Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Choose or Lose

How often do you wear concealer?

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32 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: How often do you wear concealer?

  1. Christina

    i almost never use it. It used to be a daily thing, but now that I’m using Murad’s skincare system for acne, I don’t have to conceal red spots, and only very rarely does my undereye area get too dark or puffy.

  2. I only wear it if I need it — I apply my foundation first, and if something isn’t covering, I’ll dab a little concealer on to help cover it. Otherwise I hate using it, honestly.

  3. Ali

    I have terrible dark circles so I have to wear concealer all the time. I use Benefit’s Erase Paste and it works wonders!

  4. Meagan

    I have to wear it everyday but not for undereye circles. I usually wear it to cover some light scars I have.

  5. Erica

    Unfortunatlely every day for the undereye circle and any blemishes that mysteriously appear. Anyone try the MUFE concealer?

  6. I rarely wear concealer. I wear it on special occasions or when I have extra time. Most of the time, I’m just too lazy to wear it. I think my foundation covers enough so I normally don’t bother. The little scars that show through my foundation sort of gives a “natural” look too 😉

  7. Nicole13

    Nearly never.

  8. I never really conceal blemishes or dark spots – I don’t have too many problems in that area, but I do have medium dark circles and MAC’s Select MoistureCover concealer really helps me look about 10x happier to be awake.

  9. Jezi

    All I wear is concealer as a real ‘base’ make up. All I do is apply concealer with a fluffy brush to provide an airbrushed blended finish, and I use a concealer that is exactly my skin tone.

    I use a light concealer from MAC (Select Cover-up in NW 25), and top/set with a sheer pressed powder (Stila Sheer Pressed Powder in Medium), and that is my face pretty much. After that is just eye primer, blush, shadows, lipstick, etc.

    I always had the attitude with make up that it’s not a complete cover up, but rather it’s there to dull any glaringly obvious imperfections. So, all I do is just dull the redness, so that it looks even to my skin tone, and to dull under eye circles because I wear glasses.

  10. I have to wear it every time. I’ve had people ask if I hurt myself when I’ve forgotten to wear it, the undereye circles are so bad. And there’s nothing I can do about them, either. They’re hereditary. My father has them, as does my brother and myself. I use full strength tattoo-hiding opaque concealer. Now if only I could find a permanent solution… *le sigh*

  11. Sarah

    Every friggin’ day! It’s my lifeline. :)

  12. Kerry

    I’m the same as Megan, I have really bad hereditary under eye circles. So even if I wear nothing else on my face, I will ALWAYS put concealer on. I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager.
    The best concealer I’ve found is MAC StudioFix, which I mix with some eye cream and cover up with Benefit Powderflage.

  13. I use it everday now even if I feel as though I don’t really need it because I discovered Benefit Erase Paste so not only am I concealing under my eyes but I am brightening and I love to set it with the powderflage. I am all brightened up afterward and love the results. I am definitely doing a review on both soon. My new LOVES:)

  14. Wilcoa

    Really bad circles under the eyes so I have to use it everyday. Otherwise it’s just on occasion when I have a blemish to conceal :(

  15. binnie

    as ive been told i have good skin i dont need foundation conclear is a must for me esp around my nose area and for the odd spots but other than that i have good skin. so once i put on my conclear i use my MAC 165 brush to put loose powder or mac skinfinish in medium plus over it and then use face cream loving nivea visage natural beauty cream the new pink bottle as it reminds me of of strobe cream :) X

  16. Jannie

    Clinque has the best concealer. It comes in 3 different shades, light medium and dark and omg it hella works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Most days I’ll just skip foundation and just dab concealer on my under-eye circles. (: It’s a must for me. It’s my main face imperfection! :(

  18. Christy

    Just a bit for under eye circles and the sides of my nose. Some acne scars when very noticeable. Most days though, none at all.

  19. randi

    I am really insecure about my skin, so if its not on point I have to use it. But SFF has been a miracle for me, I don’t really need concealor anymore! And also the sun is hiding a lot of my imperfections!

  20. JerryDazzlepants

    Cant go without it, I have acne on my chin. Ive found that my skin doesnt improve when I dont wear makeup :(

  21. I have dark circles under my eyes, and no matter if I wear full-on makeup or not, I wear some of my foundation/concealer (BareEscentals) under my eyes!! (I’ve tried everything, but it turns out, I’m just so pale and thin skinned under my eyes all I can do is cover it up!)

  22. If I’m wearing makeup, I’m wearing concealer.

  23. I never use it for my skin because I’ll just prefer to wear foundation and not even bother covering up under my eyes or anything because I love looking more natural.

    What I DO use concealer for, is my lips. I always use concealer to blank out my lips to get a more concentrated color of the lipstick I use so that my natural lip color doesn’t make it darker.

  24. Rio

    Pretty much never. I tend to use it when I wear foundation, but I almost never wear that either. I just don’t need it too often. I only use it when I have a pimple or two, or if I didn’t sleep well, and I have dark under circles. I’d say I probably wear foundation and concealer once a month, tops. lol I selected never though.

  25. Helena

    I don’t even own concealer…never have!

  26. everytime ill be seen by other!:D
    house visitors
    midnight snacking
    u name it..:)
    makeup i cant live without!

  27. Courtney

    I wear it every day, or I will look like I got punched in the eye. I have really dark circles beneath my eyes and my eyelids are usually a bit red from allergies. I don’t usually use it anywhere else, unless I have some random pimple (what’s up, time of the month?).

  28. inuchan

    everytime i wear makeup, because i have dark circles so…^^

  29. Brittany

    I AM INLOVE with my concealer hahah, i wouldnt go out without it on, i think only becasue its instead of foundation, I cover up spots and redness and such and then a light bit of powder.
    i bought my first MAC blush today! long time in the making – just kept putting it off because of my other love, my bobbi brown lip and cheek pot rougez, perfect-ness in a jar! i got breath of plum, such a natural colour. oooo i will be back for more. they’re just so expensive $46!

  30. nope, i never wear concealer. i dont have any blemish or dark circles to cover yet & i never wear foundation either. pressed powder is good enough for my skin.

  31. Daisy

    Every single day I am so thankful that I found a great concealer that matches my skin tone! I used to be so annoyed by the endless pimples and red spots appearing on my face. I am quite pale so red spots really stand out (and take ages to disappear) Now with my concealer I’m red spot free all the time! Really one of the beauty products I couldn’t do without anymore.

  32. Nafeesa

    well i used to wear concealer only when i had some shooting going on.. not for everyday makeup.. but now i’ve bought Mac nc45 which the mac artists says my colour so i’m going to wear everyday from now on.. my foundation number is nc44..but i’m kinda confused what that mac artists said about the concealer number.. as far as i know that we should take 5 times lighter then the foundation we use.. so if you can guys pls help me with this ok..thanks..