Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

CoverGirl Delish Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Lip Perfection: Delish, Heavenly, Romance, Rush, Kiss

Here are five shades from the Nudes/Corals/Reds portion of the CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipcolor ($6.99 for 0.12 oz.) range. When it comes to seeking out rich, opaque lipstick with an affordable price tag, LipPerfection is at the top of my list. The only issue I had with the formula is that it is not as moisturizing as it claims to be. They can be on the thicker side, because they are so creamy.

  • Delish is a warm, medium peach with a subtle shine and opaque color coverage. It is similar to MAC Fashion City but is a touch darker. It’s a bit less pink compared to Illamasqua Brink and YSL Peach Passion. Giorgio Armani #507 is lighter.
  • Heavenly is a medium-dark neutral pink with a glossy shine and opaque color coverage. MAC Blossom Color is lighter. NARS Montego Bay is lighter and more coral.
  • Romance is a medium-dark pink with a beige tint, but it’s still more pink than it is a beige or nude. The color coverage is opaque, and the finish has a soft shine. It’s a touch less pink than Chanel Darling. It is darker and less pink compared to MAC Mehr. It is step or two darker than MAC Gem of Roses and MAC Supreme Style. This shade is great for an everyday lip.
  • Rush is a toned down coral with a creamy finish and opaque color coverage. Make Up For Ever #4 is a touch pinker and has a soft, frosted finish, but the color is still similar.
  • Kiss is coppery coral with a extremely frosted finish. The color is still opaque, but the finish is definitely one of the frostier ones I’ve come across. Chanel Teheran is more vibrant with a stronger orange base. MAC Drive Me Wild is more orange and has gold shimmer/sheen rather than the whiter frost of Kiss. Milani Coral Bora Bora is similar in color but has a softer frost finish.

For a full review of the formula, please read my original review! :)

The Glossover


CoverGirl Lip Perfection: Delish, Heavenly, Romance, Rush, Kiss Review, Photos, Swatches

I think the color range is excellent, and there are some really stunning shades that I think people would love. These are a more moisturizing lipstick, but they don't replace lip balm for me, so the rating reflects a slight miss on that particular claim.











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See more photos & swatches!

CoverGirl Delish Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Delish Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Delish Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Delish Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Heavenly Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Heavenly Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Heavenly Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Heavenly Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Romance Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Romance Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Romance Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Romance Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Rush Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Rush Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Rush Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Rush Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Kiss Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Kiss Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Kiss Lip Perfection Lipcolor

CoverGirl Kiss Lip Perfection Lipcolor

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82 thoughts on “CoverGirl Lip Perfection: Delish, Heavenly, Romance, Rush, Kiss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Marieke

    These are all “my” colors! I want CoverGirl in the Netherlands….

    • Covergirl is sold as Max Factor in Europe, do you have it sold in Netherlands? =)
      Greetings from Finland!

      && I want aaaalll of these : D

      • Manja

        Max Factor and Covergirl are sister brands and not the same at all. They sell completely different products at different price ranges.

      • Rebecca

        They do sell similar products, but not the exact same. You can often find Max Factor dupes with Cover Girl and vice versa. They were around the same price, when M.F. was still sold in the USA drugstores. The lipsticks from M.F. are even better than these, in my opinion. That’s if they haven’t changed them.

        • Marieke

          Hmm, I could indeed look at Max Factor, but that brand costs at least twice as much as Covergirl! Right now, I always skip Max Factor because they’re so overpriced here.

  2. I absolutely love Delish and Perfect Lip!

  3. Great colors! I’m loving Romance the most though.

  4. malia

    wow those all look stunning on you!! They look so rich!!

  5. Mariella

    I missed out on Gem of Roses (it was sold out) and have been wondering about a dupe so I will definitely look at these. I bought another CG lipstick a while back and was surprised by how good they are. Will totally be looking for “Romance”.

