Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Choose or Lose

How do you feel about MAC's Sugarsweet Collection?

  • It was okay - a few items caught my eye. (56%, 817 Votes)
  • I liked it quite a bit! (18%, 258 Votes)
  • I didn't like anything! (13%, 188 Votes)
  • I LOVED it! Totally my thing. (11%, 160 Votes)
  • I hated it! (3%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,460

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31 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: How do you feel about MAC’s Sugarsweet Collection?

  1. doozywhoop

    I thought I was going to LOVE this collection, but when I saw it in person, nothing really sparked my interest. All the tri-colour glosses apply as a similar colour, and the shadows aren’t anything too special. I am disappointed in the polishes, as I’ve read a lot of complaints about the formula applying unevenly.

    I guess after all that I really love the esthetic that they presented, but it’s nothing I couldn’t replicate with the MAC stuff I already have.

  2. Ashley

    I was really disappointed in the tri-colour glosses, they were not pigmented at all, and not worth it for the price!! i was really excited about saint germain and bubbles though, along with the red velvet shadestick and perfect topping msf. i liked the shadows, but they were pretty dupable i thought.

  3. I thought the glosses sucked.
    However, I liked the eye shadow shades.
    I really loved Sweet Thing lipstick, as well as several other lipsticks.
    The MSFs were pretty.
    The shadesticks are nice now that they’re in the new formula.
    I thought this was a pretty nice release from MAC.

  4. cmferrets

    i thought the e/s colors were meh, i dont own any of them so i got them , but nothing too special, i got pepermint patti nailpolish oinly b/c i dont have that color. i thought the shadesticks were alot smoother than past ones. i loved the lipsticks, but the lipglosses i thought were very gimicky and more expensive, but i have got to say i like the consistency better, b//c they are not really sticky like most lipglasses so thats why i got one in tasty. but the only part i didnt like about them that really makes me mad, is when i tried in on in the store, their was more color, and when i got home with mine their was hardly any, they shouldve changed the wand to the brush so u get more product on it(like i tried in store), or atleast the tube part.

  5. Macaddict

    Lately MAC has been releasing sub-standards (pigmentation-wise) products, especially with its l/g. The l/g from the HK collection and the Sugarsweet collections could have been so awesome! I don’t know what they are thinking… :(

  6. i knew lipglosses wer gona be crap…e/s are good, but not my colors. Shadesticks are lovely, revised formula is beter. MSF is neither to shimmery nor glittery. I find it too opaque, like it wud leave a ‘powdery’ kinda ‘residue’ while highlighting…in turn changing the shade of blush…(if any of this makes sense). I wonder hw to work wth it??

    • Kathryn


      A MUA at MAC showed me how to take a smaller brush and wet it and get the MSF on it and apply as a highliter and even up to brow bone. It was so pretty then. I got the lighter one. I hope this helps.

  7. Manda

    its strange.. when i first saw this collection.. i was in love with the name of it and the theme.. but nothing really peaked my interest.. just the shadesticks.. but it ended up being my favorite collection so far! i’ve made so many great looks with my shadows and shade sticks! and you made great looks too! i’ve used these products every day since i’ve gotten them.. definitely a pleasant surprise to me..

  8. tremorviolet

    I didn’t think I’d like this collection much at first but I wound up buying a lot: all the shadesticks except Cakeshop, all the lippies except the brown one, Dear Cupcake e/s, and Perfect Topping MSF. There were a lot of unique and interesting products and shades with this collection. I’m not a big lip gloss user so the disappointing tricolors didn’t bother me.

  9. vicky!

    i just really liked the nail polishes!

  10. DevilishDoll

    When I first heard about it, I was only interested in a couple things. But after seeing swatches and looks, I want most of the collection. Dear Cupcake, Club, Sugarshot, Aquavert, Lemon Chiffon, Penny, Cakeshop, Red Velvet, Butternutty, Lollipop Loving, Sweet Thing, Tasty, Simply Delicious, Refined and Perfect Topping. I have to settle with only getting about 6 or 7 items though, but I’ll still drool over all the rest.

  11. Haley

    i did like this collection, from the beginning, i was in love with st germain, but when i got it, i wasn’t very satisfied. i felt weird wearing it, it is super in your face pink! i got bubbles too, which i love!!! i wasn’t really taken by the eyeshadows but i bought two shadesticks, (lemon chiffon & cake shop) and i am totally satisfied with those. i love the colors!!! i was pretty disappointed with the tri color glosses, totally skipped those!! i got the msf perfect topping, and really love that! my first msf! yay!!! it was over all a pretty good collection!!!

