Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Choose or Lose

When do you do your makeup?

  • Morning (85%, 539 Votes)
  • Afternoon (6%, 39 Votes)
  • Evening (5%, 33 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (4%, 25 Votes)

Total Voters: 636

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15 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: When do you do your makeup?

  1. Faiza

    It really depends on what the occasion is, usually I do it anytime.

  2. I like doing my makeup right before I go out. So if I’m going to school, I do my makeup in the morning. If I’m not going anywhere until the afternoon, then that’s when I’ll get ready :)

  3. Kella

    I do my makeup right before I do go out, which can be any time of day.

  4. maddie

    before i go out( varies) and before i put my outfit on

  5. Quynh

    Before I go out…but…
    I only wear makeup on the weekend (unless i’m lazy) and during the week if I’m doing something that is important.

    I don’t wear makeup to school because I don’t want to give people the illusion of me being prettier than I am. What if they saw me everyday with makeup on looking flawless, and then one day they saw me without makeup, it’d be like “Whoa, what happened to her?”

    Other than that, I wear makeup when I feel like it.

  6. Nicole

    It depends.
    Usually I don’t wear makeup when I stay at home, except I want to try a new look or a new color. On a normal day, I do my makeup in the morning and redo it, when I go out in the evening.

  7. Skyler

    I almost always do my make-up in the morning because I work 5 days a week, but on weekends, I will do it right before I go out as well so it lasts longer. :)

  8. It varies on whether I feel like wearing makeup, when I have to leave the house, if I even have to leave the house, where I’m going, or when I get up.

  9. danielle

    i chose other because i put it on when i have to go somewhere or when i just want to try new color combinations.

  10. Rio

    I do my makeup when I get out of the shower. I’m a late sleeper, so it’s technically early afternoon. My morning though, so I voted morning. 😛

  11. I choose others because like a lot of people who had commented, I do my makeup before I go out! If it’s weekdays it will be morning because I gotta go work. But if I am heading for a party on Friday night, I will do my make up at night. For weekends, it’s afternoons!

  12. viv

    i do it whenever i need to go out… so for example if i’m at home all day on sunday but have to go out to dinner in the evening, then i’ll do it then. sometimes i don’t go out at all on a sunday and i won’t even bother changing out of my jammies :)

  13. Edda

    In the morning. If I’m going out in the evening I add more eye makeup and blush at least

  14. CeeBee

    I wear makeup to work so I always do it in the morning on weekdays before I get dressed.
    But if I’m going out somewhere special or to a party on the weekend, I’ll do it maybe an hour before I leave.

  15. Whitnee

    i put other. i do it whenever i’m going to go out, if i’m going to be wearing makeup, but i normally don’t wear any. only if it’s a special occassion (like if i’m going to see my boyfriend or his family: we’re long distance so any time i get to see him is a *special* occasion) or if i have some extra time for getting ready.