Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Cle de Peau Beaute La Beaute Metalique – Modern Metallic

Introducing the NEW La Beauté Metalique – Clé de Peau Beauté’s Spring/Summer 2011 color collection that reflects the precious metallics found in sunlit summer days and evenings. The exquisite combinations of translucent color capture the beauty of the ever-changing lights and promote radiance and luminosity that becomes a part of the skin.

Clé de Peau Beauté creates a modern allure with the most gorgeous hues of summer; bronzes, burnt coppers, soft pinks, subtle lilacs and pale blues that bring this glorious season to life, with a multi-dimensional brilliance that is fresh and new. Clé de Peau Beauté Color Creator, Lucia Pieroni’s inspiration for La Beauté Metalique was a desire to embody the glistening color of sunshine reflected in a cool, serene summer stream. “With La Beauté Metalique I have created a sophisticated and enchanting collection of color combinations that reflects dancing layers of translucent light. This is a chic yet contemporary aesthetic that captures the beauty of summer.” says Ms. Pieroni.

The collection includes Eye Color Quads along with the new shades of Extra Rich Lipstick and Extra Silky Lipstick. The perfect complement to this radiant assortment, Clé de Peau Beauté offers a Cream Foundation SPF26. The wondrous manipulation of light in this new make-up collection combines with the power of illuminating texture to enhance the feeling of sophistication and femininity.

Cream Foundation SPF 26 ($120.00)

Using the latest optical management technology, this foundation delivers illumination from within, as each skin cell comes alive with light and radiance. The illuminating finish and texture is derived from the new Revitalizing Moisture Complex, formulated with a luxurious infusion of treatment ingredients to optimize the condition of skin with continual use. It also features Reflect Change Powder, a unique powder coated with golden pearl which helps skin seem lit from within. Cream Foundation SPF 26 offers superior medium to full coverage with a soft-matte finish and is packaged in a convenient tube.

Eye Color Quad ($80.00)

Lucia Pieroni’s masterpiece within the La Beauté Metalique collection, the new Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Color Quads bring an unsurpassed level of elegance and glamour to the eyes, befitting the inspiration of serene summer days and golden sun rays. The velvety shades and lustrous finishes offer limitless possibilities for varying eye looks.

Extra Rich Lipstick ($60.00)

Introducing four new colors: Beauty Secret (R7), Arizona (R8), Vesper (T6), and Rose Des Quatre Saison (T7).

Extra Silky Lipstick ($52.00)

Introducing three new colors: Rubellite (#129), Pink Opal (#130), and Spessartine (#131).

availability: Now @ select Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Barneys locations nationwide; Bergdorf Goodman in NYC

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58 thoughts on “Cle de Peau Beaute La Beaute Metalique – Modern Metallic for Spring/Summer 2011

  1. mari

    Ridiculously overpriced. No way am I paying that much for make up, especially with the great alternatives out there! Thanks for the post though Christine :) Will you be reviewing? This should be like magic or something for the price their asking!

  2. vikaki

    120???????????omg!!it’s a weekend trip!!:D:D

  3. Pink

    Those prices are just laughable. LOL still laughing.

  4. Elysia

    Wow $120 for the foundation….that must be some foundation….curious.

  5. rashmi

    mouthwatering and min blowing stuff 😀 😀
    ohh god when ??? when will i get to use all this :(

  6. Arlee

    You’d think an $80 quad would have better applicators than three sponges and a dinky brush…

    • Monika

      I know! I don’t understand why ANY makeup company has decided that those things are worth adding to makeup compacts. I really wish more affordable lines started making brushes, so there would be more competitive pricing for makeup brushes at drug stores. And honestly, I would assume that people who can spend THAT much money on eyeshadow are willing to spend money on separate makeup brushes. It just makes it even more of a ripoff since all that space has to be reserved for applicators hardly anyone will use instead of adding more eyeshadow to the compact.

      • Emily

        I recently bought a few blushes from the Japanese brand, Kanebo, from a Taiwanese drugstore and their mini brushes were real hair. It was super soft! I think more of that stuff should show up in North America after trying that stuff out for the first time. O_O

    • Becca

      Haha, exactly what I thought!!!

  7. Christine

    I’m “leaving this” only because, for me, this is too expensive!

  8. IBC

    Love the lippies, the sleek tip of these lippies is so gorgeous, havent seen any other like it.

  9. Lucie

    Will you be reviewing any of these? I love the one Extra Rich lipstick I own (R2) and find it worth the price, but live five hours from the nearest Cle de Peau counter and can never find good swatches of these lipsticks!

  10. MJ

    Each skin cell comes alive with light and radiance…who writes this stuff?

  11. Courtney

    120 dollars for foundation?! For that price it better be half unicorn blood!

  12. Natalia Bortoli

    is this foundation or Photoshop in a bottle?

