Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Clinique Strawberry Fudge Collection

Clinique Strawberry Fudge Collection for Holiday 2010

Inspired by one of Clinique’s most popular Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duos, Clinique’s NEW Limited-Edition Strawberry Fudge Colour Collection is sure to top every holiday wish list. This decadent collection combines rich chocolate browns with luscious blushing pinks for a sweet festive look.

The shining star of the collection is the NEW Limited Edition Strawberry Fudge Holiday Compact- a treat for eyes and cheeks. Beneath the beautifully designed mirrored cover of this sleek silver compact lies a trio of eye shadows and a romantic soft pink blush. These perfectly matched shades light up the eyes, while a swipe of blush conjures the glow that follows a stolen kiss under the mistletoe. High Lengths Mascara creates long, pretty lashes to accentuate the shimmering eye shadow shades. And for the finishing touch – NEW Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour in Strawberry Bliss provides beautiful gloss and shine for a pretty pink pout.

Strawberry Fudge Holiday Compact (Limited Edition)

This limited edition compact features a Colour Surge Eye Shadow Trio of shimmering shades in soft pink, chocolate brown, and a dark slate to dial up the drama. Comfortable and lightweight, these eye shadow favourites deliver luxurious, intense long lasting colour. Cheeks get the perfect hint of pink from Soft Pressed Powder Blusher in New Clover.

Vitamin C Lip Smoothe Anitoxidant Lip Colour

  • Strawberry Bliss

Defining Liner

  • Plush Pink

High Lengths Mascara

  • Black

Availability: October/November 2010

See more photos!

Clinique Strawberry Fudge Collection

Clinique Strawberry Fudge Collection

Clinique Strawberry Fudge Collection

Clinique Strawberry Fudge Collection

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66 thoughts on “Clinique Strawberry Fudge Collection for Holiday 2010

  1. i have to get this when it comes out!!!!

  2. Clinique cosmetics has never interested me! Their colors are so blah.

    • Vijaya

      I’m with you. Plus, a lot of their powder products look like they’d be chalky, and their packaging is almost medicinal in it’s boring-ness. Something about the looks of Clinique screams “Meh-quality stuff, medium quality price!”

    • Lalaru

      They’re pretty good for sensitive eyed older gals, maybe they just aren’t aimed at very young people, my mom adores the brand :)

  3. KaylaK

    Ugh, this is a bummer. I knew when I went to update and they mentioned this for holiday that it would yet again include permanent items with just a “twist”. I wish they would step it up some when it comes to color!

  4. Laia

    This could be a great daytime collection, I’m digging it!

  5. Ru

    I like that lip smoothie. The other stuff seems sort of re-used colors (esp the eye colors) or similar colors can be found elsewhere in my collection.

  6. Seriously, Clinique, who’s that tanned for Christmas???

  7. Leea

    ooh i want the Strawberry Fudge Holiday Compact for a christmas present! 😀

  8. Naz

    The name leaves something to be desired. Strawberry Fudge collection?? What about something like Dipped Strawberries or something. Just a thought.

  9. Kara

    This looks like a pretty collection, like the lipstick…I like how the girl in the promo pic looks like she has a full on tan! LOL

  10. Natalia

    Lovely promo.

  11. Wow, this puts into perspective about how close the holidays are lol! I cannot wait for the holiday collections (and Christmas!). I’m sick of summer >:(

  12. gabyvv

    ahhh i love clinique thanks christine!

  13. clemence

    That’s funny! I never look like that in winter! Even when I’m maked up ^^

  14. AnGeLwInGz

    No offense to Clinique fans but I think their cosmetics are the worst in the “high end” category.

    • Jay

      they r 1 of the best! the quality is amazing, it will never break u out they have a wide variety of colors. i think its better then mac. so i guess u loose.

      • gabyvv

        Seriously! Clinique makes some of the best products I have ever used in my life! They have been in my moms makeup case when I was young and played with her makeup and now they are in my makeup case.. I use their illuminating liquid, long last glosswear, blush, even self sun daily moisturizer… I find this brand SO underrated simply because they don’t come out with random cool collections! But, I find it great for bringing out natural beauty from within. Whenever I put on a Clinique lipgloss, it’s SO glassy yet still not completely opaque, which makes it wearable. If I have on a mask I don’t feel beautiful is what I’m trying to say and Clinique has helped me a lot. If other people disagree and find other brands good I say power to them! But, I anticipate Clinique posts and new things they come up with and it feels horrible that some can judge it so harshly simply because they didn’t have as much luck.. I came to these clinique comments out of excitement!:(

    • I second this. I have tried Clinique before and their products just aren’t special enough to me.

    • Andrea

      I am just usually bored by Clinique. I like some of their products, like City Block but the colour collections put me off. The promo images make me even less interested tbh.

    • Lindsay

      Clinique, MAC, La Mer, Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder are all owned by the Lauder company. The obvious differences are more marketing than quality, although each branch has their own niche and specialty items.

    • Ru

      Sort of have to agree- especially their eyeshadows- they’re flaky and the colors are never true to the pan.