  6. Jenn

    I have a CG lippie in darling. It is a lovely colour! Really pops on my NC25 skin. I often don’t like the feeling of lipstick on my lips (or gloss!) but this lippie feels like nothing to me. I don’t really have dry lips, and I have oily skin, so this lipstick is just fine for me in that department :)

  7. Pamela

    OMG i love them all i wish they could sell cover girl here in chile as they seem to sell all the other drugstore brands lol

  8. morinn

    Love all of them except kiss.

  9. Sophie Rowland

    where can i buy these online which will ship to the UK?

  10. Jennifer

    I have Kiss. While it’s a great shade for summer on me, I agree that’s it’s not as moisturizing as it claims. I consider it non-moisturizing. It doesn’t dry out my lips and it doesn’t add moisture though either. But still I like it! I need to check out these other shades too.

  11. Delish is such a gorgeous colour! I totally would buy it

    Daniela x

  12. Destiny

    Delish is a gorgeous colour! Love these! Definitely gonna pick up a few :)

  13. OMg These are all colors i would buy in a heartbeat ! Wish we ahd em in india!

  14. I purchased Kiss and was so confused as to why it was so shimmery. I’m glad not all of them are like that. Thanks for this post… now I’m not scared to try another color!

  15. Stephanie S.

    All of these colors look amazing on you! I get the feeling they wouldn’t be as nice on very fair skintones. That’s the reason I’ve stayed away from this line so far.

    • Veronica

      I don’t know if it helps, but I have very fair skin (we’re talking ivory levels in the winter) with a cool undertone, and they work just fine on me. The only thing I’d be careful with is some of the burgundies and coral tones.

    • Jen

      I know what you mean, Stephanie. I won’t be wearing any of these colours either. But I feel it also has to do with how pigmented your lips are to begin with… mine are pigmented to start off, and adding lipsticks as bright as thse makes them VERY bright in contrast to my pale skin :(

  16. Tigress

    I love Heavenly and Rush!

    • Stephanie

      me too because these are the only two I have. CG is weird for me, the rest just aren’t colors I can wear, turned fuschia, too bright, or or too dark :( I have better luck with Maybelline ColorSensational, but that’s a different review I’m sure :)

  17. they all look gorgeous on you. huge thumbs up on all the beautiful and clear swatches.very helpful.it’s just a shame we don’t have covergirl make up here in ireland.

  18. Devi

    I love all of these on you, but after my last experience of buying CG Lip Perfection after your reviews, I don’t think I’ll be picking any of these up (my lips are really pigmented, so they show up quite differently on me).

    AHH, but Delish is beautiful… eh, maybe I’ll give them a try again. It won’t hurt.

  19. Rush, Romance and Heavenly! Instant love! <3

  20. Sarah

    These are all so pretty! It’s a bummer that I can only find these for about $10 here in Canada. I’ll stick with my Rimmel lipsticks until these go one sale :) I don’t really feel the need to buy from high-end brands when it’s so easy to find great drugstore products thanks to Christine!

  21. Natasha

    Romance is beautiful, thank you!

  22. Amy


  23. Samantha

    Is MAC Thrills (From To the Beach) similar to Kiss?

  24. Tiffani

    These look surprisingly great! I may have to pick a couple of them up!

  25. Lisa

    Hey Chrisine, I know these are rated A, and a lot of MAC lipsticks are given a B… does this mean that the A lipsticks are better than the MAC B lipsticks?

    • Yes – these wear better and have more color payoff. Some MAC lipsticks are great, others are just so-so. A lot times MAC lipsticks are rated as a group because MAC will release 4 in a collection – and I can’t do 20 posts for one collection, so I group them – and if one shade (or more) is a poor performer, it will drag down the average score. For example, MAC lustre lipsticks I find drying, so they are rare highly rated and MAC usually has at least one in each launch.

      The way I do grades is that an A means an A, no matter the brand, price tag, etc. Whether it’s $1 or $100, if a product gets an A, that’s the equivalent to another A. I hope this helps!

