Friday, July 30th, 2010

Dare to Wear Look:  Yellow, Green, Blue

I gave false eyelashes another try.  I’m proud to say I was at least able to get them on decently without 2 hours lapsing!  They’re not perfect (both are a little high), but I tried to compensate by dabbing Blacktrack between my lashes and the false lashes.  I will say that it’s not noticeable from a normal viewing distance — but up close, you can kind of tell (even with my “fix”).  But for me, I’m pretty satisfied, since normally, it takes me 45 minutes to get one on, and by that point, the makeup is either so messed up or I’m so defeated I give up.  (And trust, I have watched a bajillion tutorials, know all the tips, and I still struggle.)  I should have also used more glue, because after 10 minutes, the edges seemed to pull back a bit.  I only wore this for twenty minutes or so, as my upper lash line was itching something fierce.

While I aspire to always be better at everything I do, inevitably, I don’t always get things perfect — but it’s part of the learning process, and I don’t mind sharing my journey with all of you! :)

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Going Bananas eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease. Lightly blend Lime eyeshadow on the middle of the lid with the 239. Apply Zingy eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid with the 239 and lightly bring into outer crease. Next, apply Sassy Grass eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Deviant liner on the lower lash line. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara. Add false lashes if desired.

For cheeks, apply Springsheen blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116, then lightly pat Mary Lou-manizer on the cheekbones.

For lips, apply So Bad lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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385 thoughts on “Dare to Wear Look: Yellow, Green, Blue

  1. Lina

    gosh, your eyes look amazing!

  2. Mandy

    Wow Christine, that first fullface picture of you is STUNNING!!!
    I LOVE this look on you!!!!

  3. baby in a corner

    I love it! it looks like blue and green velvet on your eyelids!

    its funny that you find lashes hard cause i find them ok but i don’t think my make up application technique is as good as yours! Happy friday!

  4. daphne

    Whoa – the application and color arrangement here is sheer genius! The way Zingy is sort of hugged by the two green colors, and the subtle pop of frost in surrounding the mattes with Goin’ Bananas – WOW. Seriously artful. And glowy glowy cheeks…sigh, I looove Springsheen.

  5. JustMe

    Very pretty!

  6. shakz

    ohhhhh wow christine, you always look super glam in your picks but the fake lashes wooaaahhhh, you look awesome, they really suit you!!!! thanks for the look!!!! i also wanted to ask how it was working with the shadows to create a look??? were they easy to work with or not???

  7. pretty! did you put in the post what lashes those are? i missed it if you did. i’m not a huge false lash fan myself but use them often enough… i’m constantly looking for good reviews and top picks from people (and never finding ANYTHING!).

    i’d love to see someone do something like your “temptalia’s must have” mac lists – like you’ve done with shadows, lipsticks, etc. i have referenced those lists SO many times! (i actually have those website pages printed out in a binder! haha!)

    • In the list of eye products! Urban Decay Darlin’ Lashes. They seemed fine to me, but I’ll have to see how they hold up to being used more than once.

  8. LH

    LOVE the look. Great work as usual Christine

  9. Kelly


  10. Andrea

    Wow,what a difference lashes and liner make on you! You look very pretty!!

  11. Cindy

    I love this look. Especially since yellow is my fav color and I am often wearing it. I know not too many people like to deal with that color but I tend to gravitate towards it lol. Plus I love that color combo. I have the same problem as u with the false lashes so I just make my sis do it for me lol. When she’s not around I try to use a mascara that comes close to making them look like falsies. I’m not having much luck lateley tho. I used to swear by Mac loud lash but we all know that was discontinued so now I am still in search for the perfect mascara lol. After looking at your pictures I wanna go out and grab that lipglass. I think that’ll be my treat today lol. Although I know that that’s just gonna get me in trouble cuz I’m gonna end up buying other stuff from the Dare to Wear collection. =)

  12. fabienne

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww very very beauty

  13. Arantzazu

    These colours really suit you!

  14. Jen

    This looks so pretty on you! I love the green & blue together!

  15. oh my, this look is gorgeous !! i love the eye color combination so much !! thumbs up ;D

  16. mary

    WOW! soooo gorgeous. Loving the false lashes on you too. really brings out the eyes.

    what is ur opinion of the Mary Lou-manizer? i was thinking of getting either that or mac soft and gentle. any recommendations?

