Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner
LiquilineBlast: Brown Blaze, Blue Boom, Silver Spark, Green Glow, Violet Voltage

Urban Decay Dupe?  Not Quite, But Close

COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast ($7.99 for 0.033 oz.) are touted to give you the “intensity and styaing power of a liquid with the ease and blendability of a waterproof pencil.” It also comes with a smudger on one end. There are six shades in all, and the one I don’t have to review here is Blackfire–will try to get my hands on it for a review soon.

  • Brown Blaze is a dark neutral-toned brown.
  • Blue Boom is a bright medium blue with a satin-y shimmer finish.
  • Silver Spark is a dark charcoal gray with silver flecks of shimmer-glitter.
  • Green Glow is a bright pop of chatreuse green with yellow shimmer-sheen.
  • Violet Voltage is a red-toned purple–very eggplant-y.

I really do like these, even if they don’t do quite as good of a job as some of my favorite high-end eyeliners (Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay). My favorite shades were Blue Boom and Green Glow, which I’m sure doesn’t come as a surprise!

The LiquilineBlasts have a very smooth, soft feel when used, and they do glide very well across the lid/lash line. However, they aren’t incredibly pigmented–you can layer it on to get more of that opaque, intense liner look, though, but it’s not one-stroke color here. It’s also better if you apply in the same direction, even in layers, because it keeps it from smearing/sheering out.

These excel in the wear department, though — I had no trouble with these lasting all day without smudging, budging, or migrating. They stay tacky enough to be smudged for about a minute or two, but they seem to set quite well after that. It’s a shame that the pigmentation is a little low, because these could have been a great affordable alternative to Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liners–they’re a good one, but they’re just not a perfect substitute.  I would also say these felt softer than Urban Decay’s liners.

But I really love Green Glow — I only have a liquid liner in this color, and I am very much an eyeliner fiend, so whenever I come across a shade I don’t quite have, it’s hard not to fall in love.

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  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: I really like these, and with their lower price tag, it might be worth looking into as long as you don’t mind a little layering to get it to be true-to-color. They wear well and long, which is the most important aspect of any eyeliner, in my eyes … or rather, on my eyes… Ha!


See more photos & swatches!

COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner
LiquilineBlast: Brown Blaze, Blue Boom, Silver Spark, Green Glow, Violet Voltage

COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner
LiquilineBlast: Brown Blaze, Blue Boom, Silver Spark, Green Glow, Violet Voltage

COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner
LiquilineBlast: Brown Blaze, Blue Boom, Silver Spark

COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner
LiquilineBlast: Silver Spark, Green Glow, Violet Voltage

COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner
LiquilineBlast: Brown Blaze, Blue Boom, Silver Spark, Green Glow, Violet Voltage

COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner
LiquilineBlast: Brown Blaze, Blue Boom, Silver Spark

COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner
LiquilineBlast: Silver Spark, Green Glow, Violet Voltage

Wearing Green Glow LiquilineBlast

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97 thoughts on “COVERGIRL LiquilineBlast Eyeliner Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. baby in a corner

    No covergirl in Ireland but i like Gosh as a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay here. Love the blue, it seems so shimmery!

  2. Scientific Housewife

    I bought the green and found out it was a little light to put on my upper lid line but it works great for the lower lashline!

  3. i think id pick up blue bloom. the others probably would not show up very well on me.

  4. Sherri

    I am so getting these, how come I missed these I don’t know.

  5. Wow, these really do look awesome! :)

  6. Jazz

    I have the charcoal and the blue . Love them. 8 bucks isnt bad at all

  7. Jayna

    I am a liner fiend too, and always looking for shades that I do not posses. I noticed the green one on your “look” yesterday and I was most curious, so thanks for the review! I will probably pick up the green one, it definately looks unique! I am such a sucker for greens/golds/bronzes/pewters, etc! Attach a drain to the bank account!

  8. Laura

    I love these! Im goin to have to pick up the blue one!

