

  46. Sarah

    I can say with 100% honesty, this is the best look you’ve ever done. It’s the liner that completes this (well the falsies add to it too(, it makes it look like a “finished” look. You should wear liner more often :)

  47. inaya

    LOVE IT CHRISTINE! you work that look sth fierce

  48. Wow Christine, that look is amazing. Like it!

  49. ohh wow, i’m really gonna try this look :-)


  50. Natalia

    Um, the false lashes look a bit scary :-) I think you look better without them :-)

  51. OMG I love it! You look fab-u-lous dahling!

  52. Su Ann

    Beautiful look, I love the matteness. For the colours, when they are on their on in the pan they looked too wild for me, but this really looks wearable.

    And your poor eye, could see that it’s all red and irritated.

  53. Alabee

    Hey Christine- do you have any recommendations for looks using sassy grass that don’t involve yellow or blue? I’m in love with the color in the pot, but haven’t found an awesome way to wear it. In typically a purple-grey-neutral kinda gal, so shock-a-holic is getting some love. I just don’t know how to wear sassy grass! Thank you!

  54. so much better with lashes! I feel like it looks more “complete”

  55. I think these colors are amazing but I’m just not sure how I feel about the look in general. I guess if you were going out and had something to wear to match it but your eyes just look heavy and I know from looking at your other posts that your eyes are definitely not heavy. Maybe it’s just the false lashes? I do love love love the eyeliner on the bottom lid though, UD has such pretty colors :)

  56. Rachel

    when you line your upper lashline iwth black it is SO FLATTERING ON YOU YOU SHOULD DEF DO IT MORE!!

  57. Eline

    Hi Christine!

    Greetings from holland!

    This looks sooo stunning on you! Beautiful! Keep trying the falsies haha! Would love to see more looks with them on.

    And wanted to say a huge thank you to you! For working so hard on your blog. I totaly love it and read it everyday! Keep up the good work (:

  58. BIANCA

    You look stunning!
    everything is blended flawlessly!
    one of my favorite looks you’ve done and my favorite look on you!
    i just showed this picture to my sister and even she was like wow she really pulled that off hahah tutorial would be amazing!!

    thats talent girl!
    it looks so clean!

  59. Stefawnduh


  60. Marta Fernandes

    Maybe it’s because I’m not used to seeing you with false lashes, but I think your natural lashes suit you much better.

  61. Elle

    Gorgeous as always. I always love your ‘bright’ looks because even though I often don’t have enough time to do anything *this* cool it is awesome to look at them and at least know I will have instructions when I do try something like this!

  62. LuvJ

    I love this look.. new color lemmings for me. By the way, I think, like myself, you are allergic to, or sensitive to the latex in the lash glue. My eyes itch and water like crazy with the Duo adhesive. I found a latex-free lash glue (newly released) from Revlon and Urban Decay is latex-free as well..

    • I don’t think it’s the glue for me – just the general issue with my upper lash line not handling being… well, handled, lol!

      I’m glad you were able to find a latex-free glue, though. The glue I used here is actually UD’s!

  63. lara

    one my my favorite looks from yoU!

  64. Monica

    finally black eyeliner!!

  65. Jazmine

    WOW! That is such a BOLD TROPIC LOOK. I REALLY LIKE IT!!!!

  66. I love the blue liner on your lower lashline, it goes excellent with everything else! Also love the dare to wear lipglass, it looks absolutely amazing!

  67. Lauren D

    I think you did a great job for having troubles with the falsies! They are tough! I have used lashes a few times, and I have had the most success with MAC lashes. I would not recommend Laura Mercier. I purchased them once when I was far from my beloved MAC of any kind, and they were difficult to apply, stiff, had rough edges that poked my eyelid, itched, and remained on for about five minutes. I have applied MAC ones myself and had them last all night…so I think it was the quality of the lash strips.

  68. Sonia

    Christine you look amazing!! HOT!!!!

  69. Chloe

    the first thing i thought when i saw this was ‘wow !, that is so pretty !':-o A really cool look, I can’t wait to try it out : )

  70. Lori

    My favorite! You are wearing this quite well!

  71. Laura

    Are you supposed to put the lashes on the lid or the actual eyelash? This is where I am confused and I spend 30 mins on one eye to take it off and left with a sticky eyelid :(

    • Right squeeze into the lash line – more on your lid than the actual eyelash, I suppose… but it’s really right where they meet as far as I know!

  72. MoNyCKa

    Oh wow you look so pretty with this look… I have to give it a try to see how it goes with me 😛

  73. Latoya

    Wow. I think that might be one of the prettiest looks I’ve ever seen on you!!! Just stunning :)

  74. Heather

    Yeah, no matter how much I practice and no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get the hang of false lashes, even though I REALLY want to be good at them!
    I won’t give up trying though.
    (I’ve watched a million how-to videos too)

  75. Heather

    my dilemma with false lashes makes me wish I could spring the money for eyelash extensions…And I’m too scared to try Latisse cause I am worried about it darkening the iris of my eyes.

  76. Sash

    Me likey a lot!

  77. Your eye makeup is stunning!

  78. Işıl

    That’s it Christine, very beautiful…

  79. Wow. This one is amazing, Christine! You are drop dead gorgeous!

  80. Jennifer

    This is awesome!!!!

  81. TINA

    Hey Christine…u looking gorgeous as usal…bt i wz wondering…can u use sum other Liners apart from Dark blue….i guess dis could be more beautiful…if instead of dark blue u use sum other colour..

  82. parisvioleta

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunnning!!!!! Im gonna try this look 😛

  83. You look gorgeous! I love adding falsies to a bright matte eye, it makes it so much more wearable for me!