Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Choose or Lose

When do you curl your lashes?

  • Before mascara (61%, 427 Votes)
  • I don't curl! (30%, 209 Votes)
  • After mascara (9%, 66 Votes)

Total Voters: 702

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29 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: When do you curl your lashes?

  1. I ALWAYS curl my lashes! I have the typical asian lashes, straight, sparse, etc… I always thought if you curled them after, then you could pull your lashes out? I don’t have any to spare, lol!

    • Tammy, I’ve always thought the same thing! Something about putting mascara on, then curling them makes me feel like they’re more brittle and will break off. NOT a good look!

    • LOL! It isn’t good to do it afterwards, because your lashes are more susceptible to damage!

  2. My lashes are naturally curly, so I’ve never needed to do this.

    • Lindsay

      Lucky you!

      I curl befor and after…I heat up my curler with my blow dryer and it holds amazingly all day. I have never had my lashes break or rip out(and hopefully I never do!)

    • You’re so very lucky, Trisha! :)

  3. I curl before mascara as curling afterwards makes your lashes brittle and snap off!

  4. My lashes have a natural curl. Putting mascara on makes them curl even more! I suppose I am pretty lucky.

  5. i CURL BEFORE mASCARA as every one else do.


  6. Jenna

    I actually curl my lashes before and after mascara 😀 Use a mechanical one before mascara, and use a heated one after mascara. It retains the curl really well and looks really nice especially if you have asian lashes like me 😀

  7. ayat

    I only curl before cuz I am actually terrified that if I curl after mascara all my lashes will fall out!!

  8. claudia m.

    I used to heat up my curler too, and only before mascara. Since I got them permed I don’t have to do anything at all, just apply mascara and voila, I’m ready to bat my lashes all day long!

  9. Kell

    I bought an eyelash curler when I was young, in Jr. High… because I thought it was cool and I thought every girl was supposed to have one. Then I realized my lashes are already curled lol I thought everybody’s lashes were. Mine are super curly, and I’m thankful for it now, bc I know so many ppl use a curler. I saw on TV once that you can have them permed, which would be a great option for those who curl them. They stay curled for a long time too..

  10. Tania

    Just a couple months ago, my eyelash curler snapped and yanked half my eyelashes out =(
    Never ever touched one since that day

  11. Mary

    I always curl before applying mascara because the mascara that I use helps keep the curl in its place, otherwise with any exposure to water, my lashes just go back to what they were. Though I think all waterproof mascara’s help keep the curl.

  12. Jasmine

    I would be too scared to curl my eyelashes after mascara – they’d probably fall out! =/
    I definately curl before using mascara…that’s the way it should be!

  13. Lizzi

    i curl my lashes waaaaay before mascara. well, not waaay before, but it’s not right before either. i do the face, the shadow(s), curl, line, and then apply the mascara. lining after curling allows the curl to relax and look more natural. plus, no smudged eyeliner. 😀

    i never curl them afterward because the curl just looks too jagged.