Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Clinique Black Tie Violet Collection for Winter 2009

Chic and sophisticated, Clinique’s has it!

Colour Surge Eye Shadow

  • Frosted Blossom
  • Purple Pixie
  • Black Orchid

Cream Shaper for Eyes

  • Starry Plum

Long Last Lipstick

  • Pinkberry

Long Last Glosswear SPF 15

  • Clearly Pink

Quickliner For Lips

  • Raspberry

Blushing Blush Powder Blush

  • Smoldering Plum
  • Iced Lotus

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42 thoughts on “Clinique Black Tie Violet Collection for Winter 2009

  1. Lisa

    This is really pretty but it seems sort of spring-ish to me.

  2. Nora

    I totally agree. Underwhelming.

  3. Roxanne

    I’m sorry, but I thinks that photo looks ugly! I know would’nt want to go out like that!

  4. Heather

    Clinique sucks. There products are horrible and there is nothing that ever catches my eye.

    • Diabla

      :) I feel and think the same!

    • Macaddict

      Feels the same! Never cared for Clinique and this pic is unlikely to change my mind…
      Don’t like promo pic and the m/u: looks done unprofessionally (and that’s supposed to be photoshopped… Yikes!)

  5. Amber

    I was interested until I saw the photo. :( ah well.

  6. Emm

    I love purple on the eyelid and I wear it regardless of season. Though the marketing is springlike.

  7. Vness_12

    I’m getting this outdated early 80’s vibe from the photo. Not for me. Although I did think the purple bows on the packaging was cute LoL.

  8. Stephanie

    Love purples…and I can actually visit a Clinique counter in my city.. When does this come out?

  9. firepail

    ummm… is it me or does the photo look like they added the makeup with PhotoShop later? it totally looks airbrushed on rather than in the picture. yech.

  10. Rainbow

    I like Clinique, and love purples, but I agree that the photo looks very 80’s. And while I love all things 80’s, I don’t really want anyone asking where the matching shoulder pads and stirrup pants are…

  11. Caroline

    So many pretty colors! I have a lot of similar items in my makeup collection already so I can easily pass this one up; I’m not much of a Clinique person anyway.

  12. Dawn S.

    That pic is horrible, the makeup is SO heavy handed and her lips look all crackled. ICK! What a turnoff!!!

  13. Erin

    That photo is absolutely horrible. That’s reason enough not to buy. We’ll see these products at the CCO! The only product I’d be mildly interested in checking out is the cream shaper.

  14. amy

    I have always liked Clinque lipsticks. The Pinkberry lipstick looks to die for but I agree with several posters that it looks more like a spring launch.

  15. If anything, it looks like the photo wasn’t over-photoshopped for once? Either way, boring collection.

  16. Nicci

    I stopped using Clinique a long time ago – always had bad results. Anyway, I think the model is pretty but it looks like she has a lot of blush on. That’s the first thing I saw.

  17. KaylaK

    This is weird, the photo with the model was from our Modern Mattes fall 2008 collection (and it does look like they put color over it)…and where’s the 4 striped powder? I work for Clinique and the collection didn’t have a model for it. Christine I can scan my update sheet and let you see! This collection is coming out in mid-late October for Macys (we are the ones to get it first) then in November for everyone else.

  18. liz

    yikes. i use clinique skincare exclusively and one of their lippies is my mlbb shade. but aside from that not really my thing. and that promo pic resembles me when i was 6 and found my moms makeup stash and played with it.

  19. Katherine

    Ugh. That photo is grody. I only own one Clinique beauty item anyway – a lip gloss. They’ve never impressed me much.

  20. cmferrets

    the model looks like shes from the 80s- wayyy too much blush on her cheekcs!

  21. Helena

    Ew, promo photo >_<
    Meh. I’ve always seen Clinique as more of a skincare brand…so this lackluster collection doesn’t surprise me.

  22. Alix

    I agree, the line looks very springlike; Clinique never takes any risks with its color collections. And as for the dreadful photo — fake lashes much? They’re hanging off her eyelid like an awning!

    I wish Clinique would step up its game — I appreciate a line with NO fragrance in its products (I hate lippies that reek of fake vanilla), but they’re just languishing, on its way to becoming Your Grandmother’s Makeup Line.

  23. Lucy

    The color are pretty but not for a fall look

  24. Marcela

    I simply adore Clinique’s Even Better foundation, probably one of the best out there. I’m not going to deny that I’m a huge 80’s fan, but I agree the picture for this collection is not a great one, heavy eyeshadow, blush doesn’t go together with the look, and the same goes for the lipstick…they to hire a new makeup artist for sure. I would probably pass this one for sure, they also need to come up with an amazing collection, bold colors, dark purples, reds, pinks, step up your game, you can totally do it, just put a little bit of effort next time!!!! =-)

  25. CedriCeCCentriC

    Clinique is saving on photoshoots. Because this image was used last year for the fall collection with all the matte colours, they just changed the shades on the model with photoshop.

  26. Christy

    Nice colors, but that promo pic is just…ew.

  27. Kylie

    Clinique Modern Mattes


  28. Luisafer

    I have the Long Last Glosswear Clearly Pink and I really like it… stays long, gives me a really pretty shine and pump!!!

    sadly this pic makes clinique look bad even tough is not

    • gab

      totally agree
      !!! I love clearly pink as well i just wish they payed for good photoshoots im still shopping there!

  29. Horrible horrible photo. The makeup looks photoshopped, the model looks photoshopped.. awful.
    The makeup itself looks nice though, I have a Color Surge eyeshadow and its one of my absolute favs.

  30. JessicaM

    yeah the photo looks completely 80s