Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Coastal Scents 88 Piece Makeup Palette ($21.95) is one of those products people talk about often, but it’s kept on the down low and you’re always left wondering if a $22 eyeshadow palette could ever be anything near amazing. Despite hearing raves from several trusted peers, I remained a little skeptical–I mean, I believed it was pretty decent, but I didn’t think it would be outstanding.

This palette is AMAZING. Coastal Scents really gives you quality eyeshadows that are smooth in texture and rich in pigmentation. I would say that the power of the shadows is well worth at least $100 to $150, because the shadows really do rival just about any major brand’s eyeshadows. Bobbi Brown’s Brights, move outta the way, ’cause you only have one thing better than this palette: your minuscule size–which is only valuable if you travel often. The 88 Makeup Palette measures approximately 9″ by 7″ — kind of like an oversized piece of paper. Each eyeshadow is about the size of a dime, and I imagine you’ll be able to get a good amount of usages out of each before you run out.

I was thinking about how fantastic would it be if you were able to mix and match and build your palettes with more normal-sized shadows, because one drawback of the palette is: what if you run out of five or six colors? $22 isn’t a lot to re-purchase, but at the same time, who wants to replace it just for a few colors? I’d also like a smaller palette size, just because this is quite large relative to any other palette I own, so it’s not convenient for me to store anywhere in my bathroom.

Of the 88 eyeshadows, I would say only a handful of them appeared chalky or less pigmented than what I would want in a top-notch eyeshadow. But let’s be cynical, if 75 of the 88 are amazing, this is still an incredible steal. For those of you who have ever wanted to try bright colors but can’t bring yourself to shell out $15 for each shadow… get this. Really, you will be as impressed as I was! I was taking photos and swatching each shadow one-by-one, and I kept remarking to my boyfriend how pigmented they were (and he, of course, half-listened and went back to his work).

The 88 Makeup Palette comes with both matte, semi-matte, and satiny shadows; it’s not exclusively matte formulations. They do a brilliant job of fully representing bright, bold colors, and they do lesser (but still good) job of representing more natural colors. I do think that their more subdued, more natural colors aren’t as standout as the bright ones — some of them just are missing the subtle nuances that make neutrals pretty without being bright. I’d also love to see things like a brown shadow with gold shimmer or green-gold shimmer. Coastal Scents shadows tend to be more base with coordinating/matching shimmer.

Ingredients: Talc, Mica, Mineral Oil, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lanolin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben. May contain: Mica and titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Violet, Ferric Ammonium ferrocyanide, Chrome Oxide Green, Hydrated Chrome Oxide Green. FD&C Red #40/ak Kajem /fd&/c Tekkiw #5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue #1 Al Lake

In the end, the swatches don’t lie! There are quite a few swatches, so they will be in the post right after this! :)

See more palette photos

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42 thoughts on “Coastal Scents 88 Makeup Palette – Fantastic Eyeshadows at a Steal

  1. Heck of a lot more economical than the BB brights palette haha.

  2. aradhana

    …where is this available? is it retail only or online as well?

  3. vicki

    I would actually have to say I hate this palette. As a dark skin girl (nw45) the colors barely show up even if I pack the crap out of it on my lids. and then once I start blending the colors just go away. and I do use a base

  4. Sheila

    I’m an NW45 also and I use UDPP as a base and the colors I’ve used don’t show up chalky on me. I haven’t dabbled in the greens or blues so I can’t speak much on those.

    I really like this palette.

  5. kellie Norton

    Christine is this the ultra shimmer 88 or just regular one?

  6. Sara

    damn it christine now i really want it lol. i don’t want to pay 10 dollar shipping though :(

  7. Carol

    Coastal Scents doesn’t make them – they’re from China and can be purchsed at least 2-3 other places that carry them as well, perhaps more.

  8. Anna

    i got mine shipped from hong kong direct from the supplier and it’s slightly cheaper than the price on the CS website. i got the 78 colour palette one (that one has blushers too!) and they are AMAZING. i don’t understand why anyone would say the colours didn’t show up pigmented or appear chalky, cuz mine are lovely. :) i love it!!

    • I’m glad you like it, Anna!

    • Janice

      hey anna. would u think the 78 palette one is better than the 88 palette? i mean it has blushes and highlighting stuffs, but does it lack many colour variations like the 88 palette?

      pls let me know thank you 😀

  9. Rebecca

    Haa haa haa, Christine, this sentence made my morning:

    “…and I kept remarking to my boyfriend how pigmented they were (and he, of course, half-listened and went back to his work).”

    This is exactly what happen with me and my boyfriend. I tell him (after 8 years together) “I KNOW you really don’t want to hear this, but…” and proceed on with make up related stuff I should only gossip about on-line or with my girlfriends.


  10. Iris

    I’m sold. I’ve been debating this purchase, but the review pushed me over the edge. I can’t wait to get it.

  11. Everyone’s been saying this palette’s soooo great, which I do agree with, judging from reviews. But I can’t help but think that it’s just too good to be true! I’m just worried about potential health issues since they’re just bulk-ordered from China or something. Has anyone had any bad experiences?

  12. rin

    oh god! i really want this. MUST-HAVE! but i cant buy online… oh please telll me they selll in stores

  13. MC

    Have you by any chance tried the black fluidliner type stuff from coastal scents, anyone? I’ve heard it’s just as good as MAC’s and about half the price and I’m considering giving it a shot…

    • I have tried it, but I don’t feel like it’s quite the same. It’s a bit more wet to me – more like a liquid liner than a gel liner.

  14. Alissa

    I’m sorry I probably sound stupid, but where exactly can you purchase this? I can’t find how to purchase it anywhere. Please help someone?

  15. Steff

    I know I am really late on getting this palette. Didn’t want to pay the expensive shipping Coastal Scents has… (they are totally overcharging on shipping just to make an extra profit). But I finally got one, won it on EBAY for only $11 bucks!!! With Free Shipping. I really lucked out on that one. Can’t wait to start using it :).

  16. Haylie

    I’ve heard that Coastal Scents buys these palettes from Asia and then resells them. So would buying the exact same ones on eBay be safe? Since it’s only like $6 but directly from the source. I’ve heard that they aren’t safe so are they safe to use or not?

    • I haven’t heard any evidence that says they’re safe or that they’re unsafe, so I’m not really sure.

    • Kathleen

      Coastal Scents is actually a white labeling company (I think that’s what you call it.) Basically, it orders a major amount of palettes off of a factory in China and puts their name on it.
      You can find many of the same palettes on eBay, but the only thing is, they have more expensive shipping & usually come from Hong Kong, China. I went with eBay because there is a larger selection of palettes.
      If you want to order them, try Celia Makeup!

  17. Duca

    I have a question for anyone who has this palette – is it possible to take out some of these colors and put them into smaller magnetic palettes from CS? I ordered the palette but I thought I should buy a smaller empty palette for like 12 shadows just in case when I’m traveling and I don’t need the whole 88 palette :)

  18. Jennifer

    i really want to know if this is available to buy in an actual store, because ive looked it up and i only found it available online. if you could help me out to see if i can get it at a store that would be greatt. (:

    -Jayy ♥

  19. Jessica

    I just bought the 88 Mirage palette, the gel liner in True Black, and two brushes to complete my brush collection all for the seriously low price of $25.66/shipping included. They are having a huge sale right now where everything is 50% off until 11/29/11 at 9am est. Everyone should go check it out, can’t beat these prices even with the high shipping cost.