Friday, November 14th, 2008

Choose or Lose

How often do you return beauty products?

  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (59%, 137 Votes)
  • Once a month (29%, 69 Votes)
  • Once every couple of weeks (8%, 18 Votes)
  • Once a week (4%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 234

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37 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: How often do you return beauty products?

  1. Anitacska

    Almost never. You can’t return opened or used make up in the UK.

  2. Amanda

    I’ve never returned a beauty product. If you return it they have to throw it out. What a waste. Our planet can’t support that. If I don’t want it I don’t buy it in the first place. It amazes me the casual attitude some people have towards returns.

    • Claudia m

      Sometimes it takes a few weeks or longer for your skin to have a bad reaction to a product. I don’t know many samples that last that long. Half of the stuff I try causes immediate (within hours) breakouts, some within days, and some work fine for a couple weeks, then completely irritate my skin.

      • Amanda

        I definitely agree, but I’m not talking about that side of it – I have many allergies and exceptionally sensitive skin (although still have been very careful – and probably lucky – and have not had to return anything based on that), I’m referring to the flippant way some people just buy and buy and then think “actually I don’t really like the texture/colour/application, I’m thinking about returning it and buying — instead” – you see it very often on YouTube amongst the makeup junkies there. I think that’s an extremely wasteful attitude and I just don’t respect that. I understand sometimes it’s out of our hands and we shouldn’t be penalized for that, if I bought an expensive product at the advice of a makeup artist who I had informed of my allergies and I had a reaction to it I would absolutely return it.

  3. Vee

    I really try not to, unless I was colour mismatched OR I had a reaction.

  4. I’ll only return things if they have a negative affect on me – if they made me break out or something. They use the metrics on returns to discover the goods/bads of certain products.

  5. Sheila

    I’ve never had to return a beauty product.

  6. Claudia m

    Being a bearer of sensitive skin, I do return products often. I feel so bad that I try them a couple more times to make sure it’s really not gonna work out, if it’s not pricey I give it away to fam or friends. If it is expensive, I exchange it for eyeshadows or something I will definitely use and that my skin will NOT reject. I used to think I wasn’t doing enough research, but no matter how many raving reviews or gold stars, it just depends on your OWN skin. =(

  7. Shannon

    I have never returned anything, but i am going to for the first time in a little bit. It was a gift but just not the right thing for me.

  8. Michelle

    I swear by samples, especially for skincare products because some things irritate my skin. I try not to buy things that I’m iffy about until I can try a sample first…if I can’t get a sample I’ll usually pass on the item.

  9. Kimberly

    I almost never return my items, the only time I return something is if I try it & I totally dislike, it just doesn’t deliver what I had expected, or if it causes a breakout or a allergic reaction.

  10. erica

    I try to return as little as possible to keep makeup prices down, as well as save money for me (driving to and from the stores, or in shipping)

    I extensively research a product before buying & try to make well informed choices!

    The last thing I returned was a Chanel DPC makeup that caused a rash on my skin. i think that’s a good reason to get my $55 back =)

  11. Nicole

    I returned a nail polish once, because I could not open it. It was uncomplicated. The sales woman told me that a customer put nailpolish on the seam of the bottle, and so it was impossible to open the polish, so I got another bottle.

    After that experience I try to open every bottel before I buy it. And I check every color, becaus a friend of mine got a wrong shade of MAC foundation in a correct labled box.

  12. Rio

    I’ve only returned makeup twice. I bought completely the wrong shades of foundation, and you can guess how that looked.

  13. I never return beauty products, I almost always have someone to take it off my hands.

  14. Vivian

    We can’t return any used cosmetics in Canada. However, I don’t really intend on returning things anyway. Even if I bought something I do not want – unused still and within 14 days – I found myself thinking “whatever, this might be helpful in the future” so I got stash of unused cosmtic right now as I’m trying to start on several of them. I’m just too stingy to shell out money for bus fare as I live far away. :(

  15. I never have! If I don’t like something I see if one of my sisters likes it or I throw it away.

  16. Rosie

    I never return beauty products. I always make sure I get what I’m expecting when it comes to beauty.

  17. cloudburst

    Only when I need to, which is maybe a few times in a year – although I had to return eyeshadow twice in one month at MAC because twice they gave me colours I didn’t ask for!

  18. kat

    The only time i returned a product was a paint pot that the lid wouldn’t come off. I tried everything and took it in just to ask them how to remove it and they said sometimes they get stuck and had to replace it with a new one…. so sad!

  19. Karen

    only once had a returned a product,
    was because the mascara was broken , n it came out in a big goop

  20. Whitney

    maybe once or twice…… I do a lot of research before I buy something otherwise it’s just handed to someone who will like it – my sister, my bestie, my mom…..

