Monday, January 10th, 2011

Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder
Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder

Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder

Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder ($35.00 for 1.2 oz.) looks so beautiful on the inside, it’s hard to believe that the insides did not make such a splash. Inside, there are gold “nuggets,” which are incredibly soft and delicate. Every time I opened this, there was a cloud of sparkly dust that hovered and spilled over the edges and on my desk.

I had presumed these would be more like Guerlain’s Meteorites, which are shimmering spheres that impart a soft, subtle shimmer-sheen glow–these produce a bronzy, glittery bonanza. It does impart an orange-toned bronze brown with chunky bronze and gold glitter. Even when buffed, the chunky glitter is hard to disguise. This looked absolutely disastrous on face, and I did not find it worked well for decolletage either. The only place that seemed to work so-so was on legs, but it still had to be really blended and buffed so it looked natural and used considerably more product per use than I’d like.

Given that it is supposed to be face and decolletage, going as far as using it on legs was more to see if it worked anywhere than something I’d use this as a go-to for. I can do shimmer, sheen, and even glitter; I’m not at all scared of glitter, and while I don’t need to wear it every day, I have no problem wearing even heavier glitter on face or cheeks or lips. But this powder goes beyond what I see even glitter fanatics wanting in a face/decolletage glitter.  I would also not recommend using the provided pouf unless you want to be a bronze sculpture — one pat packs far too much product!

The concept is nice but there needs to be serious improvement on execution in order to make it work.  I would have loved to see this impart a much subtler, softer micro-glitter or shimmer.

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  • Product: 10/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: This is a product that was beautiful in concept and dressed to impress in the beautiful filigreed canister, but the product itself just doesn’t work well in real life. It’s a mess to open but doesn’t work anywhere but legs–everywhere else is just too much. From Clarins, I would have expected something subtler and sophisticated.

WHERE TO BUY: Bloomingdale’s

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Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder
Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder

Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder
Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder

Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder
Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder

Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder
Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder

Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder
Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder

Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder
Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder

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80 thoughts on “Clarins Barocco Gold Shimmering Powder Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. WHOA. An F! Never seen that on here before :O It even looks like mouse poo in the jar, ick!

  2. ohh they looked so pretty …sad sad that are not good :(

  3. Lauren

    Those look like cat poo! I seriously had a heart attack when the window opened. Why is Christine posting canned cat poop? (I was just on a pet blog) lmao

  4. i think i might as well just put copper sparkle pigment on my face

  5. Ann Marie

    GROSS! What a mess! $35 for THAT? HA! Not in this lifetime. You are a lifesaver. Not that I would buy such silliness anyway, but I take your reviews to heart. PS: no one needs glittery, bronzey nonsense on their decolletage.

  6. I got the face palette and the eyeshadows, but never got this and I’m happy I didn’t because I would’ve never used it.

    • Especially since I know how much you love your Meteorites!! I totally thought this would be more like that, and it’s sooo not (which would be fine… if it was something different but still nice!).

      • Yeah, I generally like loose powder balls and they don’t have to be the same as Meteorites to work (I have Prescriptives and Paul & Joe blush/highlighter balls and they’re both lovely), but this is just not great. Shame, because it could’ve been so much better.

  7. Vicky

    Whoa, I also thought this was Clarin’s answer to meteorites, but no way… look at all the chunky glitter!

  8. Ani_BEE

    Other then the fact it doesn’t work, it look like sparkly dog food in the jar. >_<

  9. Moeko

    hahah an F product, i havent seen it in a while//

  10. courtney

    ugh looks extremely messy!

  11. Marcela

    Looks like my rabbit’s poop pellets…

  12. elise

    That’s too bad; I generally like Clarins’ makeup quality and expect better from them as well, but at least you’re honest, Christine :)
    Do you ever let the companies know your feedback about their products if they get an “F”, because you probably should let them know this–maybe you got a bad batch?

    • When I have time, I try to email brands’ links to posts I have done (for good or bad), but generally, I would say most brands follow the blog and will see it through that or a Google alert.

  13. Ariel

    Haha, I think this is the 1st F I’ve seen on this site! Thanks for being honest with your readers. :)

  14. Maybe this says more about me than the product, but it actually looks like glittery dog food to me! That would turn me off even without the bad review… I guess meteorite-format bronzer isn’t for me!

  15. Callen

    They really look like little poops…

  16. Julia

    What a shame! It looks lovely in the container. Swatched, not so much…

  17. divinem (Melissa)

    ROFL! I don’t think I’ve ever seen you give an F in the time I’ve been following you. Wow, must be pretty bad!

  18. eech, it looks extremely gritty!

  19. shah

    it’s probably for much darker skin tones..

  20. Sarah

    Who clicked the “Love it”-button? Please stand up, you 6!

