Monday, August 10th, 2009

Choose or Lose

When do you shower?

  • Evening (49%, 810 Votes)
  • Morning (40%, 669 Votes)
  • Afternoon (7%, 118 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (4%, 66 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,663

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63 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: When do you shower?

  1. Kat

    Morning & Evening

  2. Keri

    morning & evening

  3. Vanessa

    Morning & Evening! : )

  4. BrownEyes

    Morning and evening. If I’m home during the day and its muggy out, I’ll shower midday as well.

  5. Morning and evening- I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, so the hot water relaxes my sore muscles and joints.

  6. lizzclare

    Morning most of the time and soak in the tub evenings aswell 😀 love having clean hair cant stand dry shampoo as it makes my head really itchy and Id rather have clean hair than the natural oils caked in powder

    • JennInNJ

      LOL–I thought I was the ONLY person on Erath who showered at nght–that’s how we were raised and it stuck… I love getting into clean, crisp sheets all clean… and my hair is so much easier to style in the am when it is air-dried. If it is a super hot day or I work out/sweat a lot, I will shower 2X during the course of the day.

  7. Catherine

    Mostly before bed. My hair actually looks half decent if I sleep on it wet.

  8. I shower last thing at night before I go to bed, usually between midnight-1AM. My hair takes a long time to dry cause it’s very thick, so I shower late and let it dry overnight, so it’s dry and ready to style first thing in the morning.

  9. Vness_12

    AM and PM. I hate to going to bed without showering first.

  10. Iya

    morning(shower) and evening(bath), if its really hot i’ll take an afternoon shower as well.

  11. Hinahon

    I usually shower on mornings… Because it helps me to wake up properly and also because if it was hot at night i maybe have sweat all over my body so i like to start off totally clean. But sometimes when i know i really sweated during the day, i take another shower right after getting back home.

  12. trix

    morning then a quick dust off after my daily workout.

  13. rayne

    after i have breakfast/first meal. sometimes its in the morning, other times its in the afternoon.

  14. Mornings!! it’s the only way not to sleepwalk to work… zzzzzz I need it to wake up.

  15. cloudburst

    99.9% of the time at night, I’m not a morning person so prefer to shower at night so I can catch as many zzz’s as I can.

  16. I shower either morning or evening, it depends how tired I am at night.
    Exceptions: I always shower after swimming or getting sweaty (dancing/working out).

    & only showers. never baths.

  17. Kelli

    Depends on the day and my activities. I also like to alternate showers with luxurious baths filled with Victoria’s Secret Ooh Lala gel or other brands depending on my mood. I also make my own essential oil bath salts.

  18. If I’m going somewhere in the morning (like school) I shower at night. That way, my hair is dry and ready to style by the time I wake up. I also get more sleep this way :)

  19. I always shower every morning. However, I also shower after I work out, and sometimes I throw a shower or bath in at night to help me relax.

  20. Dancerwendy

    I always shower in the morning, and also after a workout during the day. I usually don’t shower at night unless I’m planning for a very early day…

  21. Kharina

    I too shower in the morning (hair and body) and then in the evening I wear a cap or hair net and shower again but only wash my body :)

  22. Ruth

    I shower multiple times a day

  23. Jae

    I usually shower in the mornings but lately since my son has been starting preschool, the mornings are too hectic so I shower at night. But, if it was a hot night and I end up waking up sweaty, I’m jumping in for a quick shower…hate to start my day feeling sticky!

  24. Anna

    Morning and Evening.

  25. In the morning to wake up +
    At night before bed because I live in a hot humid country, meaning we sweat a lot and if I do not shower…ewww, lol.

  26. Gina

    I shower both morning and evenings in the summer! Sometimes, I will shower in the afternoon as well! In the winter, I just shower at night!

  27. Roberta

    When i have to work I shower the night before but if its on the weekend i’ll shower in the morning. If i didn’t work work at 5:30am I would shower in the morning when I had to work too.

  28. Rio

    I shower in the morning. I often take a bath at night, but it’s not for cleansing, just relaxing. I shower again after workouts or after sweating a lot though.

  29. Bettina

    I rarely shower before work because I work at Starbucks and end up on bar in the morning rush so to have my wet hair up and already be getting filthy seems slightly pointless and then my workout so I shower in the evening on those days, but on my days off who knows I might do a morning shower or an afternoon shower.

  30. Ceci

    Mornings and evenings for me! Twice is nice, especially in humid NYC!

  31. Janelle

    Morning :) I hate washing my hair before bed – even if its dry when I go to sleep, I’ll wake up and it’ll be like anime hair.

  32. always twice a day, in the morning & evening..
    my country is so hot & humid,so you just have to shower twice or you will feel sticky & not comfy..

  33. Uhm… how can you shower twice? Doesn’t that dry out your skin and hair or something? Anyway, I shower in the morning. I have curly hair and if I sleep with it wet I absolutely cannot brush it or style it in the morning unless I want a dry tangled poof.

    And… it takes me about an hour and a half to lotion my entire body, face, brush my hair, put cream in it so it’s not a frizz, find clothes… so I mean if I showered twice most of my day would be gone.

    Srsly, how can you all shower twice?! So confusing to me!

    And yeah, my bedsheets can handle me going in to bed with a day’s worth of dirt, but I cannot start my day dirty and have everyone see me that way. Plus I sweat a ridiculous amount in my sleep so… I would wake up dirty, making it pointless to shower and awaken dirty.

