Monday, December 17th, 2007

To celebrate the new year, we want to give our readers the chance to win a spectacular prize–and by this, we really do mean one fantastic prize that will blow you away!As promised, here is the second giveaway for our New You with New Beauty contest…

The Prize: Moor Allure Naturals has generally sponsored this giveaway of Moor Allure’s Natural Skin Kit ($190 value) is a daily 3-step system that includes five products plus an exfoliating brush to keep your skin soft, silky, and so healthy. The first step is the purifying facial cleanser which gentle enough for sensitive skin. The second step is a soothing herbal toner that uses Moor Extract, antioxidants, and natural herbal extracts. The kit also includes the radiance mask (to use weekly) that exfoliates and repairs. Lastly, silky soft exfoliant is another weekly treatment that cleanses and exfoliates, ideal for most skin types.

How to win: Tell me what your New Year’s resolutions are and why you want to win this kit.  Leave your answer in the comments. We will put all names into a drawing, and we will select one lucky winner to receive Moor Allure’s Natural Skin kit.

  • Contest is open until December 31st, 2007, midnight PST.
  • Contest is open to our international readers.
  • One entry per person.

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31 thoughts on “Contest – December 2007 – New You with New Beauty – Part 2

  1. Adina

    My new years resolution is to take better care of my skin and i hope to win this kit so that I can do just that!

  2. Chris

    In the last few years, I have sworn off New Years resolutions, mainly due to a failure to live up to them! With that said, I plan on being more realistic with my expectations and spread kindness, peace and love to everyone. This kit would be fabulous for taking care of my skin.

  3. My new year’s resolution is to take more time to take care of myself. I am a full-time college student hoping to become a nurse. I plan to dedicate my life to helping others, but still take care of myself–so this is just what I need! I would love to win this because it will definitely help me keep my resolution!

  4. hannika

    I was never big on new year’s resolution but this year, I thought of being more patient, understanding and thought-seeking before I act on my impulsive actions. I also would like to take care of my health because my family has a lot of medical problems. I would like to work against heridary problems and live life to the fullest. I would like to win this kit because I am open to new products that will make my skin glow and feel natural with or without makeup.

  5. Martha

    My new year’s resolution is to lose weight and get rid of my acne scars. I hope to win this kit, especially to try the radiance mask.

  6. Michelle Rosini

    I LOVE being a “girly girl”! And I like to have “girly” lotions and potions to help me look my best. Aside from that–I’ve recently relocated from PA to NC and found that there are homeless people here in Asheville. I’ve met some of them, and let me tell you it’s truly humbling. So I’ve decided to look into the programs designed to help people get back on thier feet and my resolution is to volunteer to do whatever I can. I believe you’ve got to be beautiful inside before you can be truly beautiful on the outside. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  7. Tanya

    I usually write a list of ten new years goals for myself, easier than a “resolution”. The beauty related one is making 2008 the year that I learn to have a better relationship with my body…learn to like it more and appreciate it for all the things it does for me. I have nine other goals for the year but none of them really apply to the content of this site :) being more green, volunteering for causes I believe in, and exploring new career paths are a few of my goals.

    I would love to win the contest and try some interesting new products. I love trying new things and the listed products sounds like a wonderful skin care regime.

  8. 1. Take better care of my skin & body, i.e. always remove makeup before going to bed, go to the gym regularly, eat healthier.
    2. Pay off debt!
    3. Be more patient & understanding with my SO.
    4. Go back to school…

    I want this kit because I’ve heard great things about Moor Allure & would love to have the opportunity of trying out the products.

  9. Nicole

    My resolution for 2008 is to stop eating so much junk food! It is horrible for my skin and causes breakouts! I would love to win this kit to help me get my skin looking good again!

  10. Dianne

    My New Years resolution is to take better care of myself from the inside out.I am going to cut back on all of the soda and caffeine and try and drink more water to keep my skin looking so much healthier.I would love to win this kit to make my skin nicer looking.

  11. Brooke

    My New Years resolution is to finally lose the baby weight! Since having my son a little over a year ago my skin, hair…every thing… sort of went into havoc mode and I’ve been testing tons of products trying to get it all back into shape. What a process!! I would love to try these!

  12. Mindy

    My NY resolution is the same this year as it has been for the last seven. Try to be a better advocate for families of children with chronic illnesses.

    My ten year old son has medically refractory (meaning meds don’t touch him)left temporal lobe epilepsy with secondary generalization, so the issue is personal. He is set to have part of his temporal lobe removed in an attempt to stop the seizures he’s had since a car wreck when he was two (we were rear-ended)as soon as his insurance decides to quit trying to stall.

    People would be amazed to learn how many of us have to choose between eating and providing care for our kids, and no one should have to make that choice.