  26. Jessica

    these are absolutely gorgeous! however i can’t buy covergirl in my country :(

  27. Yasmin

    Love Heavenly and Romance

  28. Hend

    Beautiful colors ! :( We don’t have CoverGirl in Dubai , too bad.

  29. Kristine

    I LOVE Delish! Does it compare to any MAC colors?

  30. Kristine

    Nevermind…I just found it in the post..thanks!

  31. Oh I’ve been really excited to see these! Love Heavenly & Romance, and I’m super excited for the pinks & mauves <3

  32. Cori

    I just picked up heavenly today and OMG it feels amazing & looks amazing! In my opinion these are way better than MAC & cost less too!

  33. Stephanie

    I have Heavenly & like it a lot. It’s one of the closest ones I’ve found to MAC Birds of a Feather, at least how it looks on me personally (pigmented lips, and most pinks just don’t show or aren’t opaque enough)

  34. brittany j

    Is there a dupe for kiss?

  35. they look nicer on you than me.. I have Kiss, Heavenly, and Fairy Tale. They are just alright, but look great on you.

  36. these are all beautiful and wearable shades! thanks so much for the swatches

  37. CJ

    All of these colors look really flattering on you, I like Heavenly and Delish in particular. The only color I tried (Darling) was too purple on me, bleh

  38. i wish i could found them in turkey. i loved delish and heavenly very much!!! :)

  39. JaJaa

    I need to go get some right now!!
    Thank you for swatching !!

  40. Miriam

    I have delish, sultry, temptation, and divine. The color range is absolutely lovely and this is the first drug store brand lipstick that doesn’t bother my nostrils when I wear it. I hate lipsticks that are overly scented. I love the opaque creamy goodness of delish and sultry. It’s really nice to see drugstore brand lipsticks changing up their finishes rather than offering everything in a frost finish.

  41. Ooo, I wanna get Heavenly next! Love this line so much. Great lipsticks for a great price!

  42. Cristina

    I actually bought Heavenly and when I read your original post, I was curious as to what you would say about it. I like the color, although I find it somewhat clashes with my NC20 skintone.

    The formula is pretty good as far as pigmentation and lasting power go, but I hardly ever wear this lipstick because of its scent and taste. I absolutely HATE the taste! They taste like plastic mixed with some sort of cheap perfume; it kind of reminds me of the toy lipsticks I had when I was little. If I accidentally lick the inner part of my lips while wearing Heavenly, the taste remains for quite a long time, until I can’t take it anymore and end up wiping it completely off with a tissue.

    I was surprised you described the scent as just “slightly” waxy… Maybe there was something wrong with the one I bought?

    • I don’t lick my lips – so I don’t really taste lipstick generally. The only time I do is when I’m testing out a new formula actually, so I can speak on that aspect in the review, but I modified a lot of my habits so lipsticks would last longer (e.g. not licking lips, not rubbing/pressing them often!). It has a waxy taste but it didn’t linger for me, and I didn’t notice it when I eat/drink.

  43. Neha

    I have Heavenly and it looks awesome on my NC 42 skintone. The lipstick lasts for a good amount of time too..I am going to check Ruch for sure. Thanks Christine for your efforts and reviews.

  44. mary

    would you recommend any of these shades for NC43 skin? I like them all but always have bad luck at pick shades for myself

  45. Chloe

    Hi.. this is my first time commenting and I do want to let you know what a great job you do.. not just with swatching but also with presenting it on the website. The new look of the website is great!

    I bought two of these lipsticks after reading your previous review and liked the color but these lipsticks have a very strong synthetic smell. I have used a lot of brands from chanel, guerlain, lancome to clinique, maybelline, revlon.. even a covergirl earlier but these are the worst in terms of smell..