  12. The only thing I liked was the Aquavert and the Dear Cupcake e/s.

  13. Kayc

    A few things that caught my eye were the eyeshadows (Aquavert, Dear Cupcake, Sugarshot) and the Lollipop Loving lipstick. Other than that I probably would have passed on this collection altogether.

  14. amy

    Im really liking all the spingy colors sooo cute I didn’t buy anything though :( but if I had extra money id deff get the shadows and shadesticks

  15. Angie

    I had mixed feelings about it and decided that I would have to go swatch for myself before I could make a decision. Overall, I ended up picking up lollipop loving lipstick (which I love, it’s so spring-y, just what i needed after a long winter), the cakeshop shadestick, which I loved swatched on my hand but don’t LOVE the way it applies on my eye, I find it doesn’t go on nearly as smoothly or evenly as it does swatched on the hand and the simply delicious gloss (i like it over lollipop loving and a few other l/s I own, not on it’s own way too sheer).

    I loved aquavert and stars and rockets eyeshadows but didn’t pick them up because I found that aquavert and warm chill, which I have from last year, are pretty close dupes. And I have a bare escentuals shadow that is basically the exact same colour as stars and rockets.

    The rest of the collection didn’t wow me but then again I’ve found that with the last few collections I generally end up liking one or two items and that’s it.

  16. Liana

    I felt it was okay, i bought 4 items from the collection. Loved red velvet and butternutty shadestick. The formula is often for a e/s primer Lasts All day! Also bought Saint germain (everytime i wear it i get compliments) and lollipop loving (such a unique colour that i missed buying last year!)

  17. Christy

    I like this collection. I liked the lipglosses, even though they were not very pigmented. I had intended to get all 5 lipglosses, but got Tasty, Just Dessert and Triple Yum. The MSF’s are gorgeous and work well as highlighters. I like Refined more so though, it works w/ my skin more. The eyeshadows were ok, mostly because I have Stars & Rockets and Club. Sugarshot was similar to so many other pale almost white/beige glittery shadows, easy to skip! I’m not interested in greens, so no Aquavert for me. I had to have Dear Cupcake, mostly because of the name, since I make cupcakes all of the time. I didn’t care for the shadesticks much, but maybe I’ll change my mind in a few weeks. I have so much nailpolish and I wear mostly pinks, purples and peaches. I loved Saint Germain (worn w/ Tasty l/g), Lollipop Loving and Sweet Thing though, they were too beautiful to pass up. =)

  18. Jody

    This collection has me sooo excited! I am loving everything I ordered. I got Aquavert eyeshadow, Bubbles and St Germain lipsticks. I have Perfect topping MSF on the way w/Cakeshop and Lemon chiffon shadesticks. I sooo wanted Peppermint Patty after seeing how awesome it looks on Christine but it is sold out. Thanks to Christine’s excellent review and swatches, there will be no returns on this Mac order!!

  19. rayne

    It’s “springy”, if that could be a word, haha. But I didn’t really like it. I’m more into golds/purples/neutrals. It’d be nice to see some newerish colours that have quads/trios & or lipstick for everyday wear.

  20. Rachael

    This collection was average. I’m really excited for the upcoming collections so I hope they deliver better than this one did!

  21. Tekoa

    I am so thrilled to have Aquavert. Like many, I found the glosses to be a dissapointment. Peppermint Patti has a good formula and colour.

  22. It was okay – a few items caught my eye.

    I’m very excited about Lollipop Loving & Perfect Topping MSF!

  23. Giselle G

    I will echo many people and say I felt it was a little bland. I was semi-excited for the collection…Mostly for the tri-colors and Pep Patti. The eyeshadow colors were ok..nothing special…I don’t really use MSF so that did not stick out either. I ended up getting a tri-color but was really disappointed because it had a doe foot and not a brush. The brush applicator in stores( for sample) makes it looks sooo much better. Pep Patti was sold out so I need to now wait for that to come around!

  24. Tanya

    my order from MAC has not arrived yet, so I can’t give my opinion yet :( soooo annoying, I thougth it would arrive Saturday or Monday…but its still not here!!

  25. Michelle

    The collection was decent. I really like the Perfect Topping MSF. I found out Dear Cupcake makes a great blush because it sucks as an eyeshadow. I want to purchase the shade sticks & polishes & then I’ll be done with this collection.

  26. The only thing that excited me was the shadesticks, I rely on those more than anything else. Oh the irony, I can’t buy any of the new ones. XD

  27. Nathalie

    As for now, this collection has not yet reached France (aren’t we always late??). At the moment, we’re right into Hello Kitty which was launched about 3 weeks ago. We didn’t have Cremeteam (although I wished to get “Creme in Your Coffee”!) and I don’t know if they plan to launch Sugarsweet on here. I’d love to see the “Lollipop Loving” lipstick.