Friday, March 11th, 2011

Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow
Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow

Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow

Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow ($45.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a pale, icy blue with a soft, frosted finish.  It applies really beautifully on the lid, because the pigmentation is decent and the texture very smooth.  The eyeshadow itself holds together incredibly well and doesn’t leave any fall out or powdery mess behind at all.

my thoughts on the formula: These feel like a buttery cream when applied, because they’re so soft, silky, and finely milled that they very nearly feel like a cream eyeshadow, even though they are most definitely a pressed powder. True to their claim, these eyeshadows do wear all day without a base, though I do prefer the security of a base myself (especially since I often pair it with other brands’ who don’t wear well without a base).

The Glossover


Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

These eyeshadows are undeniably expensive, and Cle de Peau is not a brand for everyone. Keep in mind that it is a luxury brand, and part of luxury is that not everyone can afford it, so the price completely reflects that. They are excellent eyeshadows, but they’re certainly more of a splurge item for many of us, including myself. Also worth pointing out is that I always compare value across similar brands--I am comparing Cle de Peau to other luxury brands.











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Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow
Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow

Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow
Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow

Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow
Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow

Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow
Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow

Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow
Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase #112? How much is it?

Saks, $45.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Bobbi Brown Iced Blue is a little whiter but similar. It also reminded me of NARS Unconditional Love, which is a cream eyeshadow, so it doesn't have the shimmer (nor the wear), while NARS Cleo seems closer but a little minty.

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38 thoughts on “Cle de Peau #112 Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Hilary♥

    Pretty packaging, CRAZY price and ordinary color – THUMBS DOWN.

  2. asl87

    Hey Christine,

    Thanks so much for this review. I recently got to play around with some CdP products and am in awe of their quality. I guess I have one comment/question for you. Whenever you review these “highest end” products you often say that it’s undeniably luxurious and not for anyone, but doesn’t there have to be a point at which it becomes just over the top? I’m all for luxury, but something that’s $45 for less than 2 grams is a bit ludicrous, not matter the quality.

    • It’s not for me to judge what someone wants to spend their money on, honestly :) I don’t know them, their lifestyle, or what else they buy, and it would surely be wrong to criticize someone for their purchase without knowing anything other than that one fact.

      What is over the top for one person is normal for another – I have readers who refuse to pay more than $5 for lipstick and others who regularly buy ones at $40-55.

  3. Mariella

    The colour isn’t for me but beyond that, I just won’t pay that for an eye shadow. It may be luxury brand but I don’t buy that pricing it out of most people’s budget so “the masses” can’t afford it is a good enough reason for such a ridiculous price. Very “let them eat cake-ish”.

  4. Rachael

    yikes! that pretty steep for an eye shadow…I purchased the Urban Decay naked pallett for a dollar less! I’d rather spend my money on multiple items.

  5. Steph

    This made me laugh because to me icy blue eyeshadow is so dated!

  6. Doesn’t look like this would be a flattering color on me. xP

  7. CeeBee

    So not a colour I can wear.

    That e/s applicator looks a a bit strange, though it’s hard to see properly. Looks like a massive poufy sponge with a flat tapering handle – did you use it to swatch with, Christine?

  8. Flavinha

    It costs $45 and cames with a sponge? oO

    • I KNOW! I’m always surprised when an eyeshadow from a better/ higher end/ etc… line comes with one of those horrible little things. Granted, I’ve seen ladies who can do their eyeshadow way better than I can using them, but I still hate those sponges.

    • My thoughts exactly =P

  9. Brandon

    I don’t see the big deal.

    If you got the money (and really very few people have the money to guy an eyeshadow this expensive) then go all out and buy yourself some CdP!

    Hell, if I had the money to I would! Maybe not this particular color, but if Christine’s description is spot on, I see the value in it. Ultra creamy texture that wears all day without a base? Sing me up =]

  10. Julia

    Nice color, but not my kind of shade. About the price, it’s weird– I’ve paid over $40 for a lipstick, but for some reason wouldn’t pay nearly that much for an eyeshadow or a blush. It just goes to show, we all have our own comfort zones when it comes to prices. Thanks for taking that into account Christine, and reviewing makeup on all ends of the price spectrum!

