Friday, April 8th, 2011

COVERGIRL Clean Limited Edition Compacts

On the year that marks the Brand’s 50th anniversary, COVERGIRL Clean introduces limited edition Clean pressed powder compacts, available in African-inspired prints. Through COVERGIRL’s partnership with Children’s Safe Drinking Water, each limited edition Clean compact purchased provides a week’s worth of clean drinking water for a child in Africa, for a donation of up to $50,000.

COVERGIRL Limited Edition Clean Compact is available now at Food and Drug retailers until supplies last, and available at WalMart starting in June 2011.

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45 thoughts on “COVERGIRL Clean Limited Edition Compacts

  1. The teal colored one is so pretty. Is that snake skin? So pretty!!

  2. heidi

    That’s so cool! I have to say, I’m not too crazy about animal print but I am crazy about free drinking water! Way to go CG more companies should do this(though I’m sure they’ll reach 50000 in no time and I wish they built wells rather than just provide it for a week) I will definitely be buying one!

  3. Jess

    I bought the blue one and had no idea it was donating money! YAY! Great classic powder.

  4. Jill

    I don’t ever buy Cover Girl, but I love these! I might buy one just to use as a mirror in my purse! Love the snakeskin the best.

  5. Karina

    Leave it! Cover girl experiments in animals

    • Nikhai

      would you rather they tested on humans? If you dont wantt hem to test on anyone or anything, would you rather they just produced untested products? Let the consumers me the guinea pigs. Maybe you should offer an alternative. If you can’t find any alternative way for them to test their products, then I guess they are doing what they think is right for the consumers buying their products.

      • Tizzy

        There are already many alternatives to animal testing that are available. Cosmetics companies choose not to use these alternatives. Animal testing does not guarantee that a product will be safe. What do thousands of animals being force fed one ingredient until half of them die tell us? Besides there are hundreds of cosmetic ingredients that have not been evaluated for toxicity and cosmetic companies seem to have no problem with including these ingredients in their formulations. So as far as companies “doing what they think is right for the consumers”, don’t make me laugh! Do you really think large cosmetic companies have our best interests at heart?

  6. Fanny

    Loove the snake one ! =O And you ? ^^

  7. malia

    uh… love it or leave it should not be an option here imo! Even if you dont like the product, a cosmetic company that that gives back and contributes to clean drinking water? Automatic love. Besides that, they look pretty!

  8. The snake print is so pretty! And knowing it helps people of Africa have access to clean water really makes me want to buy the 3 of them.

  9. Alyssa

    The snake skin one… gorgeous! And for a good cause.

  10. Ashley Tatton

    I love that they’re doing this but for a company as HUGE as CG donating $50,000 isn’t as much as they could easily do with this product. It’s still amazing, anything is better than nothing!

    • Elaine

      I was thinking the same thing! my university can raise $50,000 for charity in just a few months. CoverGirl should step up the donation!

  11. Ani_BEE

    I don’t particularly like the product but does anyone know what the pan size is? I might pick one up for the compact and depot the product.

  12. I think these are really cute and I would buy all if IF Cover Girl didn’t test on animals….too bad.

  13. Andréanne

    Oh it’s SO the powder I use right know! Don’t really love it but I hit the pan… I want to repurchase just for the sake of cute packaging and good cause!

  14. Mimi

    They’re all beautiful, the snake skin especially! I hope they look as good in real life though– we know how photos can deceive! Does anyone know how the actual product is? I’ve never used CG’s pressed powders

  15. Shea'

    I think this is a wonderful and special thing for them to do! I will be getting one or maybe even two one for me and one for my sister! I don’t care for COVERGIRL’S products and will not use the powder at all, but I will try to depot it and use it for something else if I can or keep it as a little something to remember COVERGIRL’S 50th anniversary and how great is it going to feel that because you bought a little compact that now a child in Africa will have clean drinking water for a week! I wish we could do more though! Good job COVERGIRL

  16. Sun

    How about everyone that won’t buy this because of animal testing – or anyone who is rightly concerned Covergirl isn’t donating as much as they could: donate what you were willing to spend for this kind of compact to

    You don’t have to buy an item to donate to charity.

    • Desiree

      I’m glad SOMEBODY else pointed this out.. donations are meant to help people, not to get something in return.

  17. Lucie

    I think it’s kind of funny that such a sleazy company as covergirl with it’s archaic animal testing policies would try to paint themselves as so virtuous. I’m afraid things like this draw people in, “Oh! I’d be doing so much good by getting this makeup compact!” and they don’t think critically about what the money is ACTUALLY going to. Sorry, this is a big phat LEAVE IT for me.