  17. This is so gorgeous! It reminds me of tropical butterflies and how their metallic wings flutter. So beautiful, Christine!

  18. Karolina

    Amazingly beautiful!

  19. Those falsies are FEROSH. Totally finish off the look!

  20. Emily

    LOVE IT! I’m so surprised, because honestly, I wasn’t too amazed by these eyeshadows from the swatches, but I just love how on your eyes, the matte-ness and chalkiness of these shadows just lets the bright color pop. Beautiful!

  21. mariana

    whattttttttttttttt!! omg i thing this is one of the best looks you ever made christine!!! really i must say you look beautiful!! the lipstick , the shadows the false lashes i mean everything is perfect!! i dont know hoy u do it to be so creative!! i will never be able to do that!! Congrats!! =)

  22. Alyssa

    Christine, this is GORGEOUS!

  23. AAGH this look is SO pretty! You freaking amaze me everytime, LOL.

  24. Denise

    I love your make-up here Christine! (false eyelashes suits you!) I’m from the Philippines and an avid reader of your blog! =)

  25. Victoria

    Great look Christine, you’ve got it :-) seems we both have issues with lashes, I just cannot make it work! Recently I sat myself down, and tried applying single lashes, that actually worked a little better :-)

  26. Melissa (divinem)

    Looks great on you, Christine. :)

  27. that looks is AMAZING! that looks so cool!!!

  28. lauraaaaaaaa

    LOOKS AWESOME. you make me want them all!

  29. Lizz M.

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I was already set on getting Sassy Grass, but now Zingy is looking like a must.

    I’m curious, between Electric Eel and Zingy, which would you say is a better buy? I’ve always wanted Electric Eel, but Zingy almost has a slightly minty look that I’m really liking (of course that could most likely be because it’s paired with greens here).. but are there any differences between the two shadows, like texture, color payoff, etc? I just think having both is excessive.

    • Thanks, Lizz! :)

      Zingy is a lighter version of Electric Eel. Electric Eel also leans just a touch teal/green (but it’s REALLY, REALLY subtle). I would say Electric Eel, if only because it’s more pigmented.

  30. Lils

    That is Gorgeous! You can really pull off those bright colors! Bravo!

  31. Sasha

    you know i have to say i usually see your bright eye looks on here and think that i can’t pull them off. but now that you have those lashes on i think i might try! i need to get lashes like those…

  32. Marinella

    Wow, this look is amazing! Lately I’m really into light blues and greens and yellows so probably that is why I do like it a lot. I’ll try it for sure but no false eyelashes for me…

  33. Sam

    Looks gorgeous! :]

  34. heba

    I love the colors u used love the lip color the most

  35. Ms. Jimmi


  36. laura r

    this look is fabulous all on its own but REALLY striking against your lovely colouring!!! *le sigh* i always wanted brown eyes.

  37. Interesting look. Definitely not something I would wear but it really suits your face, and false eyelashes are great too! :)

  38. aradhana

    looks terrific! it’s nice to see you back on the bright yellow/green track…it feels like trademark temptalia!

    i felt like you were describing my false lash experiences to a T….sometimes they work for me by fluke, but most of the time they make me crazy it takes so long! i ended up doing a similar thing last week with my blacktrack. i don’t know if it’s just me, but i didn’t find the finish i got as seamless as when i’ve put blacktrack on in advance.

    i recently picked up some bottom lash falsies, so i’m going to give those a try sometime soon (when i have an extra hour to do my makeup, of course! 😉

  39. Roxanne

    Well, great. Now I want ALL the e/s from Dare To Wear! :) You are WERQing those lashes, Christine.

  40. SO pretty! I’ve been debating on whether I should pick up some of these shadows or not. May have to place a small order online.

  41. Jodda

    Why do I look at this post? I’ve been trying so hard to avoid looking at this collection. I went overboard with In the Groove, but dang I love the mix of finishes on your lids. It looks so pretty on you.
    (and I used to wear false lashes for years. But for some reason, I can’t do it anymore. I can never keep the corners from lifting. Aggravating. You did a good job, but you also have such nice natural lashes. jealous :) )
    Let me ask you, I read your review of the shadows. But I’m still kind of torn. I’m looking at Going Bananas, Sassy Green, Zingy, Aqua, Lime.. (and maybe Atlantic Blue and Shock a Holic) I know Lime and Atl. Blue are perm pro. In your overall opinion, after using some in a look, do you think these are wow worthy?
    I know it’s subjective. I have to ask, in order to take the proper steps in maintaining my sanity however.
    Thanks Christine!!!