  9. i have that green colour from gosh, which is awesomeee. how did u do ur eye look there? (eye makeup newbie here :$)and could you show us how the purple looked?

  10. The only ones that I’ve seen which are low-end and are simply as amazing, if not more than the 24/7 is the new Milani Liquif’eye . They are really remarkable but right now they only come in 5 colors. I did a swatch some time ago of the Aqua vs the 24/7 Flipside

  11. These look nice! I think I’ll have to try out Green Glow. Thanks for the review and swatches, Christine! :-)

  12. Ohhh…I love the green and the blue one!! Do you know if they are available at drugstores like CVS or Walgreens also? There in no Ulta in CT!! Which I honestly can’t believe..I hope we get one soon!

  13. Elysia

    I love the blue! I’d love the purple more if it was shimmery

  14. Charlotte

    Do you think the black will be waterline safe? I find because UD Zero is so soft I used it up really quickly!

  15. Dina

    i wonder how these measure up to the milani liquifeyes. i have those and they are fantastic.

  16. starr

    i love the violet voltage!! i have been looking everywhere for a good dark matte purple eyeliner.

  17. Michelle

    wow! love these! but will probably pass, my eyes are extra oily so everything i tried, even UD 24/7 Liners, smudges on me. However, MUFE Aqua eyes seem to be the only thing my eyes will take. :) Thanks for the review Christine!

  18. I wouldn’t have taken a second look at Cover Girl but these look really good. I might try these. Thanks for the review.

  19. Lego

    I’d get them all! How many layers are on the swatches?

  20. Josiane

    the green is so beautiful on you!

  21. i’ll check this out because long-wearing is definitely what i need!

  22. LNU

    If UD wasn’t better, I would definitely get these!

  23. I have Blue Boom, Green Glow & Silver Spark. I originally bought Green Glow, loved it so much that I grabbed the other two. What I do to wear it and amp up the color is apply it, then use Fyrinnae’s OMGWTF or We’re All Mad here, to intensify the yellow-green-chartreuse. I definitely think they’re soft and easy to apply, as well as pretty. I do agree they could use some more pigmentation, but otherwise they’re really nice.

  24. daphne

    Seems like the blue is a dupe for UD Deviant, which I already have. I picked up the green yesterday and I might consider the silver and purple because the colors are very pretty! I’m going to do a waterline test tonight with the green. All other drugstore brand “liquid pencil” liners (L’oreal HIP chrome ones, Milani Liquif’eye, and Prestige has one that I’ve tried) have burned the bejesus out of my eyes when used on the waterline. If these don’t, I might have to get all the colors! :)

    • I’d say it’s pretty close–maybe a shade or two brighter (more like MAC’s Freshwater eyeshadow).

      Let me know how they work out!

      • daphne

        Well, I’ve had it on my waterline since I got home around 6:00 and it’s nearly 11:00 now and I’ve nearly forgotten it’s there! So I’m thinking it’s good to go, whew! I’m not entirely sure this gives me faith with the other colors but I’m definitely willing to chance it now.

  25. Isheeta

    Hi Christine, I use Styli-Style eyeliners and they are very soft and long-lasting. I love those eyeliners! They have a nice variety of colors including many blue/teal/aqua shades, jewel tones shades etc. Their price is around 8/9 Canadian dollar. Do you have any plan to review those eyeliners? I think they might be a cheaper alternative to other high-end eyeliners.

  26. Azaza

    Oh wow those look really nice. I want to try them out but I just dont know where to get them in my country

  27. Connie

    lovely! how does the wear compare with milani liquif’eye pencils?

  28. Whitney

    The look you did with the Green Glow looks really good, i love it with that grey color :)

  29. Jenny

    i love it!

  30. Tammy

    These are $15 in Canada. $15!!! For that price I’d rather pay $5 more and get one from Urban Decay!!

  31. missy

    just like you said, I like the green one b/c its hard to come across a lime green pencil eyeliner!

  32. Rissy

    I tried the green one and loved it then had to go buy the rest. :) I’m only missing the purple to much my dismay.