  21. Annika

    I always do a very thorough research beforehand on the internet before buying anything, so I know what to expect so I never have to return anything (I never actually have)! If I get tired of stuff I give them to friends or family, but now that I only buy Lush and MAC even that’s not likely to happen! Please people, don’t trash stuff! Sell, swap, give or donate… There are so many other options!

  22. Jenny

    I returned a foundation that the MUA matched me for. It looked really good under the crappy MAC store lighting, but in natural lighting.. it looked horrible. I asked for samples of different foundation to find a match and returned a few days later and bought the foundation I felt closely resembled my color. The other thing I’ve returned was a paint pot because I got it with the lid unscrewed and it was dried up! Weird, I know.

  23. Fie

    I never returned any beauty products. I usually give them away or sell them off if they don’t work for me.

  24. S.

    I almost never return…

    I try always to research something heavily before I buy…I’ll read up on it, look at swatches, etc.

    Since Sephora and almost all counters allow you to test/sample their products, I usually do so, to make sure I don’t have a reaction to it (oh, MAC Prep N Prime…what could have been!)

    As a result of sampling/testing, I almost never end up with a dud product. There has been the occasional time when I’ve changed my mind about a color, etc, but I usually sanitize it and give it to a friend or swap it away…I figure if it’s a color thing, it was my own darn fault!

    The only I can ever recall returning was a mascara…and I returned it because I knew I’d gotten a bad tube, as I had been wearing the formula for a year (so…3 tubes or so). I just exchanged it for another mascara of the same color and formulation :)

  25. I too live in the UK where you can’t return beauty products =[

  26. Catherine

    i work in make-up and it’s so annoying when someones comes to you and says well i don’t like ! grrrrrrrrrrr
    i get so mad because when you go to the grocery store and you buy something and you don’t like the taste of it you don’t return it right? i won’t name anyone but a blogger didnt like the smell of her mascara and wanted to exchange it with another one. So stupid… We work hard to sell make-up and the last thing you know is that they return it back. If you have an allergic reaction it’s another thing and i completely agree for exchange or refund. YOU HAVE A RESPONSABILITY WITH WHAT YOU BUY!!! that’s why there is testers! So you can see the colors!
    I’m so mad… lolllll

  27. claudia

    pretty much never! I think i have only returned three things in my whole life: a MUFE foundation that was making me break out, that weird heated eyelash curler that did nothing for me, and that MAC eyebrow gel because it made my eyebrows feel crunchy.

    i do purchase things on a whim, but they are not so spontaneous that I return them all…

  28. I return something if I buy it and it does not work for me. Sorry but I am not keeping a $60 Chanel foundation if the SA sold me the wrong color – know what I mean? I try to exchange though rather than return. Like if it is the wrong color I exchange it for the right color!

  29. Jaclyn

    i hardly ever return products. the last thing i returned was this powder foundation i bought, it didn’t make me break out but it didn’t cover anything, so it was pointless to use. i know people don’t like to return products because they will just throw them away, but if i hadn’t returned it, it would’ve been like throwing away the $30 i spent on it, and i couldn’t give it to anyone else because no one i know is as pale as me, haha.

  30. Carolina

    Never. I don’t even think we can where I live, anyway…

  31. Martha Urriola Hess

    I think in Austria you have 15 days to Change articles. But with make up and used I don

  32. Nicole

    Another note to Catherines comment about testers.

    I went to my perpumery some days ago, because I was going to buy a new face cream. So I asked the sales woman first for a sample and second for a small amount to test the cream, because I have very sensitive skin and I break out fast. The woman told me, that they were not allowed to bottle a small amount (about 3 ml) in a jar, because it is now forbitten by law and they do not have pre-made samples from this brand. I could test it in the shop (okay pretty good idea, when you are completly made up).
    I asked her why and she told me that they are instructed to sell full-size products with the possibility to return them, if the customers gets an allergic reaction.
    But honestly I don’t think that many customers use this chance to return a product because of an allergic reaction and better stash it in somewhere in the bathrooms and throw it away some weeks / months / years later.

    Okay so the companies have to throw the product away or maybe use it as a tester, because they can’t resell it followed by the consequences: prices raise up. Wonderfull for the customer.

    I would prefere pre-made samples or smaller sizes which last for about one or two weeks, because this will be cheaper for the company instead of wasing products an money.

    Same with parfumes. I like to test a fragrance two three times before I buy it, because after this testing period I can decide whether the fragrance suites me or not.

    I will in future just buy products from brands with a good customer service, means with the chance to test a product before I buy it.

  33. grace

    Never. I’ve never even heard of people returning beauty products. I agree with Amanda(comment 3). Our planet can’t support that. Plus I’m not really sure of the return policy in my country.