Monday, January 7th, 2008

Clinic’estetica™, a state of the art aesthetic medical clinic that meets the needs of individuals seeking non-surgical permanent and semi-permanent solutions for cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, is proud to introduce ClearPluss™ Acne Clearing Treatment — an original and uniquely designed at-home acne clearing product line for face and body (chest and back). ClearPluss™ is based on the theory and testing that has shown that acne has a trigger; when that trigger is disengaged acne outbreaks will be curtailed and possibly stopped. Each product in the line is a step-by-step acne clearing treatment. ClearPluss™ creates an accumulative positive result for controlling all types of acne while working to keep skin healthy and unmarred. Breakouts, swelling, and scarring become a distant memory.

I spent just about three weeks testing out Clinic’estetica’s ClearPluss™ Acne Clearing Treatment.  As someone who has always had a touch of acne (thankfully nothing so bad as frightful as of yet), I was curious to see how this system would work for me. It consists of a four-stem system; you begin with the Acne Clearing Cleanser, which aggressively prepares the skin to absorb the elements of ClearPluss while removing dead skin cells and dirt. I personally enjoyed this cleanser, which is definitely an exfoliating cleanser. I would say that those with more sensitive skin may not like how abrasive the particles in the cleanser are. It took me a few cleansings to get used to it and like the feel of it really working.

The second step is the Acne Clearing Treatment, which is a serum used daily to reduce or eliminate acne, blackheads, and overly oily skin.  It has a pleasing smell of peppermint and a little goes a long way.  Since this is the product that really is the cornerstone of the system to keep acne at bay, I blame the patches of dryness that occurred after two weeks on this one – for those with drier and/or sensitive skin, I’d opt to use this serum only once a day or every other day.  Especially since I am not plagued by severe acne, I think it would have been just as effective.

The third step is the Acne Clearing Tonic, which is to help skin control excessive sebum production.  It is meant to be used in-between to reduce acne persistance during the regimen.  I only used this a few times, because my skin does not really require a toner.

The last step is the Acne Clearing Moisture, which provides additional moisturization to dry, sensitive skin.  It helps reduce the inflammation resulting from acne, rosacea, etc.  It does not have any oil or fragrance, which is always a great thing in a facial moisturizer.

Results? Yes, I saw results.  My skin looked and felt healthier, cleaner.  It is a meticulous routine, though, so if you are forgetful or often skip steps in your skincare regimen, this is probably not for you.  However, on the same note, all these products work together to achieve maximum results, so you do not have to worry about finding the right mix of non-matching products.  Most of my acne was reduced to just one or two small, manageable pimples along the chin area or forehead — noticeably less, and any small bouts that appeared were hardly visible (did not get any enormous, traffic-stopping zits!).

ClearPluss™ Acne Clearing Treatment can be purchased at

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12 thoughts on “ClearPluss™ Acne Clearing Treatment Review

  1. Tekoa

    Peppermint? Uh oh! Though it does have microbial properties, pepperment can cause skin irritation and sensitivity for some people. I stay away from products with peppermint because it makes my skin flaky and itchy.

    • Ohh, thanks for the heads up, Tekoa! I had no idea! Every time I used it, I kept remembering “Mean Girls” and associating peppermint with “smelling like a foot.”

  2. Nadine

    I used this line of products, and although I will admit that the scent of peppermint in the treatment was not my favorite, I got great results from it! I suffer from minor acne, mostly in my lower chin area, and after using this treatment every night, my breakouts would dry out in two days time. I would definitely recommend it

  3. Chicalola

    Not a line but a gel treatment GLYDOXYL GEL : My acne went away so fast…i love this stuff: If I have even the slightest idea of a bump I put it on and the next day I am clear again:)
    Ask your doctor

    I also used tee-trea oil for a while. It worked okay.

  4. Alease

    This product is good for basic skin problems, but for those with chronic conditions (cystic acne, etc.) it’s simply not made to tackle acute problems. For those who may be experiencing chronic acne breakouts, I suggest going an all-natural route which addresses skin problems from the inside out. (I was a severe acne sufferer and am now acne free after 20-something years)
    Just passing along info for those who may be experiencing more severe skin problems…

  5. Rhea

    Neutrogena-Advance Solutions!
    Been using it for 3days now and I see amazing results!

    Come sin a kit with cleanser, Acene coontrol lotion and oil free SPF15 lotion

  6. Amanda

    After trying this, which I loved! I also wanted something that would make my face extra smooth, as well as the rest of my body, and I loved the combination! I was about ready to give up on hair removing creams. They always irritated my skin,
    and some of them smelled like they were adding monkey sweat to them or something.
    My Aunt suggested that I try Sabi, and now it’s the only cream I even think about
    using. It’s made from natural ingredients and they do some kind of weird science to
    get to them the best way. The difference between it and other creams I’ve tried is just
    staggering: I can barely even feel it as it takes the hair off. So far I’ve only tried their
    hair removal cream, but they make a hair delaying cream too that I’m thinking about
    picking up. I figure they’ve earned me giving it a shot :P.