    • Sarah

      I need a shower to help wake me up, and I also cannot stand the idea of going to work with night-sweat all over me. My hair also goes very limp when slept on.

      All this double showering is really weird to me too, these people must have very water-abundant cities…

      • Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Lol, my skin is already dry. It can’t handle that much water…! As for hair, like someone said – cannot wash it every other day even. My curly hair doesn’t allow for that – and I have an oily scalp. Go figure! :p

    • Vlcatko

      You do not have to wash your hair everytime you take a shower/bath 😉 I personally wash my hair every third day or so…

      I too take showers two times a day, and if I am feeling smelly in the afternoon, I take yet another shower ;D

      Good thing is my skin is not at all dry so even with multiple showers I do not have to worry too much about getting “flaky” – using moisturising showercremes and an occasional lotion here and there is enough for me :)

      Please excuse any bad spelling, not a native speaker and my spellchecker is on a strike right now ;P

    • sugarcrumb

      I shower at least twice a day too – its hot and humid in my country and i don’t want to stink up my bed with day and night sweat … ewww

      Well, a shower is what it is – using exfoliating or scrub gloves or just shower gel or whatever plus after shower moisturising, hair and what not; it doesnt take more than half an hour … really (and its not a shoddy job pls). We all have personal preferences and personalised routines that work for us.

  34. Meta

    I live in the driest state on the driest continent (South-Australia, Australia) and currently we are experiencing a drought, although we’re currently in winter and therefore get rain, it’s drier than a dingo’s whatsit during summer. So I shower once a day normally after a workout in the gym. If it’s really hot, then I normally just rinse off during the evening quickly.

    Just to give you guys a picture of how the drought is doing to our garden, DH and I don’t water our garden during summer, although if we’d wanted to we can but only on alternate days depending on the number of your house.

  35. Neela

    Depends on when I work. If I work mornings, I’ll shower in the evening. If I work afternoon/night, I will shower in the morning. If it’s my day off, usually not. Unless I soak in the tub for a bit in the afternoon.

  36. Nic

    Morning and evening. I have to wash my hair in the morning. I would love to wash it in the evening, but no matter what I do, after sleeping on it, it’s an unstyleable oily mess. So the only time I do that is if I’m getting up exceptionally early or if I’m up unusually late. The evening shower is probably not usually necessary, but it relaxes me and makes me feel more ready for bed (I often have a hard time falling asleep). Plus I just like feeling clean when I put on my pajamas. On days that I work out, I take my shower in the afternoon instead of in the evening.

  37. Sass

    Morning, evening and whenever I’m done working out.

  38. Katherine

    Morning and evening.

    I usually wash my hair in the morning and I feel more refreshed and awake. I shower again in the evening before going to bed, but I don’t wash my hair.. It grosses me out to go to bed at night when all the outside dust and dirt on me.

  39. Kate

    Morning and evening and sometimes in between.

  40. kelsey

    anytime. 😀
    one day i showered randomly at 4am;
    the next day i showered at night.

    i personally like showering in the afternoon.

  41. I shower in the evening for the most part. I find it hard to fall asleep if I feel hot and sweaty. Sometimes on really hot days I’ll shower mid-day, but I can’t do that on a regular basis else my skin gets dried out.

  42. Mikki

    Only in the evenings! I just prefer the evening. I like the idea of going clean and nice-smelling to bed… lol! And I’m not a morning-person so every minute I can stay in bed, I will.

  43. Carasforever

    Morning and Evening

  44. Angela

    I’m a bath person. I bathe both mornings and evenings.

  45. Nicci

    I’m also a bath person as well. I shower either after the gym which is at night or sometimes in the morning before work.

  46. Brittany

    I take showers at night.. i mean it all depends.. sometimes i take them in the morning but showers put me to bed so i can never take them in the morning.. ugh i hate mornings! lol

  47. jenny

    honestly, it depends on what im doing that day. if i work out in the morning, i obviously shower after my morning workout. if not, i shower at night. i prefer to shower at night because i like to sleep in and i find im too drowsy to shower in the morn. but i do it when i have to.

  48. I usually shower in the evening before I go to bed. Sometimes I shower in the morning and evening.

  49. AYHM

    This is a great question and I shower both mornings (to get me going) and at night (it just feels better in the bed). I read somewhere and my dermatologist has stated that Americans shower way too much – she stated that weekly we should use a combination of short showers, limited baths, and sponge baths. I have dry skin so you would think I would follow this but I love water.

  50. Saz

    I shower in the evening as Im 12 and dont sweat much + I wash my curly hair every evening

  51. karen

    mornings only.
    i used to do both
    but im too tired to dry my hair at night & it looks bad when i wake up so i shower again
    so whats the point

  52. I used to take just a morning shower everyday. Then I bought an Acrylic Shower, That’s when it went to morning and evening.

  53. Jaz x

    I shower or bathe in the evening because I cant stand going to sleep dirty and i wont be aable to sleep. In the morning i shower again but i dont wash my hair so then im fresh before i go to college.

  54. Dianna

    Any time of day! I lived in a dorm last year and got used to taking showers whenever they were free (we had 3 showers on our floor, one of which had only curtains but no door.. it was co-ed so that was a definite no-no unless you were crazy).