  33. Lyn

    Pigmented or not, I will definitely be picking up Green Glow – it looks exactly like what I’d hoped MUFE 17L would be! Thank you for reviewing these! :)

  34. I hate when you have to keep layering to get a liner true-to-color, but these still look awesome. So I’ll probably try them.

  35. Ani_BEE

    Green Glow remind me of my GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner in Lemon Soda. The shade is tiny bit brighter (more yellow). I think I’ll be checking them out since they seem more piratical then the Smoky Shadow Blast Shadow Stick (NYX had the better product in this category by far with the Jumbo Shadow pencils.)

    I concur that GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner is a very good dupe or pairing to the Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liners. They are pigmented! They sell for $12-$13 at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. I usually buy them when they go on sell.

  36. Tiss

    Those look dreamy and affordable. I’d love to buy some.

    That green looks fabulous on you and it really makes your eyes pop!

  37. Jennifer

    How do you sharpen these?

  38. I was curious tosee these. I really like Blue Boom and Green Glow. Thanks for the review!

  39. lauraaaaaaaa


  40. sofia

    I wish i could find these in greece too :-(

  41. Rachel

    Christine, thanks bunches for reviewing these! I’ve walked past the display a dozen times wondering if they were any good. I’m obsessed with colorful eyeliners too, so I was dying to see if these were any good! I may pick up the bright blue and silver pencils if CG goes on sale, but I imagine I’ll still like my Milani and UD liners more.

  42. Rawrzellers

    I must pick up the blue, green, and gray.

  43. Leenie

    I like the green glow and violet voltage I’m definitely going to buy some of these

  44. sarah k

    Will you be doing other swatches on your eyes? I’d love to see photos if possible!! =P

    Thanks Christine!

  45. puffnstuff

    ive used the black and brown liquiline e/l and ive found that even though its not as initially black/dark as the UD liners, they wear so much better on me! whereas the UD liners smudged all over my face in addition to fading, this one stays put, even through the heat and humidity. these and the prestige ti e/l are the best ive tried so far!

  46. Hanna

    i think that green eyeliner looks gorgeous on you! i wish i could pull that off…

  47. Lia

    Hi! They look fabulous.
    Are they safe to be used on the waterline? I’ve been looking for a similar eggplant color for quite a long while.

  48. these look awesome! I want to try them all .. ulta only though? hopefully CVS/Walgreen/Rite AID get them soon!

  49. I think I’m gonna go ahead and get Blue Boom, Silver Spark, and Green Glow…lol. Soooo pretty! Wonder how long it will take drugstores near me to start carrying it.

  50. Jodda

    Thanks for this review. From the swatches and your look, I am picking up the Green Glow. RatedR, Sharp, and Lucky Green, meet your new friend! I’m going to try this under those shadows, which I love. :)

  51. Sarah

    I wish they had a gold! I really want a good drugstore gold metallic liner. After your Milani reiview, I’m tempted to get one of those liners but don’t want to pay for shipping. Oh poooor me lol

  52. I have to agree, Green Glow is gorgeous!

  53. Argentina

    I really liked these love that green on you ..

    Im looking for a really good dark brown eyeliner which would you recommend ? Drugstore & Department store one , thanks

  54. We have covergirl here, but i have never seen these before… looks like we probably won’t get this product :(

  55. Caitlin

    i’m considering getting these but i read on other blogs that they are difficult to sharpen? can someone tell me if the break when they sharpen, that would be awesome! :)

  56. Jasmine

    Hey Christine, Are these retractable or do you need to sharpen them? Thank you!!

  57. Sierra

    I Have Blue Boom, Green Glow And Violet Voltage. Blue Boom I Love To Use For A Winged Eyeliner. It Looks Great That Way And Since Its Waterproof I Wear It With My Swimsuit-They Totally Compliment Each Other. Violet Voltage I Love As A Soft Upper Lid Eyeliner Color. Im Still Not Sure How I Feel About Green Glow…