Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

CND Shellac @ Cosmoprof

I wrote about my Shellac experience at Cosmoprof earlier this week, but I wanted to share with you more photos of other shades of Shellac that are available as well as better photos of what I had done! :) I will provide an update with before/after photos after 14 days of wear.  You can learn more about the technology and full color range at CND’s website.

On the pinky, I have Purple Purple; on the ring finger, I have Hotski to Tchotchke with Zillionaire layered over it (multifaceted flaky glitter); on the middle, I believe it is Rock Royalty with a coat of Iced Coral; on the index, it’s Hot Pop Pink with loose glitter put on over the color coat and sealed with two layers of top coat (totally smooth); and in the thumb, it’s Asphalt that’s been buffed to make it matte and dabs of the top coat for 3D polka dots.

See more photos!

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58 thoughts on “CND Shellac Swatches/Photos from Cosmoprof

  1. lp

    I loved what you did on the thumb with the top coat!

  2. Wow, I love them all! I change my polish to often to warrant getting a shellac manicure, but all the options are great!

  3. Ana G.

    These look really pretty!!Love the color range :-)

  4. Maggie

    i love ur thumb and the hot pink glitter finger! :)) btw ur nails length and shape are to die for! exactly like the swatch spectrum’s acrylic nails!

  5. Tigress

    I love the color on your middle finger.

  6. AHHHH I love the middle one! *prays you figure out what it is* 😀

  7. The mystery colour on your middle finger and the design on the thumb are fantastic!

  8. Tabi

    I did Shellac last year when it first came out, but didn’t have much luck with it lasting longer than a regular manicure (one week, on me). =( It could have been the manicurist, though, and maybe she didn’t seal the tips like you’re supposed to. I’ll definitely have to check it out again with these gorgeous layering shades!

    • I’ve had 2 Shellac manis, back to back. The first one lasted almost a month, with only a bit of cracking (like splits in the color, not chips). Even the cracks that were there weren’t visible unless you were looking close up.

      My second Shellac mani, done by the same nail tech, cracked after only a week, ad by week 2 I’d had 2 nails chip. I do feel like the second time had the Shelac done, the technician wasn’t as careful about sealing the tips. I noticed this when she was doing them but didn’t say anything.

      Also, the first Mani was 2 colors layered, which resulted in one more coat of the product on my nails. Perhaps this made them stronger.

      Finally, I was at home the first time around, and while I’m certainly not easy on my nails, I was conscious about not absently chewing on them, wearing gloves while doing dishes, etc…the second mani was a vacation mani & I was in the water almost constantly, so there’s that.

      I still think it’s a great product & i’m happy to see them expanding the shade range. And I agree with the gallery: that middle finger is fab!

  9. Your nails look awesome! I love the pink glitter and your thumb nail. I didn’t know about Shellac before your post. I can’t wait to hear how it holds up.

  10. Camille C.

    I love the Zillionaire glitter.

    • Rosemary

      My everlast 3week gel manicure has never disappointed me. However my one shellac manicure was a different story. My husband even noticed how poor it looked in comparison

  11. Amanda Dubs

    these are amazing colors!

  12. Kathryn

    the color on your middle finger looks like Rescue Beauty Lounge color Scrangie

  13. Courtney

    So…much…pretty…. O.O

  14. Nicole Danielle

    I’ve wanted to try this! I worry because as a geologist, manicures never last more than a day for me. I’d hate to spend the money and have it look awful a day or two later.

  15. Christina

    omg, i NEED zillionaire!

  16. I’m amazed at the textured Asphalt nail, and the loose glitter on top of your Hot Pop Pink!

  17. I am definitely showing these to my mom! My mom owns a nail salon and we do have shellac but only in limited colours. :)

  18. I definitely need asphalt (with the 3D effect) and the black color come fall :)

  19. Perri

    what great colors!!

  20. Yep, that’s definitely Rock Royalty with Iced Coral. That’s what I ended up doing and then we added Zillionaire over it and called it Bridezillionaire. ^_^ Would you be able to write about how it came off for you (if you got the CND Shellac wraps, which I think you did)? I’d be interested in finding out!