  15. Gisele

    Gosh, it all looks so basic and yet it is LE. Why are things like these stock items?

  16. The collection name bothers me. Strawberry Fudge just sounds gross 😛

  17. shayna

    i have the duo so i feel like it would be a waste of money to buy a permanent product with a twist.

  18. Missa

    i dnt really careful clinique makeup cus it jus seems too plain, but this omg im soo luvin it ! its really pretty. thnk imma get this

  19. snoopysteph

    Strawberry Fudge is one of my favorite duos from Clinique! All the shades seem permanent so they don’t really grab me as “must haves” for my makeup collection though. Clinique’s makeup is great for an every day, easy makeup kinda girl. I’ve been using their skincare & makeup since I was 13 and the brand is really comfortable to me, if that makes sense. Nothing too outrageous, glittery, or overdone.

  20. Jazmine

    I actually like Clinique. It may seem “boring” to some. But I like that it looks “clean and fresh”. Not only that but most of their stuff are supposed to be better for your skin/eyes/lips whatever. I’m not a huge fan of their eyeshadows or anything, but I like some of their other products.

  21. Carly

    Hmm.. the eyeshadows are nice – not essential though. I have them from a gift with purchase, don’t use them too often… Interesting seeing everyone’s feedback though!

  22. Tera

    This has always been my favorite Clinique duo. It was actually my first HE item I ever bought.

  23. Love the pretty pictures, but I have to agree with Katie. I find Clinique make up super boring. Good quality producs, but bland.

  24. Boring, boring boring. Also it hasn’t got a holiday feel about it at all, more like spring to be honest.

  25. Marcela

    I don’t think the girl in the promo is tanned, that seems to be her natural skin color…jeez people not everyone in this planet is paper white even on winter.

  26. Kalex

    Is the duo “strawberry fudge” in the palette? It says the blush shade in the description but not the shadows.

  27. Luisafer

    pretty, but not going crazy for it…

  28. Emma

    Please do a video showing the swatches of these (same format as the channel one) please!!!

  29. Jennifer

    Keep in mind that because of their focus on allergy and fragrance free products, Clinique doesn’t use red dyes in their colour. You won’t see the kind of deep, saturated colour like MAC has, its all very muted. I used to work for Clinique and Strawberry Fudge really was a top selling eyeshadow duo:)

  30. Jennifer

    I meant to say they don’t use a lot of red dye. I’m sure they use some but its minimal b/c a number of people have allergies to it.

  31. Davina


  32. Ashlee

    I’ve never wanted anything Clinique but that is really cute! So is the name!

  33. Isa

    I absolutely love the strawberry fudge combination by Clinique. None of the photos does the pink color justice, it’s just the prettiest, most gorgeous golden pink. If I could compare it to another color, it would be Expensive Pink by MAC, but it’s not that similar, only the golden undertone of it, cause the Clinique one is way pinker… if that makes any sense…

  34. FlyingBuffalo

    The collection is cute, but the idea of strawberry fudge is so gross!

  35. Looking at the promo pics makes me feel hotter. It’s 95 degrees today!

  36. stasha marie

    oh wow, i clicked on this post just to see, since i’m usually not interested in clinique, but these are all my colors! thank so much, because i would have never know!!!! you made my makeup world just a little larger today , seriously thank u! <3

  37. strawberry

    i love anything strawberry <3

  38. Therese

    Wow, she’s awfully tanned for the Holiday season!!

  39. Kelly C.

    Seeing as I don’t own any of these colors, I would totally buy this palette. I love Clinique blushes, they are all so antural and flattering, and the eye trio actually looks like something I might wear!

  40. KimK

    Sigh… clinique… REALLY?! you just package up non LE items into new cases and shove it out the door as a holiday set? C’mon… have you no creativity any more? The last few years’ offerings have been less than stellar…. get a little inventive , or at least come out with colors that haven’t been around for 20 years.

  41. Julie

    i have just the duo that i got with a free kit and it works really great

  42. The promo leaves me yearning for more!! What a beautiful advertisement. The Strawberry Fudge is my favorite Clinique eyeshadow quad by far. I wish they had come out with a unique lip gloss/ lip stick with this collection. For example, when they did the LE Bamboo pink collection is was wildly successful. I’m tempted to buy this bc I am running low of my strawberry fudge ES but I do agree, its not presenting anything new.

    • sara

      Estee Lauder owns multiple brands including, Estee Lauder, MAC, Origins, Clinique. When you go to a department store about half of the beauty counters are owned by Estee Lauder. Each line targets a slightly different demographic. Clinique has always been a hypoallergenic, fragrance free, natural line. Their colors are meant to complement skin tones and not look artificial, but they are not as free of toxins as the Origins line. I know with Clinique, the colors will always blend and look classy. Where I find fault with Clinique is that they have not updated the brand to remove parabens and other chemicals and their skin care products are very drying due to a high alcohol content.

  43. Christina

    hmm any swatches of this yet? I could not find them on any blog, so i was hoping clinique may have sent you the palette, maybe? :-)