  13. Shelly

    I know this is a ridiculous thought to have about $52-60 lippies, but honestly that bullet just looks cheap to me. I don’t know what it is–I’m just not into that angular, squared-off look; it looks a little old-lady for me. Bleh.

  14. Selenite

    Now why would I pay so much for such boring nude and beige colors?

  15. Megan

    I love the reviews, swatches, and looks on this site. Really, I do. Temptalia has so much to offer.

    But I think my favorite part is the reliable commenter snark in the face of ridiculous copywriting. Ladies, you never fail to disappoint. :)

  16. Denise

    I am a makeup lover…including high end. But what they charge for this line is absurd to say the least…almost an insult imho. Obviously they have buyers or the line wouldn’t still exist, but surely most women’s money isnt THAT disposable to them :) Beautiful colors and packaging, but even that isnt worth the price tag.

  17. Lindsey D

    I have one eyeshadow palette by them–it’s nice, the textures are great, the pigmentation is great…but it’s no nicer than my Dior quint of similar coloring, which was much less money (though, Cle de Peau always makes me feel like I can splurge more on Dior, because it’s not ~that~ expensive in comparison). The prices are just way overinflated (like the company’s ego, if those press releases are for real O.o).

  18. cghipp

    Love the colors, and adore those gorgeous faceted lipsticks… but I am “leaving it” like a Justin Bieber concert, lol. Because I am just about as likely to subject my eyes and ears to that kind of torture as I am to shell out $60 for a lipstick that is going to end up at the bottom of my purse next to a $3 BBW lip gloss that I might love just as much – or more.

  19. Via

    Uhhh… with those prices, I’ll take a weekend in wine country.

  20. Carrie

    If anyone’s tried CPB’s foundation before, they’d know that they definitely worth the price. I’m using sily cream foundation, and I love it – it stays put for a long long time, with full coverage but not cakey at all, it’s natural and really really moisturizing – I just cannot put enough good words on it. Their eyeshadows are great too, though I like Suqqu’s more.

  21. Eleanor

    Christine, I have to say that I’m quite glad that you provide information about Cle De Peau and other brands with a comparable price point. As someone who enjoys high end makeup, it becomes frustrating after a while to have to search and search for reviews and swatches, and only finding one or two low quality posts. I applaud you for looking out for all ranges of customer, covering from drugstore to true luxury brands. Even though in many of these posts most of the commenters don’t see the value and wouldn’t care if you stopped posting about these brands, I for one am very appreciative of your wide range and in-depth level of coverage. That is why I love Temptalia. Keep doin what you do gurl <33

    • Thank you, Eleanor! I appreciate it — it is frustrating when a lot of the commentary is all about price, rather than product, because I feel like readers who are interested are getting put down in a way. I know that there are definitely readers out there who are interested in luxury lines, and I definitely try to include reviews for them, too! One of the reasons I make a point to do it despite about 90% of all comments on the posts being about price is exactly what you said – the lack of photos/swatches for them – and if I can contribute, I will, even if people will criticize me for it!

      • Tammy

        Thank you for reviewing highend products and luxury lines as well as lower and mid-end lines. I have mature skin and appreciate the textures of the luxury lines. I am not well off financially myself, but I do pick and choose occasional indulgences from these lines.

        • My pleasure, Tammy! :)

          • Ari

            Really, all snark aside, I’d like to say a thank-you as well. I might do my high-end garment shopping at fire sales, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love to look … and this is not something that I’m going to find on a local countertop. There’s something delicious in seeing swatches of these sorts of items … and y’know, someday I’ll probably even buy one of those lipsticks, for the same reason I’d buy a glass of excellent, old wine or D&G boots: just as a single piece of completely unnecessary and absolutely lovely indulgence.

      • Gia

        I agree. I wish people would talk more about the product as well and leave the price as an after thought. With all these make-up lovers I would hope they could appreciate the artistry, color concepts, and fantasy that a brand markets. The reason mass-market make-up continue to grow and change is because of the creative artistry and ideas they basically get from the higher end companies.

  22. So are these made of Gold?? 100% PUN intended for the product…lol!!!

  23. Stephanie

    I dont understand the snarky, sarcastic, rude comments! Its expensive. So what! We are all adults and should be used to NOT being able to have everything we see! If you cant afford it oh well keep it moving and buy what u can afford/like to buy! I appreciate seeing something other than cheap junk and MAC. Honestly i HATE mac. Thank you Christine for featuring other products, things that are not basic. If you guys want to buy cheap then do that but dont make it see wrong for people to enjoy their money the way they want!

    • mari

      You are seriously making a point that instead of buying mac, that you find to be simple products, you would like to pay a massive amount for these nude beige colour tones, that you feel are not simple? I think most of us could afford a thing or two if it was really amazing, but its brown and nude tones that you can get everywhere else. There’s nothing special about these products, the only thing that stands out is their price. And I believe that’s the point.

