Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick
Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau Baby Julia (T3) Extra Rich Lipstick ($60.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a very subtly rose-tinted nude. It goes on opaque in just one layer, and it makes lips look very full. It has ultra fine white/soft gold shimmer and a slightly glossy finish. It borders on cool, but it’s almost neutral, so it’s a shade that will work across a wide range of skin tones.

The Extra Rich Lipsticks are absolutely a luxury item; they are head to toe decadence. The texture is incredibly smooth and creamy without being slippery or heavy. It imparts a nice level of moisture on lips and never feels drying. The formula also de-emphasizes lip lines after about fifteen minutes of wear.

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

RECOMMENDATION: Not only is this a product I’d recommend trying before buying, but it is all about finding a shade that really wows you. It’s that perfect, just-for-you shade that makes this lipstick worth its hefty price tag. Or if you’re in the mood for an indulgence!


See more photos & swatches!

Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick
Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick
Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick
Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick
Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick
Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick
Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick

Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick
Cle de Peau T3 Extra Rich Lipstick (right)

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39 thoughts on “Cle de Peau Baby Julia (T3) Extra Rich Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. that’s a gorgeous color! all three are pretty.

    but for $60 that thing better come with job security and a steak dinner. sheesh!

  2. Tiffany

    Hey christine would this work on my nc45 skintone and is there a mac dupe for this. Thanks

  3. Roxanne

    This is so pretty! A little too expensive for me unfortunately :)

  4. Jayna

    It is lovely, just could never spend $60 on lipstick, but there are those can and will so it serves a sector of the market.

  5. Emily

    Whats that middle color in the bottom pic?

  6. Mel

    ANother beautiful color but damn $60 for a tube, that’s too much!!! I can buy 3 or more tubes for that price

  7. That is a LOT of money to pay for a lipstick, but these are really beautiful colours.

  8. This lipstick was made for you. I really adore the color, but I don’t think I could justify spending $60 for a lipstick right now.

  9. LNU

    Omgosh. All I did was scroll down, see it on your lips, and I thought WOW. Now theres a lipstick that might actually be worth the price.

  10. Linnea

    Love it. Going to have to save up for this one though!

  11. Ruby

    this color truly gave me that WOW factor but for $60 not sure i can get it lol

  12. This lipstick looks wonderful on you. I can only imagine how it would look on me since I don’t think I can pay $60 for one lipstick. I need to work harder on becoming rich and famous. Don’t worry guys, I’ll buy one for everyone!

  13. daphne

    That faceted look of the lipstick is amaaaazing. Not that I’m planning to anytime soon, but if you were to treat yourself to either an Extra Silky or an Extra Rich, which would you pick – purely on formula? (I know you get a lot more bang for your buck with the Extra Rich lipsticks, but I’m ignoring that for now.)

    • It’s a tough call. I’d probably say Extra Silky, because it’s a little more moisturizing and glossy (which I dig)… and I’m not 100% in love with any of the Extra Rich shades I’ve tried yet. I don’t think you’d go wrong either way, you know? Extra Rich is nice, since it’s a regular lipstick, you get .14 oz. which is wayyy more, and the feel and look are amazing.

      • daphne

        :) Cool! Some day I will spend a little time with this brand in person (I have mostly walked by the display in Saks and felt intimidated by the extra-hovery salespeople) and see if there’s one I want to save my makeup budget for some day.

        • How funny! There are NEVER any salespeople at the Cle de Peau counter at my Nordstrom, LOL!

          But if you do, you should also ask if they have any samples (sometimes they do) as well :)

  14. Aida

    Hi Christine, as usual, this color looks so good on you! I do have a question not related to this post in particular but noticed you have the most beautiful glow on your cheeks (near the nose) and down the middle of your nose itself…almost like a duochrome glow…noticed that for every face/lip photo posted. What product do you use to get that duochrome glow? I’m sure it’s different from the glow you use on your cheekbones and browbone, or is it? Thanks!

    • Hey Aida,

      It’s nothing, LOL! I don’t usually put any highlighting products on my nose at all. It’s… dare I say it? Natural? I suppose!

  15. Wow! All very pretty shades! I thought I broke things off with Cle de Peau a long time ago. I was addicted for a while years ago: skincare, makeup.. managed to ween myself to just the concealor but I feel tempted to see what CdP has been up to!

  16. Carrie

    Pretty color, but who can afford to pay $60 for one lipstick? That’s ridiculous. No lipstick is worth that amount.

  17. Ariane

    I love the color but too expensive for me

  18. That color is absolutely gorgeous on you. I’d rather buy two chanel lipsticks for the price of one of those :(

    Do you know of any comparable shades from other brands???

    I’ve been looking for that shade for a while, it’s just breath taking!!!

  19. SiaM

    They look so pigmented!!!! It looks really great!!! I had to save up to get my guerlain rouges, so I think I could do the same for these and find shades that I will love and feel glam, thanks for your advice.

  20. Victoria

    The shape of the lipstick bullet looks so odd LOL! How does it affect application?

  21. LizMarie

    I hate it when i see a lipstick swatch on your website that I just love and then find out it’s Cle de Peau :( so expensive. I would never forgive myself for spending that much money on a tube that I could lose so easily!

    I think I may just have dreams about this lip color though…any dupes or near dupes you can think of Christine?

  22. I am with everyone else- LOVE the color, HATE the price. I looked at the dupe list and there hasn’t been any entries for Cle de Peau yet. Maybe we could put out a cry for help duping this color?!

  23. mkdallas

    I just pulled the trigger on this after reading your review of T2 “Just Joey”. I purchased T4 “Calliope” and love it! It’s a perfect paler coral-tinged nude and the wear time is amazing. I fretted about the cost for several days before my curiousity got the better of me; these really are luxury lipsticks and worth the dough, if you are comfortable spending that much on a lipstick.

  24. inaya

    it’s just too expensive. $60 lipstick is where i draw the line

  25. farwaa

    I love the colour on you- you look gorgeous! I was wondering if there’s a dupe of this…like MAC perhaps? $60 is a bit much :\

  26. GORGEOUS.. but way outta my price range :[