    • That’s exactly how I am :) I’m WAY WAY more likely to blow $50 on a lipstick or gloss than I am on an eyeshadow.

      • beautyaddict

        YES!!! esp since lipsticks you really notice texture, feel, scent etc

        I <3 lippie reviews lol

        more illamasqua, estee, BB, LM, korres? :-)

        oh and the new sephora one Bite

        • Vale

          I am at the total opposite side of the matter 😀 I would never spend so much for a lipstick… but e/s and palettes are my love ^^
          However, this colour says “old age, old age, old age” very loud! 😀

  11. beautyaddict

    I’ll stick to Shady Lady
    (instead of Questionable Pricing- hee!)

  12. Darlene

    I have to say I appreciate these reviews — NOT because I can conceive of paying $45 for a single eye shadow but because it gives me a moment to daydream about “if money were no object.” IF money were no object, I’d find a Saks (we don’t have one near me) and buy a Cle de Peau lipstick or whatever just for the heck of it… Sure, this color eyeshadow isn’t me (even if it were, say, a Revlon) but in day-dream world… they have more colors to choose from. :) So thanks Christine for these!

    • beautyaddict

      darlene I see your point but if I was going on a buying spree it would be more fun to spend big bucks on products worth it and I see nothing in this particular shadow to justify it. now def the sea turtles colors were gorgeous so that would be fun but IMO not fun at all wasting big bucks on a shadow that’s really not worth it. this shadow to me looks much too frosty especially for a blue. so it’s a combination of price and product appeal but price always matters even on slurges– or more so because I can reward a good company that treats customers well by buying a lot of products or their nicest ones or whatever. the consistency might be a ten but color, wearability, etc, seems very low on this shade. but thats just because my criteria are different from christine’s. nothing wrong with that. different taste=variety


    ::DISLIKE:: what the heck is up with the price tag! is it made with platinum?

  14. Impractical Packaging….how can one travel with 10 different colors?

  15. I used to buy single shadows of this brand when they were $17.00 each at .05 oz (same size as Urban Decay) about 5 years ago before they discontinue making them. I had to buy multiples of my favorites. These single shadows designed so that you can mix and match your favorites and put them together into a case of either 2 or 6 which I still own both. So it was reasonable back then. They were high quality without this price. That is why when something new comes out, it is always the best…because later on it is not the case….That is why I have six Urban Decay Naked Palettes with the pencil set for myself. Also, back then YSL was high quality 20 years ago..not anymore.

  16. Roxanne

    I have a feeling that even if I DID have the money for an eyeshadow like this, I would probably still try and find cheaper dupes. In fact, I have this exact colour from Ardenes (it’s like Claires) and it cost me a grand total of… 3 dollars! Yay!

    Maybe I’m just cheap. Or greedy because I’d rather spend 45 dollars on multiple products >:3

  17. Beth

    i love love cdp e/s. i have most of their quads. it’s pricey but i think its so worth it.

  18. Mel

    For $45 you should be able to snort it too. It looks like a very dupable color, as well.

  19. Brittany

    I like that “icey” blue look to it! But that color payoff…. no deal. lol The most expensive eyeshadows I own are Rock & Republic ($28)… some I paid full price for and others I got at a discount with they have the 50% off cosmetics deal…. but I must say that Rock & Republic eyeshadows are worth every penny because their color payoff is insane and the amount of product they give you is mind blowing… I don’t think I’d ever hit pan because it’s SO much product in the pan. lol <3

  20. niche

    i wouldn’t mind buying expensive eyeshadows if they are nice. I wish they would send you some more neutral colors to review so I can consider buying them. What if the other ones aren’t as nice? I’m sure they are but I rather have your review before laying down the cash.

  21. probably going to cost more now…due to the state of Japan is in now. :(

  22. wow just love it …. cute..<3

  23. Pleinair

    Hi Christine.

    Can NARS-Heart of glass be a dupe for this???

    Wish you a lovely day:)