  21. Lena

    Oh that is SO disappointing!
    Especially since the tin is so nice.

  22. Belinda

    Maybe it’s best used by someone with a darker skin tone? That packaging is pretty lousy, though. Imagine having to get all the glitter out of the fuzzy part.

  23. JoElla

    OMG those look like smaller pieces of that horrid BE rock bronzer!

  24. Flavinha

    I am afraid of this little rocks… oO

  25. Oh my god, what a mess! And those glitter particles are HUGE! *scared to death*

  26. Crystal

    This doesn’t look like something I’d expect from Clarins at all, it looks so dirty with the glitter spilling out of the neck of the container. This seems like something I’d expect from Urban Decay, à la Midnight Cowboy Rides Again. MCRA Meteorites – that’s something I’d love to see.

  27. eek an F! I’ve never seen such a thing!

  28. Hilary♥

    Ouch this is BAD!! Looks like… poop lol.

  29. carrie

    Just…no. I had the same thought about droppings. Why did no one at Clarins catch this?

  30. Good thing I read this before buying! Thank you, Christine! I actually like MAC Iridescent Powder in Bronze a lot better.

  31. That is… terrifying, lol.

  32. When you say glitter.. you have to twinkle like a star :)

  33. Isabella

    This looks so gorgeous but I agree on not knowing anyone who would put this on their face.

  34. Jazz

    I was hoping it would crumble very nicely and give a nice glow . LE SIGH

  35. What on earth is THAT? Mouse droppings with some glitter?

  36. Nina

    It looks like this crazy nut brittle my friend made for the holidays. At least that tasted good! Clarins, where’s your quality control?

    Actually, Christine, you were kind to give them an F. I say F- for no redeeming quality and making a mess on your desk!

  37. AnGeLwInGz

    Clarins introduces the Snooki collection….

  38. it looks like frosted bronze rabbit droppings and the payoff picture looks horrendous, what was clarins thinking, it looks a very messy product to me.

  39. Gina

    It looked so beautiful in the package, what happened?! Even blended it looks chunky and terrible.

  40. Savannah

    It looks like gold poo nuggets! Eww.

  41. Jeanie

    Maybe it would look like sparkly molten gold if you tried foiling it?

  42. Jennifer

    Can we give it a Z- ? That stuff looks scary ugly omg!

  43. Liz Mc

    Ick – it looks like a can of shiny rabbit poop.

  44. alex

    The swatched color looks a little like MAC’s Naked MSF to me…
    Maybe you could use it as an eyeshadow over a paint pot or with mixing medium? That’s how i use Naked…

  45. Jessi

    It reminds me of what a five year old would make if they were trying to make cosmetics. And with the same ingredients a five year old would have on hand too- craft glitter and orange dirt.

  46. Marina

    What were they thinking creating that golden goat poo?

  47. crazy_for_makeup

    Just by the swatch you can tell it is chunky (fall outs!) and messy, oh my!

  48. Julia

    Before I even read Christine’s review I knew this product wasn’t for me. Just like many of you girls, my first reaction was to think that it looked some unidentified animal dropping. Scary!! Not going near my face.

  49. Resa

    Wow. It looks like sh**! Looks like a good idea but obviously very poorly executed! Maybe for those going for a Jersey Shore-type Orange look.

  50. Jennifer

    The first thing that popped into my head, honestly, was the phrase “hot mess.” It’s a mess. Period.

  51. Vijaya

    Yuck. The outside looks nice, but the inside… Let’s just say if you’ve ever had a pet in the rodent family, you’ll know that it looks like someone rolled their little daily “gifts” in gold. Literally.

  52. yah…!! its result is not seem to be that good but outer box is too pretty…!!

  53. Amanda Enn

    An F? Wow, that product is really chunky though!

  54. i wish you would swatch this on your face so we could see how it looks on the face, glitter ball mess and all lol

  55. Laura

    Ahhh, glad I’m not the only one that thought the nuggets look like poo. Tis pretty sparkly poo though! LOL

  56. Joan

    I would have liked to see photos of this disaster on your face. XD

  57. Rozae

    Christine this is like the first “F” I’ve seen from you.

  58. I actually see this working for your face. ~

  59. Pat

    I just got it for $1 plus shipping $4 on ebay. I intend to use it a bit like an eye shadow or pigment over a paintpot. I wonder if it works and if it’s worth the $5…

  60. Emily

    so sad :( it would be great if this was a more affordable version for meteorites. They are sooo gorgeous, but $70?? i cant.

    ps– i could see me using this as like an eyecolor, or something, although, still not worth the $30.

  61. Selina

    Was wondering if you tried applying it with a big fluffy brush and if so did that work? I just ordered some off eBay and now read your review so am a little dismayed. My thought was summer evening out, with tan and a little sparkle on the shoulders. **sigh**