Monday, April 13th, 2009

Choose or Lose

How early do you like to hear about a new collection?

  • Whenever I can (53%, 440 Votes)
  • Month or so (22%, 179 Votes)
  • Two months (13%, 106 Votes)
  • Just a few weeks or less (12%, 101 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 829

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!

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15 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: How early do you like to hear about a new collection?

  1. AshBash

    i like to have enough time to plan my finances but i dont want to be waiting months in anticipation either.

  2. Anitacska

    I’m nosey and impatient, I want to know EVERYTHING and I want it NOW! 😉

  3. I love to know about new collections about two months in advance so I know what to get from a collection and plan how much that I’m going to spend.

  4. sprut6

    I like to know stuff whenever I can get it but I like the swatches to be right before the launch or at the beginning of the launch.

  5. ali

    as early as possible!

  6. I think about six weeks is good, because sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed with too much info about collections. I am thinking…ok, what do I need to prepare for? Oh, that is three months away. O.K. Now this one is coming up next week. It just gets crazy sometimes trying to keep up. Six weeks would be good. Thanks so much for asking:)

  7. binnie

    hiya! i think whenever you can its nice to here it 1st from your website! 😀 espcially as the collection always comes out sometimes a month after its realsed in the us in the uk


  8. Heather

    I like to hear about a collection at the earliest possible time but the downside is that I have to wait forever till it’s finally here.

  9. A few weeks for me is fine. To far in advance and I forget all about it until I see it in the stores.

  10. Aramis

    depends like if its a really big launch i wanna know ahead of time to start saving up. Like for the hello kitty i knew everything was going to be sold out asap. But if its a smaller launch a month ahead is good.
    Thanks Christine for always keeping up with the launches. =)

  11. I dont like to wait a few months, cos I hate waiting, so a couple of weeks might be nice. Ignorance is bliss. But I like to know whatever is coming my way too! Oh…. I am hard to please. LOL

  12. Valerie

    I like to know early so I have enough time to save up 😀

  13. Nanett

    I don’t like to know too early because I’m impatient.

  14. Catherine

    I definitely need to plan my finances so way in advance is helpful. Although, if it’s too far in advance, I could forget about it… though not likely, haha!