    • Jodda

      Btw, I’m thinking the eyeliner I got last night is so pretty, and would look great with some of these shadows. I got the CG liquiline in Green Glow. SO pretty. Thanks for that review. I never would have looked otherwise!

      • Jodda

        ok, last post I promise. I should add that I don’t have mattes in any of these mattes. In general, do you think these are a good shadows to start my matte collection?
        I have the coastal scents matte pallete, but the staying power is less than great. I never use it.
        Thank you again so much!

    • Uh oh!!

      I liked them, and I didn’t have any trouble using them at all. I really like Going Bananas, Sassy Green, and Zingy a lot from the list you’re interested in. Although Atlantic Blue has my heart.

  42. Steph

    Gorgeous! This looks so edgy with the top liner and the falsies, a totally different look than if you did it without. Thanks to your eyelids for itching for you to get these pics :)

  43. You are absolutely gorgeous! I love the look on you. I swear, you’re the only one I know who can pull of bright colors and make it look so wearabld : )

  44. Ashley

    Oh my gosh! Thank you! This look is really exotic. I love it.

  45. Hanna

    this look is gorgeous!!

  46. LNU

    Aw I think the falsies look cute, and hell I still haven’t been able to put even one pair on, I just give up.

  47. Kristana

    color! Love it

  48. ms_micia

    Dont give up. I struggle too. Make the line SUPER thick cut them do the start mid lash its easier to make them stay when they dont have to contend with the edge of your eye. But also individuals work just as well (just as aggrevating maybe moreso) but look much more natural and another tip is buy lashes with a thin or almost invisible weft, IT DOES make a difference!!! The thick band on most cheapies, or even nicer brands makes it hard to blend and look natural. Bend them around ur finger to make sure theyre nice and round before application. Have a set of tweezers and maybe a cuticle stick to press on the edges (that tend to give me the most trouble). Have patience and keep trying even if only in the house and then take them off. :)

    • I have done all that, LOL! I’ve tried cutting, using tweezers, using the false eyelash clipprs, etc. Truly, I have done it all and nothing makes it easier!

      I just don’t have 2 hours to waste on them to be honest, which is why I very rarely bother :/ I see the 2 hours go by and think about how much other stuff I needed to get done instead!

  49. Brittany

    omg this is so beautiful.. I wish i had all these colors! wonderful job as always.

  50. Ruby

    This look reminds me of a tropical rain forest it looks very flattering on you Christine i will try this for sure :)

  51. Jennifer

    that’s so pretty! i love it :)

  52. Abby

    Gorgeous look! I love greens! I’m the same way with false eyelashes though. I know the tips, but it still takes me for-ever to put one of them on with all the repositioning and re-applying glue and fixing makeup. I usually end up shaking my fists at the ceiling while shouting some version of “Curses!” ” NOOOOO~” or “Why me!”. Then I give up and put loads of mascara on. They are just not for me and that’s cool. There is so much more to a look that I don’t mind going without them. Really.

    • Thank you, Abby!

      LOL! Yes, I know that feeling WELL! I don’t mind either, but I can see their benefit — they are sooo heavy to me, since I don’t wear them often, lol.

  53. Jocey

    OMG this has got to be one of my favorite looks that you have done. I’m a sucker for bright mattes. & those lashes look fabulous on you!

  54. ~Megan~

    I love it! it’s so beautiful!!!!

  55. IZzySA

    omg.. your eyelashes are coming off! sorry but they are not on right:)

  56. Lena

    Wow! False lashes really make a difference!
    What about the Revlon sticky ones? Do you find those easier to use?

  57. Absolutely gorgeous! I didn’t know mattes could look so pretty haha. You make we want everything from this colection!

  58. Naomi

    Damn! This is gorgeous. One of the best looks you have ever done.

    I predict a whole lot of comments because of this look!

  59. MJ

    oh my god! This collection is really attracting me.
    especially, the lipglass is so cool! And you look fantastic:D

  60. Shaye

    The lashes look BEAUTIFUL on you! You look SO GLAMOROUS in this look!

  61. Deborah

    You look gorgeous, Christine! Those lashes are very flattering. I love this look. I WILL be copying. :o)

  62. wow! wearing falsies make such a huge difference! i love how sexier your eyes look and the combination of colors look great! :)

  63. Mary007

    I like it…you look cute! I’m curious what does your boyfriend say about your looks? What does he like and what doesn’t he like?