    • She soaked the wrap in acetone, then wrapped it around my finger – it’s a lot like a bandage. She said to make sure you wrap it tightly around (but not so tight you’d cut off circulation!), then leave it on for ten minutes. It crumbled and was fairly easy to remove from there on.

  21. Tori

    Pray that you have a great manicurist; don’t let those ladies who ‘rush through their job’ to paint your nails because they will ruin them. If the manicurist doesn’t use the proper shellac lamp, your polish will shrink. I’ve been going for Shellac for more than one year, and I love it.

  22. ally

    isn’t shellac bad for you? doesn’t it have formaldehyde in it?

  23. donna

    I’m excited they are doing more colors. I like the idea… and the application… I’ve tried it twice… but found the choices boring. especially with all the great colors and effects coming out. My nail technicians have also been just boring, no layering or glitter what so ever. I guess I need to keep looking for better salons willing to try new stuff.

  24. Rita

    Beautiful colours. I would like to wear several shades at the same time, too!

  25. Catherine

    Wow … the colors are amazing, but It still doubt it was something for me. I would probably get bored with my nails after a week, since I like to change the color every 3-4 days. It might be great for traveling, though…

  26. Dora Rattigan

    The color on the middle looks like Blue Brown pigment by Mac: I love it! The thumb is…wow!

  27. Michelle jadaa

    Im using the brand name gelish,less expensive(especially if you buy online)and more colours.I had it done once in a salon and fell in love.Hubby got me all the supplies and i know have and amazingly strong beautiful french manicure that i did myself.My naturalnails always brealk no matter what i used and acrylic was so damaging to the natural nail and also a thicker finish.Now my nails are super strong with no chipping and look and feel like regular nail polish.Im hooked.For those that had a poor experience its usually a bad application not the product itself that failed.

  28. Andrea

    I just LOVE Shellac!!!!!! My favourite shade is Romantique! I also like it much better than the OPI version.

  29. Thank you so much for sharing these! The colors are absolutely stunning! Really exciting for the release of these shellac shades.

  30. That’s one fun looking hand you got there!

  31. kerri

    Love the colors!!!!!!! I finally found a great gal to do my nails sooo worth the extra $$$ Mine last for 2 weeks and my hands r in the water all the time. I did the shellac the rockstar gliiter in puple its like 3D glitter.

  32. Wow loving the purples in this <3

  33. Miss Mercurial

    More Shellac color choices….yes!!! That might just be enough to convince me to try it out :)

  34. I want that middle finger! That is all.

  35. Cupcake888

    Wow, amazing new colors and kudos to the artist who put those on you (I especially like what she did on your thumb). But I really don’t know about this 14-days deal… am I going to die of boredom by the end of it?

  36. Ashley D.

    OMG does anyone know where this is available in Ontario, Canada?!

  37. Becca

    this is so cool!! especially the 3D polka dots!!

  38. We carry Shellac in the salon I work at and go through it like crazy, When are they coming out with more colors?

  39. Kat

    How do I find out which colours were used on the layering wheels?

  40. Beth

    Can you post color names with swatches. They are beautiful !

  41. Elizabeth

    I’m a nail tech, and I have to say that is an impressive display of the layering options. Wow! Had to have taken hours to make. Great job!

  42. marnee clements

    where do you get the shellac layering finger nails to paint on?

  43. deana

    I love the nice deep blue what colors did u use to get it

  44. wennie

    Hello My name is wennie i been using shillac for my client for couple months now everyone love even my self the best product so far.

  45. vickie foster

    These are beautiful!

  46. Jeannie Campbell

    Dear CND
    Shellac. I had a Shellac manicure on my last visit to New Zealand and was really taken by the results. I would like to purchase some of the colours here in Brisbane to use on my clients. Please let me know your nearest stockist in Brisbane so I can place an order. Tahnk you for a lovely product.

  47. Kaylee

    how do you get the bumps on the nail?

  48. KeliB

    Where can I find out what the shellac color layering combos are?