    • You could try leaving the cap open near a bowl of vinegar or lemon juice to help reduce any synthetic scent (if you mean the actual scent, not the ingredients’ scent together)! Mine weren’t bad – and I’ve smelled some really synthetic lipsticks (usually fruit-based ones are the worst offenders) and NARS’ lipsticks used to smell like crayons.

  46. Nicole

    Heavenly looks so nice on you, but on me it pulls pretty coral/orange. Not nearly as pretty! :(

  47. Amy

    Not fair. Each one looks progressively MORE amazing on you. Great review, as usual! I love it when drugstore options are unexpectedly fantastic.

  48. Madison

    I hope you continue to do drugstore brands. I really appreciate what you do. It makes shopping much easier.

  49. Veronica

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see you review these. :) I own several shades from this collection – easily one of the best drug store buys I’ve gotten in awhile. A lot of them are perfectly opaque and go on very smooth. I found some of the purple and lilac shades to be slightly dry going on, but I suspect that’s because they’re so pigmented. I just threw lip balm underneath them and they wore fine.

    On a side note, though, I will say the website’s swatch gallery is a little deceptive. The colors are brighter in the tubes.

    • Veronica

      Oh, I should clarify that I meant Covergirl’s website, not yours. I really like the photo contrast you have for the lipsticks. :)

  50. Kayla

    I need Heavenly! These are so pretty, I’m so impresses they’re a CG product. Do you find they feather easily or at all? (Please forgive me if you mentioned this in the review… I must have somehow overlooked it!)

  51. Amanda

    Romance and Rush are so pretty. How transfer-proof are these?

    You have perfectly shaped lips. I’m just a tad jealous haha.

  52. I like the lipsticks on you! You look amazing! You have really nice eyes!

  53. artemis

    heavenly is heavenly :))

  54. Lucy

    All these lipsticks suit you perfectly Christine!

  55. Katherine

    I need to pick up rush and romance. I’m quite surprised at these colors and the opacity. As far as not being as moisturizing, I fix that by applying over balm. I never wear opaque lippie only because I”m older and it just ages me even more to do so. You look lovely as always Christine. You have the amazing ability to look good in just about anything my dear. :)

  56. Cynamin

    could delish be a dupe for mac’s shy girl??? if not is there a dupe for shy girl? <3 thanks.

  57. Jenny

    I have several of these, including Rush and Romance, but never even gave Heavenly a glance. What was wrong with me? That is a gorgeous pink! I will have to pick it up now. And I kind of like the way these smell, kind of a burnt sugar.

  58. Cait

    I ended up picking up Heavenly and gosh is it ever lovely! The only thing I don’t like is the smell so I think I am gonna try and let it “off gas” in my room.
    Last week I also picked up Guerlain Champs-Elysse and HOLY that is one amazing lipstick. Once you go Guelain, nothing is the same D:

  59. patcess

    these lipsticks looks gorgeous on you…it makes me want to go to the store and buy them all :)

  60. joanne

    what eyeliner were you wearing on the bottom lashline (coppery color) with the Delish lipstick? thanks!

  61. Inaya

    I love most of the colours such as heavenly, romance and rush but I just can’t seem to like kiss at all. But all of them look really creamy and nice!! Would Mac midimuave look pinkish on a warm toned NC 35?

  62. Navi

    Christine, do you use a lip brush when you apply lip stick? If so, which one?

    Thanks in advance :)

  63. Serena

    Hi Christine, I don’t know if you’ve reviewed this specific color, but I know you’ve reviewed this Brand: it appears as though a lot of the Kat von D lipsticks are being fazed out…do you know how Kat von D’s Painted Love Lipstick in “Cathedral” compares to the CG LipPerfection in “Rush?”
    Thank :)

  64. Clem

    OMG I love Heavenly !! But i live in france and we don’t have any Covergirl products… :(

  65. Katniss

    Is Delish a dupe of MAC’s Shy Girl?

  66. mezzokimberley

    Would you recommend any of these colors for an African American woman with yellow undertones??¬† I think I’m NC45.