Friday, September 4th, 2009

Choose or Lose

How do you groom your brows?

  • Plucking/tweezing (63%, 878 Votes)
  • Threading (16%, 218 Votes)
  • Waxing (15%, 206 Votes)
  • Au natural (5%, 71 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,393

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40 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: How do you groom your brows?

  1. Caroline

    Plucing? lol

  2. kimijwashington

    I wax once a month then once or twice a week i pluck and razor and trim mine are very thick

  3. Roxanne

    I don’t have a lot left to tweeze after my latest visit to the hairdresser’s :( She cut a piece out of the middle my right brow and a piece from the end of my left brow… I do NOT like interns. In serious need of something to fill them up.

  4. I tweeze rogue hairs once a week and trim them using an eyebrow brush and cuticle scissors once a month.

  5. I clean with a brow blade lol…..shape with concealer and fill with eyebrow pencil

  6. Nadine

    I wax (myself) about every 6 weeks, but I tweeze inbetween. I wax to get all the fine small ones tweezers don’t get. I nice groomed brow really makes a difference in how you look!

  7. Dee

    I pluck, cut with cuticle scissors and get threading. Don’t really wanna do wax anymore and I haven’t for about 3 months now.

  8. Stefanie Anja

    I used to get them waxed, but I recently moved and the only salon that’s close to me offers plucking only. I’m really impressed with the lady’s plucking skills. I love the thin arched shape she gives me brows. The waxing ladies I used to go to never got it right like that.

    I pluck the occasional stray myself, but generally I go once a month to get them done.

  9. Alexis

    waxing is a must for me every 3wks or so. I am adamant about seeing the lady who does my eyebrows – if she goes on vacation I don’t wax till she’s at her nail shop. Last time I had someone else from that salon wax my brows, they hacked a good 1/3 of my brows off!

    I then tweeze stray hairs btw visits.

  10. lesleykat

    i have very fine eyebrows so i use the tiny little brow shavers. they’re so cute. it only lasts a couple of days but that’s okay.

  11. Nicci

    Wax. I don’t trust myself to use tweezers & I don’t really know how :)

  12. tremorviolet

    I used to pluck until I watched a couple of youtube videos on threading. It’s really not that hard, faster than tweezing, and you can easily get a nice straight line and all those little fine hairs on your upper eyelid that are hard to see to tweeze. Plus it’s really fun.

    • Jackie

      i attempted to thread them myself (i wanted something faster than tweezing) ..and after i got the hang of it, i guess i got cocky and wanted to speed it up like they do in the DIY youtube videos, my fingers slipped a bit and i ended up taking off way too much.. now i have a line in the middle of my left eyebrow, what a mess :(

  13. Kristin

    I trim the longest hairs. I don’t have too many strays, just very long eyebrow hairs that get out of the line.

  14. Meagan

    I used to wax but for someone reason I got paranoid and I was afraid the lady would wax them too much so I just started plucking them myself haha.

    • Kitson

      Its actually better for your skin to pluck instead of waxing. Waxing can cause your skin to sag prematurely.

  15. Maria

    I used to do threading, but the person who usually did my brows left D:, she was really good too. The current one made me look like a villian, so now I’m going to use eyebrow razors.

  16. Kajsa

    I pluck them most of the time, and when I feel (once every month or so) like it I thread them. All at home, no salon.

  17. Annie

    I personally pluck a little, but mostly use an eyebrow razor!!
    And all at home! =]

  18. I usually thread my brows, only if I have a lot of little hairs.
    If I’m lazy, I’ll tweeze them, so I won’t be lazy.
    And if I’m REALLLLY lazy, I’ll go get them waxed. LOL

  19. Kobie

    ohhh… threading is definitely the way fwd, have done plucking, waxing… but threading is the most precise! coming from a girl with a monobrow! :)

  20. rowan

    au naturel…they’re quite fair and nicely shaped. they could be perfect, but i can’t be bothered

  21. Kristine

    i get mine threaded once in 2-3 months..then after that i just follow it up with plucking/tweezing when the hair has grown back on my own….if i feel like the shape is not as neat that’s when i go back for threading.!

  22. shonn

    I pluck in between electrolysis treatments….even though i’m not supposed to.

  23. I only trust one person to wax my eyebrows, but she lives thousands of miles away from me and would cost thousands of dollars to get there. *sigh* If only I could have packed her in my luggage when I moved away. Now I just pluck. I did let it get thicker for a while because my eyebrows were borderline ghetto. LOL! But they’re back to their normal shape.

  24. Wilcoa

    Wax if I’m going to the salon to get it done – though I prefer threading if they do it. Plucking at home.

  25. I get mine waxed every 4-6 weeks. I go to the same girl every time and I love her. She always does a perfect job.

    My eyebrows are too thick and grow too fast to just sit at home and tweeze/pluck. I would have to spend like 30 minutes a week grooming them…

  26. Yvonne

    I loooove getting my eyebrows threaded. I get them done in a mall kiosk in the mall that I work at. The ladies there always do an excellent job, and its only $10. Its so much faster than trying to pluck them myself, and they can create a great looking brow much better than I can.

    • Stefh

      I agree 100% threading is the best hair removal technique for eyebrow shaping..but Ziba is way better than the Kiosk you get better service for the same price 😉

  27. Stefh

    Definately thread, threading,waxing,and plucking are not as precise! I work at Ziba so threading is a must; way better than waxing and plucking because it’s professionally done at a very affordable price and doesn’t take layers of skin like waxing…I get pefect arches in no more than 5 minutes, love it and would Never go back to plucking!!

    • Stefh

      Sorry meant to say waxing and plucking are not as precise*…that is because when you pluck they’re never exactly symmetrical and when you wax layers of your skin are taken as well as it promotes premature wrinkling (tugging your skin) etc.

      • Stefh

        it’s the leading industry in the Art of Threading,they do the best job at an affordable price & they’re at like every mall :)

  28. Kell

    I pluck every day, and trim every week or couple weeks.

  29. jess

    I used to pluck and sometimes go get them waxed, but now I’ve found threading and I’ll never turn back – it’s so precise, it doesn’t make me break out like waxing does and really hurts less than tweezing and waxing. My eyebrows have never looked better, too, and I have INTENSE eyebrows.

  30. Combination of brow shavers & tweezers.

  31. Sass

    Threading…my brows comes out beautiful!

  32. Bridgette

    I do threading and plucking. I used to get waxing until my sister got me into treading and never went back to the salon. I get my brows threaded every other week. And pluck on the weeks I dont get them threaded.

  33. Mary

    I bleach my dark brows because they are several shades darker than my natural hair color. I pluck anything I can see outside the shape of my brow and sometimes I’ll take a small razor to the fine baby hairs, especially the ones that go onto my upper lid area.

  34. Yaya

    I used to only wax. Then all the sudden, after years of waxing, my skin had a really bad reaction. It would turn bright red, like my skin ripped right off, then I would have big scabs. I’m glad I started plucking, it saves me so much money because my hair grew so fast an I had to wax at least every other week. Also, I do a much better at shaping than anyone who ever waxed them