    I would absolutely love to be able to try out these products. I never get to spend any time on me, I work six days a week and typically pull 80-90 hour weeks, I have never had a manicure (or pedicure for that matter)in my life (31 years), the last time I got my hair cut was almost two years ago, and I own a whopping 2 pairs of shoes. Seriously though, the kiddo told me this weekend that he was sorry for making me look so tired all the time, maybe this routine will help alieviate that problem :>)

  13. Suzi

    My New Years Resolution is this…
    I’ll be turning 38 on New Years Eve this year & that in itself is enough to make me cringe…But I have to face the fact that even thou I still look like I am in my 20’s that I am getting older & seriously need to start taking better care of my skin..
    So this year I’ll start wearing a 2pf of at least 15 everyday…Start moisturizing more then ever & when I get the urge to go to that dreaded tanning bed I will find something else to do..I tan easily but I DON’T need any wrinkles sooner then later…

  14. Sarah

    My New Years resolutions are:

    To lose some weight, because I’m really starting to worry about my health, and my weight could make me really sick if I’m not more careful.

    To drink more water.

    To move out.

    To get back into going to school and take more computer classes.

    To try to say less when someone is doing something I don’t like if it doesn’t affect me.

    To be more vigilant about using sunblock on my face and lotion on my body.

    To knit for other people more.

    To try to resolve problems instead of just WORRYING about them all the time. I’ve got stomach problems from being scared and worrying so much.

    And I’m sure I’ll think of more, but I’m trying to keep them within reason so I can actually do them all. XD

    I’d love to win the prize set because the items look like really nice luxurious products that would help me relax. And I have a friend I’m trying to get to take better care of her skin so she could try them too!

  15. Danielle

    My new years resolution is to just be happy about myself. Everyone has those little things that they don’t like about themselves that no one but you sees. I wan’t to forget about all of that and just have fun and be glamorous and live life without being jealous of everyone else.

    I’d love to win the prize set because i have such dry skin and i could totally use it!

    happy holidays everyone ! <3

  16. Suzette

    I have kind of let myself go after having a baby 1.5 years ago. My new years res. is to Bring back the old me for my husband, daughter and most important, myself. :)

  17. Julia

    My resolution for the new year is to become more confident in myself, to more independent, and to be strong both physically and mentally.

  18. Ayan

    My new years resolution is to accept the aging process and start feeling good about the way I look. Everyone in my family has issues about aging and I seem to have picked up that bad habit. With this new year I am taking on a new outloook. My hope is these products will help me on that journey! :-)
    Hope everyone has a great holiday.

  19. reeva

    my new years resolution is to start living my life instead of just existing in the world with no passion or purpose.

    I want to win this kit because i want it!! i need to start a new regimen.

  20. donner

    I need to lose 15 lbs and get my health back after being diagnosed with diabetes..totally sucks. My dry skin could use this natural skin kit

  21. Kelli

    My resolution is one I think I can keep. No sense in making one that won’t last the first month. Keep it simple stupid! Anyway…it’s to drink more water :) I heard it’s good for you. Go figure!
    I want this product because it’s too expensive for me to buy myself and my skin reallllllly needs it.

  22. Apple

    My new year’s resoluton = get a job so I can support my self on my own and give even, a small amount to my parents.

  23. Kimberly

    My biggest resolutions for the new year is to finally focus on myself. My second new year resolution is to work on my personal relationships. My third resolution is to move to a warmer climate!!

  24. Amy

    My New Year’s Resolutions are to keep in touch with my extended family members, walk my dog more often, and eat healthier. I would love to win this prize because I have sensitive skin and can’t afford such luxuries.

  25. I want to lose the baby weight and get healthier, in general.

  26. Carla Cui

    My resolution is to take better care of myself and gain more confidence in my own personal style.

  27. Y Chen

    My new year’s resolution are manage my time better and finish those to-do lists. I want to win the kit b/c it will motivate me to take better care of my skin.

  28. Lina

    My New Year’s resolutions are to lose some weight, learn enough japanese so as to be able to take part in conversations, and finally, do whatever it takes to be accepted in the open university of my country (spanish language & culture postgraduate). Doing some more travelling wouldn’t hurt either: London, for example, sounds like a good choice.

  29. My new year’s resolution is to work even harder to make the world a better place, and especially to help disabled people and other underdogs.

    I would like to win the kit, because I’ve never in my life had quality cosmetics because of lack of money.


    Just to live to see the New Year would be good!
    I’d love to win beacuse I can’t afford all that on my own, being a full time student and all.

  31. Chiq Anglin

    I resolve to live one day at a time, while treating each day as a gift. I will not mourn my fading youth but celebrate the glow of advancing years. I will adorn myself in the beauty of a changing me. I will accept with dignity the evolution of a shy young bride to a graceful matriarch.