Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Cle de Peau R4 Extra Rich Lipstick

The Sultry Season: Cle de Peau R4 Danse du Feu Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau R4 Danse du Feu Extra Rich Lipstick ($60.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a deep coral-red with subtle golden shimmer. Pigmented, moisturizing, and long-wearing, Cle de Peau’s Extra Rich Lipsticks are a dream, but they come with a luxury price. (See R2 and T2 for full reviews.)  I love how Danse du Feu is this rich, lustrous shade of coral–it’s not orange, pink, but this decadent hue of fiery coral.

Is this the right deep coral for you? Would you wear it?

The Sultry Season is a series of posts featuring deep, rich shades of brown, berry, plum, and wine lipsticks and lipglosses — just right for autumn — that runs through October 2010.

See photos and swatches…

Cle de Peau R4 Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau R4 Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau R4 Extra Rich Lipstick
Cle de Peau Danse du Feu (R4) Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau R4 Extra Rich Lipstick

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Guerlain's Ginger comes close--a touch lighter. You could try MAC CB96 Lipstick for something more affordable--frostier, not quite glossy.

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45 thoughts on “Cle de Peau R4 Danse du Feu Extra Rich Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. nana

    It is beautiful, but freaking expensive..

  2. Ouch! $60usd for a lipstick?! Glad it ain’t on my wishlist lol

  3. jas

    this is gorgeous, but i will never ever spend that much on a lipstick

  4. Pamela

    This is a really gorgeous color! Christine, it looks great on you and emphasizes your eyes. However, that price is highway robbery! If you can find a dupe, let me know.

  5. Kate

    Oh, I REALLY like it…is there anything more affordable than Guerlain’s Ginger to dupe this? I don’t have CB96… :(

  6. Svetlana

    $60 ? Wow that’s a lot of money for a lipstick .

  7. I love the finish!!!
    But DAMN it’s expensive >.>

  8. Marcela

    $60 for a tube of lipstick?!?! That is BEYOND ridiculous and I don’t know a single sane person who would pay that (but I know they’re out there). Too bad cuz it’s a beautiful lipstick.

    • I have, and I think I’m sane :) It was a reward for completing a major project! But to each their own!

      • baby in a corner

        ha ha! Christine I totally do that, justify little splurges as rewards – finishing my dissertation, getting an A, starting work, first paycheck etc! My sis was making fun of this the other day! Everyone is entitled to spend their money how they like – I don’t smoke, buy many clothes, go to the cinema often etc!

        Anyway this is a beautiful colour, although I prefer pinks on myself

    • Svetlana

      I do agree with you that $60 for a lipstick is a lot BUT saying that there is no a single person that would pay that much for a lipstick isn’t really nice.There are a lot of sane people who would pay for it. If someone is rich doesn’t mean he/she isn’t sane lol

    • GinaTheresa

      I know it IS expensive, but for someone who’s truly obsessed with make up(like myself) it would be a special treat, like a rare collector’s item. And hey – guys obsess over tech gadgets that cost WAY more than $60!!!

    • Anna

      Guess how much one M.A.C lipstick in New Zealand costs? $60.00.

  9. Sara Jean

    oh wow it looks so pretty on you!
    60 is pretty steep for a lipstick though.

  10. sarah

    gah! so pretty!! i can’t justify spending that much on alippie though, and cb96 pulls way too pink on me(very pink lips naturally) :(

  11. t_zwiggy

    Not a huge fan of the color, but the formula looks amazing. So creamy, shiny and smooth!

  12. Vanessa

    $60.00 are my eyes seeing that correctly? Love the color but no way would i spend that much on a lipstick.

  13. Erin T

    Gorgeous on you, Christine! Don’t think I would ever pay that price, but it’s tempting when I see how it brings out your eyes…

  14. Kelly

    I don’t see coral at all when it’s in the tube, but I do see what you are talking about when it’s applied. Still not sure if I’d call it coral. It seems too orangey-brown to me. It’s hard to describe shades of colors!

  15. Ket

    gorgeous – suits you!

  16. That color looks like a million bucks on you! I love CDP’s concealer, but I don’t know if I can spend $60 on a lipstick! Sigh.

  17. Deb

    Wow, what a gorgeous shade! I’m dying to feel the difference between a $60 lipstick and a $14 lipstick, but I think I’m just going to have to lust after this one.

  18. My heart stopped when I read how much. 60 bucks for a tube of lipstick!? I know I’m just repeating what everyone else said, but daaayum. It’s pretty, but come on.

  19. Kelly

    It’s pretty but not for $60!

  20. Johanne

    That’s a gorgeous color! But I doubt it would look good on my extremely pale and cool-toned skin – looks beautiful on you, though.

  21. Tawny

    My goodness, it’s gorgeous…. I wish I have the gut & mean to buy one Cle De Peau lipstick

  22. I choked on my coffee when I saw that price. I’m sure it’s great quality but $60? I could dupe this with an Avon lipstick. But I guess this will make someone happy.

  23. Tina

    I love the color on you, but $60 OMG! That color wouldn’t work on me. But $60! OMG!

  24. Marian

    It’s a pretty color but not $60 worth of pretty.

  25. Julie

    Very pretty. I would not be able to justify the price though…

  26. Eileen

    different and pretty colour …. the sharp edges wld be good for lining the outline of the lips, eventually end up rounded anyway.

  27. Lisa G

    I absolutely love this shade of lipstick. Hate the price tag so won’t be buying it. I’m a makeup addict but I have to draw a line somewhere and $60 for lipstick just isn’t happening.

  28. Esperanza

    It is a beautiful color but nothing out of the ordinary. There is nothing special in the packaging of this lipstick to justify its $6o dollar price tag. Now, Guerlain G lipsticks…the packaging alone is worth the price they charge for it. I passss it..nexttt lol

  29. Skybluesky

    The more I look at the pictures the more I love the color! I am kind of glad I live nowhere near a CDP counter…otherwise I would want EVERYTHING!

    *makeup godzilla!* rawr.

  30. I’ll gladly drop $60 for the absolutely-perfect-OMG-I’LL-WEAR-THIS-EVERYDAY lipstick. This color is soooo close, but it looks a bit too warm for my skin =(

    Also, I wish there was an actual storefront near me to see all the colors; the sample colors online do NOT do these colors justice =/

  31. Olivia A

    Wow – stunning color! And it looks like it wears like a dream. One day, I think I must try this one :-)

  32. Karen

    I am so glad that you posted my favorite Cle de Peau lipstick. I wear R4 everyday and it is worth the price!