Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Hi everyone! Next week marks the start of New York Fashion Week, which takes place in New York City. I’ll be going with E (Pursebuzz), and we will be in the city February 14th through the 17th. Since we’re in town, we’re also meeting up with the ever-creative Koren (EnKore Makeup). We all would love to invite you to come see us at MAC PRO in NYC!  We will be there from 11:30am to 1:00PM on Saturday, February 14th. I’m really excited to be back in NYC, so I would LOVE to meet you if you can pop by :)

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56 thoughts on “Come See Us @ MAC PRO in NYC on Saturday!

  1. Ugh, I’d kill to go to something like that. XD

  2. What exactly are you guys doing at the Mac Pro store? Just hanging out, or shopping, or just using it as a public place to meet? xDD Cause, I mean, I could totally tell my boyfriend I need another palette, and make him take me there :]

    • We’re hanging out, talking shop, drooling over the wall o’ pigments 😉 We’re working on some other details, but it’s pretty much a hanging out session at a public place that’s fun for all!

  3. Emma

    OMG! that sux im goin to my country house that weekend. crappppp. i live in nyc but i cant gooo. \

  4. Jen

    LOL, you will be 2 blocks north from where I live. Boyfriend will be here this weekend though so I don’t think I can make it.

  5. I’ll be there!!!
    and it’ll be my birthday =)

  6. barbs

    I would love to come! but I have to go to my nephew christening at 2. ;(

  7. Awww, I’m so jealous! I’m stuck at home by myself in SD. SO is going home for the long weekend and my bestie is going to a math conference w/ her bf. ;_______;

  8. DevilishDoll

    Aww, I wish I could come meet you. I live in PA though and would have no way to get there.

  9. Diana

    Sounds like fun :) Too bad I grew up an hour outside of NYC but ended up in Seattle later in life :)

    Have fun at fashion week!!!!!!

  10. Shanel

    I wish i lived in NY so I can go, I always wanted to go to a pro store!
    we dont have any here in HAWAII :(

  11. Annika

    Wish I could be there. (I’m from Finland lol)

  12. Saira

    Wish I could go there (I’m from Scotland, so just a wee bit too far away, lol ;o) !). Managed to go to PRO store when I was on holiday in Rome last year – it was so cool seeing the extra PRO products that I can’t normally see in the normal shop.

  13. L

    Phew, talk about far. I’m from the other side of the world @.@

  14. Natalie

    I am from the other side of the world too (Australia), but I’ll be looking forward to seeing you guys on YouTube! Bring home many pictures too Christine!!

  15. I’ll be there… in spirit as I’m in London :( I would LOVE to come to this, but geography stands in my way, damn that Atlantic ocean.

    I might do a simultaneous across the water meeting at the London MAC pro store in London at the EXACT same time so we can somehow spiritually connect via the channel of MAC. Of course I’d be the only one there as I’m obviously a crazy person that people cross the road to avoid.
    Heh heh, I jest. Have an absolute blast and I hope you are ready to be mobbed, because you so will be.

  16. Amy

    Can you give the address of which store you will be at – I might be in town same time and would love to accidently find it (so my hubby doesn’t think I planned it -LOL!!).

  17. carriespooner

    I’ll be there in spirit. I adore Koren!

    Have fun!

  18. Dominique

    Oh my goodness, 3/4 of my favorite makeup gurus in one place (only one missign is xsparkage :P), if only I wasnt in Canada then :( But have fun!

  19. Kirsten

    Im 3 hours away… come to Maryland! LOL

  20. Allison

    Ahhh! I am in NYC until Saturday evening, I am totally going to try to make it down there before I have to catch my flight! I’m such a dork, wanting to meet my fave bloggers :)

  21. Andrea

    aw I wish I could go… too bad I’m all the way in Missouri, lol!

  22. slipnslide/Erin

    UGH! Why can’t you be going on Thursday or Friday (the 19th/20th?)! That’s when I’ll be there. I’m definitely going to NYC MAC Pro mecca. :)

  23. Tina

    OMG! Really??? Shut it right now!!! LOL! I was actually going to the PRO Store on Saturday too so I cud myself a Valentine’s Day treat! And now u tell me you will be there too?? OH crap! I’m soooo THERE!! See u there…I love all you guys! :)

  24. Sasse142

    awesome, if i don’t make it to PA that saturday i’ll be there! :-)

  25. I would LOVE to be there, but it’s too bad that I have to get on the plain and stay in there for like… 10 hours? It’s a long trip for me to NYC. So I won’t be there 😛

  26. I’ve been holding off going to the MAC PRO store in NYC (I live in Jersey) but this is an event I will NOT miss. I’m so excited! See you there!

  27. zai

    too bad im from malaysia….see u on utube i guess..