    • Lina

      Do you know how much testing CoverGirl actually does? I don’t but P&G as a whole company (who owns CoverGirl) says that 99% of their products don’t use animal testing any more. P&G has spent hundreds of millions to create alternatives yet all people can do is make a war cry and never look deeper to see what companies are doing to discover and get alternative testing approved by regulatory bodies. I don’t see the majority of “cruelty free” brands helping to find alternatives.

      • Lucie

        I can find no sources that state that proctor and gamble has ever even claimed that 99% of their products don’t use animal testing, I did find one that says P&G has said they have cut their testing by 90% percent as of 2006. But they have refused time and time again to show any numbers, any verifiable data whatsoever to support these claims. If they were really such an ethical company, why would they refuse to show evidence? Cruelty-free brands ARE finding alternatives, or they wouldn’t be cruelty-free now would they? Animal testing is no longer necessery. Synthetic human tissues are easy to create and test on, and a brand worth it’s salt will have HUMAN test subjects who believe enough in the brand to offer up their own skin for testing.

        • Lina

          Here you go –

          Many cruelty free brands piggy back on ingredients already tested. They aren’t developing alternative tests to animal testing, they’re not doing it. I’m not debating if it is/isn’t necessary but there have been major steps towards eliminating it. If we can give props to people who wear leather but only use cruelty free makeup, why do we crucify brands because they’re not 100%? AFAIK the US requires certain safety tests to be done w/animals still.

        • Elaine

          Hi Lucie,

          I’ve done a lot of research into animal testing and wholeheartedly disagree with it. But in order to use these steps in a product, they still are required by law to undergo a LD-50 (or LC-50) test, and/or a Draize test. The cruelty-free products do not personally test on animals, but are using the results from tests that other companies (such as P&G) have done. This is only my opinion, but instead of promoting boycotting of a specific brand, a more effective way of promoting ethical products would be to lobby the government.

          Just my two cents. And if regulations have changed since about 2008 when I did my research, sorry!

  18. I normally don’t like Covergirl for their powders but Im going to pick up one since its cute and it is for a good cause.

  19. Kat

    I totally want one now! Hopefully the powder will be pretty good, but even if it isn’t, this is a great cause. Getting rid of animal testing is not my cause. Getting children clean drinking water is.

    • martha

      Wow! Is it too hard to do both? Like another poster said, you can still donate money to charities without buying their products.

      Personally, I’m leaving it. No need to buy products tested on animals, we all know what chemicals can do to our eyes or skin.

  20. Judy

    I went to Duane Reade today, but they didn’t have them yet. I will check back next week. I used to live by CoverGirl pressed powders. I had to switch because their scent got too overwhelming and my skin is sensitive. This is for a great cause. I will pick up two if possible.

  21. Leticia

    The first pressed powder I ever owned was Cover Girl and I’ll always be fond of the brand because of that! It was my first “real” makeup product and I’ve had a love affair with makeup ever since. I’d really like to have one of these 50th Anniversary Compacts, so let’s hope they’re brought to Mexico!

  22. Mec

    Love them all!!!! ♥ I want the blue and the green!!

  23. Ooh, I saw the leopard-print one in the corner of my eye today in Rite Aid. If I knew the backstory of it (I never pay much attention to Covergirl displays), I might’ve picked up the snakeskin one…although it’s weighing a week’s worth of water against an animal’s rights. :/

  24. Caroline

    Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere? If so, where? I went to Target, CVS, and Walgreens today and nobody had them.

  25. VJNS

    a socially conscious corporation. I like that!

  26. braveviet

    love the color of teal one but based on my skin, I have to get the blue one

  27. Troian

    CoverGirl was the first cosmetics I ever bought & I still LOVE them. I always found them to be very genuine. I used to write to them with ideas & they would send me a letter thanking me & giving me $$$s off of their stuff. They are a great company!! I really hate people who put their two cents in everything & really don’t know what the f’ they are talking about. A lot of companies unfortunately do animal testing. I am against it, but it’s not illegal. I’d prefer them test on humans. Especially covicts, but… that is how humans are. We abuse the rights of innocent animals all the time, but do nothing against the heartless humans. Anyhow. I will be buying these compacts. It’s for a great cause.

    • Jessica

      ecactly. just because companies put that theri product isnt tested on animals dosent mean that ingrediants in the product isnt tested on animals. i thinks its wrong but untill laws are passed making it illegal therre is noting we can do about it.

  28. Judy

    KMart has them! I just bought the turqoise one. :-)

  29. malia

    I am VERY disappointed- they only donate 14 cents from each one! I got one and the product itself is beyond horrible- I depotted and trashed it! I also made a more sensible donation to

  30. Stephanie

    I just saw these at Rite Aid the other day. Didn’t end up buying one because they looked cheap to me in person (not as pretty as the promo photo). I rather just donate money directly.