Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Choose or Lose

If you could have your own makeup line, would you want to?

  • Oh, yeah! (70%, 708 Votes)
  • Maybe, I'm not sure... (21%, 209 Votes)
  • No way! (9%, 87 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,007

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30 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: If you could have your own makeup line, would you want to?

  1. Brittnie

    Maybe not a makeup line; trends and colors isn’t something that’s a strength of mine.

    A skincare line is a different story, though. I would love to have my own.

  2. I would like it, because I would love mixing the current trends with make-up!

  3. Redhead (hi)

    I’d love to create a makeup line combining the best of both high-end and drugstore cosmetics. Quality of high-end, price of drugstore (well not SO cheap – quality cosmetics costs more than Maybelline! Probably much cheaper than MAC but more expensive than, say, Covergirl), packaging of high-end, availability of drugstore.

  4. claudia

    No, MAC is nearly perfect !

  5. Tattoo Girl

    I would love too!! I know what I look for in a makeup and it is hard to find exactly what I want all the time. If I had my own line… no problems!! Same with shoes, clothes, and especially purses!!


    oh yes defo a range that would be quality but affordable but also for asian to dark skintonnes but expanding into other ranges like perfume etc x

  7. DevilishDoll

    I would want to have my own. But I would rather do my own lines for MAC, would need to do more than one because of all the items I would want to make and do repromotes of.

  8. Sasha B

    i would love to have my own line of makeup- that’s all i can imagine, really. it seems scary though, since MAC is so successful, but i have the name picked out along with the concept. i have always been a creative person and i love thinking of collections- i would also need to pbviously get along in the process of creating the product. and the packaging is the focus of my company (in my mind) :] but im still underaged, and i have school to worry about… and i need a job to get extra makeup to do for friends and take pictures and such… anyway, yes, i’d love my own makeup line :]

  9. aradhana

    yes…i’ve had a concept up my sleeve for some time…i think the difficult part for me is just the how to go about making it happen…especially formulas, since i don’t have any chemistry background!

  10. Sabrina Saffer

    Yeah definitely. That would be amazing. If I could, I would have 100 different makeup lines.

  11. Annie

    I’m the one “other” vote. Haha. I wouldn’t want to have a whole makeup line to manage, but I would love to collaborate with MAC for a collection! :)

  12. Janelle

    I’d love to have my own line, even though it would take SO much work and I’m a total perfectionist so it would take me forever to release products XD

  13. Lisa

    I would want a mix of MAC, Rock & Republic, and YSL!

  14. lisa

    Yup i would love too or at least be shareholder in one!

  15. Natalie

    I said ‘no’. I am happy with whatever great brands that are already out there – Shu, MUFE, MAC, UD, Dior etc. Unless I have something exceptional to offer (which I don’t lol), I would hate to have yet another mediore line, that will end up at CCO.

  16. Yes! Although MAC is pretty much perfect, but I could certainly go for lots of collaborating with them 😀 I have been known, in the past, to sketch out ideas for cosmetics lines and draw up packaging and name all the different shades… but then I go back to real life and play with my already-existing makeup :-p

  17. Ruth

    I would do it but I would only make lip products, sort of like Poppy Queen.

  18. I voted “oh yeah”. It is really hard work, but I hope one day to make it big! MAC and Estee Lauder Inc. make it look easy to consumers, but when you know what it takes, you see how hard it is to make a product that is not accepted yet (like eco-friendly and pigmented).

  19. Sass

    No. I’m just not interested in it. I’ll leave that to the professionals.

  20. Faith

    When I was 11 I vaguely planned out my own line of nail polishes, but now I don’t think having my own line sounds particularly appealing. I don’t think there’s anything new I could bring to the table. (Unless my involvement would strictly entail getting to name all of the new colors!)

  21. I would love to have my own makeup line someday. The dream that I have is to do a collaborating collection with MAC.

  22. Tehreem

    hey Christine…i would love it if u would answer this question….;)I dont think I have enough knowledge to have my own line…but u I would say def.!!

    • I would only want one if I had the money to really invest in it. I would want a full range of products with quality and expertise behind it. No mixing at home for me — I want experienced chemists and the like to stand behind the brand and leave no question about efficacy, quality, or legitimacy!

  23. Jas

    I would want my line to appeal to people of all types of skin tones and skin types, the products would be free of all skin nasties like parabens etc
    The quality would be good and the products would be affordable :)

  24. Miss_M

    I don’t know. There are already a ton of make-up brands out there…so if I would start my own brand, it has to stand out to attract peoples attention, which is really difficult nowadays.

  25. Nicole13

    Not a makeup line, but I would love to have a hair care line or skin care line.

  26. Totally – have a line of duochrome liners, lipsticks, and glosses (I so want more of these…and they’re hard to find). Then have a matte line. Then a shimmer one. Something that can appeal to everyone in different ways. I think one of the best parts would be naming all of the colors! :-) Like, I love how Kat Von D has named her colors – totally indicative of her!

  27. Tehreem


  28. Daisy

    I’m quite happy with what’s already out there so I don’t really think it’d be any use to start one of my own.

  29. I would love to have a makeup line of my own….i’m already planning one i have the name,products and everything