    • I think we all are just enjoying the pictures and commenting on the ridiculously high price. I didn’t see any comment that insulted the Website, Christine or any other person who loves or buys this brand. It should be taken in a light vein….

      • cghipp

        Agree 100%!

        Even if I think the prices are crazy, I still want to SEE the products, because it’s fun to see what’s out there that I might otherwise never see. I wouldn’t buy a 50′ yacht if I had Bill Gates’ fortune, but I still watch shows about how people decorate their yachts, because I find it fascinating.

        I love the variety of Christine’s posts – and I love to read everyone’s comments, too, whether they’re for, against, elated, aghast, enthralled, disgusted – I want to know people’s real opinions about the products. And when I have one to give, I very much appreciate that Christine offers a place to do so!

  24. DJ

    Leave it! Simply for the outrageous prices. For an $80 quad I don’t expect to see 3 spongetip applicators.

    • Chloe

      these japanese eyeshadows are so soft and silky that it’s much better to apply with sponges than brushes.All eyeshadows pans in Japan comes with applicators,sponge mostly.actually it’s much more handier if you are going out with’em.(save a lot of space)

  25. My skin cells are very alive now, but if I spent this much on a beauty product as I am not JLo or a celebrity, my banking account would no longer be alive. I just could not imagine working all week to go spend it on this.

  26. Alicia

    The lipsticks are the only items that catch my eye. Thanks Christine for showing high end make up collections. The more variety you present to your readers, the better!

  27. milo

    Finally see a Cle de Peau post. I am a big fan of Cle de peau. I love the foundation. Thank you very much for posting.

  28. Wendy

    Christine I appreciate the consistency of your reviews that include everything from WnW to CDP. Even if I can’t afford them, someone can and deserves a fair review. I think these high end companies might see some new demographics if they themselves were honest and used more realistic terminology. “this foundation delivers illumination from within, as each skin cell comes alive with light and radiance.” Really? LOL. Thank God we have you to look to for some truth and a realistic rating system. Keep it up girl.

  29. When I read “metallic” and saw lipstick, I shuddered a bit…I’m sure Cle de Peau could pull it off, though–or,at least they should for those prices.

  30. It’s weird, because I swear that the Extra Rich lipsticks are already at our one tiny CdP counter here in Montreal. I think perhaps they received them ahead of the full launch. I tried on the red shades and they are stunning.

    I’ve only splurged on CdP once- I picked up Baby Julia- but their formulas are definitely a quality that stands out, even among high-end brands. I think their colour range is more “safe” because they are looking to provide people with shades that have universal appeal and that go with a variety of different looks/ occasions.

  31. Polly

    T7 is definitely my go-to shade! I just saw its swatch and… I was about to cry! SO sweet SO soft pinky-nude than not overly nude and not too cool (nor warm) – a universally flattering shade!

    CdP lipsticks line never failed me in any term. It’s always a pleasure wearing them – worth every penny (and in my case ‘baht’) I’d say!

    PS and it’s always funny reading comments that criticize about their price range. I like metaphor they use, for example, ‘have to sell an arm to buy one’, ‘made of gold’, ‘would be half unicorn blood’ <-my fav

  32. Pawsha

    Definitely want to try this. I love their cream so I want to try the colors here. Can’t wait!

  33. kylie

    Got the new metallic eyeshadow quad. Cost was 55 for the pan + 25 for the refillable compact. Yes, that’s pricey for 4 shadows, but Chanel quads are 57 each and nonrefillable, so that’s actually 2 bucks more than Cle de Peau and there’s hardly the same level of criticism. Product amount differs, but cosmetics really aren’t the type of product where I’m comparing bulk weight. It’s more about what catches your eye among the myriad of choices out there. I’m actually quite a MAC addict and without Temptalia I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with the other brands. Thanks Christine for your fantastically informative site!

  34. Liz

    I find it intresting to see other brands of make-up..high end! Even though I may never buy but I actually wouldn’t mind owning at least one and its nice to see photos hopefully swatches too just to see the quality and texture, thanks!

  35. Perri

    Holy cow!!! So expensive! :-( The lipsticks are so pretty…. but way unreasonable for a poor graduate student to purchase.

  36. marie

    hi Christine! how does the rich lipstick compare to chanel allure laque regarding hydration and staying power?

  37. Ashley B

    HOLY BEANS!!!!!!! I will skip the highly overpriced cosmetics and get a buttload of MAC for the price of one foundation from this brand. Why in the world would anyone spend that much on makeup?? So ridiculous!

  38. theMiaomi

    very expensive yes but honestly by far the highest quality ever. I just got some from the Shiseido warehouse sale…even the tiny brush that comes with the shadow palette is better than many artist brands’ full size brush. truely amazing.