Sunday, October 30th, 2011

This or That

If you had to choose: Cream Blush or Powder Blush?

  • Powder Blush (82%, 2,894 Votes)
  • Cream Blush (18%, 651 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,545

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11 thoughts on “Cream Blush or Powder Blush?

  1. Yazmin

    i dont even know how to use cream blushes, even though i own a few, it just ends up patchy on me, if anyone knows of any good blogposts or youtube vids demonstrating how to use them please let me know

    • Okay, Yazmin, I’ll tell you how I do it. I use cream rouge underneath a powder foundation to create the illusion of a natural flush that frames the eyes. I take a clean – no makeup – finger and run it from the back of my cheekbone, near the ear, to where the hollow left by the cheekbone ends. I put the rouge there, following the bottom of the bone until the hollow ends. Then I blend up the cheekbone towards the eyes and down the cheekbone towards the nose. If I’m with a client and there is no hollow, I follow the bottom of the bone with a clean index finger and on the middle finger I have the rouge. Then I blend up towards the eyes and down the cheekbone towards the nose. You can go down towards your chin a bit so that it looks natural. With both, I take a bit of what’s left and put it near or in the hairline at the temples.
      Why the difference? If a hollow is there naturally, you can develop it, whereas a face that doesn’t have one has its own beauty to discover. When folks get iffy about cream rouge, it’s sometimes the technique thing and sometimes a color thing. I recommend the technique that I’ve just written to start with, with the lightest rouge that you have. I don’t like cream rouge on the apples of the cheeks, because I find that it creates too much competition with the eyes. Powder doesn’t do that, but cream does. Don’t be afraid to play and find out what works for you!

      Sorry for the long answer…it’s makeup…and I’m on a mission to make almost everyone love it.

  2. Liz

    wow! I’m surprised at the results, I don’t even use powder blush anymore.

  3. Devi

    Cream blush, why u no win?! ;_;

    I had Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge in mind when voting… a tiny dab of cream and your whole face seems to glow naturally. When I hear powder blush, I just think of powder sitting on top of your face… I know that if done right, it definitely doesn’t look like that, but I suppose cream blushes are just more ideal to me.

  4. BooBooNinja

    Wow! I picked the majority (powder blush) too, because I’ve never tried cream blushes.
    That’s probably because I’m starting with powder blushes as I’ve read that cream blushes can be trickier to apply properly.

  5. Cream blushes are fanciful and too difficult to apply/ also messy outside of the house. Whereas powder blushes I can take it with me anywhere…one swipe in the ladies bathroom anywhere and you are done.

  6. Veronica

    I stick to powder, mostly because that’s what I learned with. My cheeks naturally have a faint rosiness to them, so I’ve never felt the need to experiment excessively with products to highlight them. I’d be willing to try a cream on recommendation, though.

  7. Jinete

    I wear both cream/liquid and powder blush every day. If you have had a hard time applying a cream blush, you might try using the Maybelline Mousse blush, NYC cream sticks, or the YSL Cream de Blush. All slide easily over the skin and can be applied easily with fingers or a brush.

  8. Em

    I love cream blush for the natural blush look. But when I want to wear a brighter or “odder” color on my cheeks, I reach for powder because it’s easier to control. It also depends on what foundation I’m wearing. I wear a lot of powder foundation, so I tend to reach for powder blush. However, when I do break out and use a cream or liquid foundation, I always reach for a cream blush :)