  64. Pia

    Looks amazing!

  65. kasiaj85

    I must say, You look lovely!
    When I first saw the colors in DTW collection I thought “mattes??? blah” but now that I see them on You – they look so gorgeous! And the colors!!! Your eye makeup reminds me of some fizzy long drink, the colors blend so nicely !
    I must see this collection in person, definitely!
    and about the lashes – my one and only attempt ended up in a failure. Not trying that out again. Plus, I’m quite satisfied with my lashes 😉 not anormous ones but not that bad 😀 So I envy You cuz it looks quite fine :)

    • Thanks so much! :)

      I like the way natural lashes look, too – and I was kind of hoping the falsies would be more dramatic than these were, lol!

  66. deepblue

    oohhh yeahhhhh! This makeup rocks!

  67. Melissa

    Love the look! Those lashes look great for on you. I have trouble putting them on as well.

  68. Ashley

    Christine, those falsies look amazing on you!! I really, really like this look on you, it’s absolutely gorgeous!

  69. Katie

    My first thought was, “ROOWWRR!” The one on your right eye looks like it’s falling out at the edge a bit, but you are workin’ those falsies nonetheless! Are you going to do a review on those new UD lashes?

    Speaking of falsies, I saw your sticker on those Revlon lashes in Rite Aid a few days ago. Congratulations!

  70. Debora

    Wow! Beautiful, but dare to wear 😛 I should never wear it, but it looks great at you!

  71. Hend

    Aw this look looks beautiful on u
    God knows I cant pull any of these colours off lol
    but very interesting tutorial , <33

  72. AnGeLwInGz

    Wow Christine we both have similar looks today! I’m wearing Going Bananas, Zingy, Sky Blue, Aqua, Deviant eyeliner, and So Bad!

  73. You look fantastic in this!!

  74. Ester

    You look so spunky and fun in these!! Really nice job.

  75. Anum

    False lashes look really pretty on u:) but they r a pain to put on

  76. Rae

    Well hey there, false lashes!! Love it 😉 Honestly, I think the lash placement looks just fine, at least in these photos!

  77. Bernice

    The lashes look so great on you! I love how they make your eyes look so cute and flirty haha and great eye look as well 😀

  78. Paulina

    you look stunning girlfriend! :-)

  79. Iram

    Wow, you are beautiful Christine. Falsies suit you so well, stunning!

  80. Tre

    Gorgeous! What lashes did you use?

  81. PeachBellini

    Gorgeous! I really love this whole look, really suits you. The eyes are just fantastic.

  82. K7P*

    I love itttttttttt! Dammit, and i got all the colors except the ones you used in this look! =(

  83. Oh wow, eyeliner on top looks fantastic on you! o.o

  84. Madelynn

    I love the lipcolor you paired with this. Also, the way you just skirted the green color on the outer corner is divine! :]

  85. YES I have been waiting for this!! beautiful look and combo!!

  86. Joan

    Nice blend of colours, but not a look I would do for myself!

    In the last photo, it looks like your lashes are coming off at the sides.

  87. KARYNA

    i like it you look pretty.

  88. Thincspot

    WOW Christine! Well done. I might actually by some Dare to Wear colors now.

  89. Anna

    You are absolutely gorgeous! I love the false lashes :)

  90. Dominique

    The lashes look soooo pretty on you!!!

  91. such a pretty look!! you’re so gorgeous!!!

  92. Amelie

    Wow, this is such a pretty, tropical look! I didn’t know mattes could look so vibrant ^^

  93. sum

    omgggggg u look so so amazing with false lashes 😀

  94. Vanelle

    Whooaaaaaaaaa!!! STOP PAUSE. Eyeliner on your upper lash line? Won’t you get an irritation? This is not

    • I try to do it on occasion so people can see what it looks like, even though I’ll have some residual irritation for a few hours.

      If I do it, I only wear the look long enough to photograph – then I remove it, so I minimize the irritation!

  95. This is so gorgeously tropical!

  96. Leah

    This looks amazing with your skin tone. Very exotic

  97. ann

    omg ! this is soo pretty ! ur eyes look so pretty with false lashes !

  98. Tia

    All the way from Mombasa, Kenya. Love you and love your Reviews and Tutorials! Love this Look! As I Love Green eyeshadow! You look sooo Preety!!