Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Choose or Lose

Does your eye color determine what color eyeshadows you can wear?

  • No (72%, 464 Votes)
  • Yes (25%, 159 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (3%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 641

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13 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Does your eye color determine what color eyeshadows you can wear?

  1. teresa

    If making your blue eyes look the BLUEST they can be, then MAYBE! But, I think that eye color should not “outlaw” any colors. Skin tone, on the other hand, is more important in my opinion. Golds/yellows look good on me, but can make someone with a cool complexion look like they have the worst hangover in the world.

    Despite this, confidence wins. If you have the confidence to pull it off, you will.

  2. Amy

    My skin tone. There are a lot of eyeshadow colors (most) that I cannot wear because of my very very fair, red undertone complexion.

  3. Alessandra

    Eyecolor is really just a part in the whole, which is my overall coloring: hair, eyes, skin tone and even eyebrows. I still experimenting, but I do have a few “NO WAY!!” colors, such as some shades of purple, anything that even resembles terracota and greens that have a lot of yellow.

  4. Carmen

    I used to stay away from browns and golds, anything yellow or yellowish. I wore silver jewelry, black eyeliner and all my accessories were black, shoes, belts etc. I didn’t do it because anyone had told me, I just preferred that look.

    Now I know that those colors make me look harsh and I’ve learned that golds and particularly bronzes warm and soften my features.

    As for colors I like purples and deeper blues and soft pinks. I try to stay away from neons and anything too bright.

    I am latina with tan skin, dark brown eyes and hair.

  5. Lisa

    No way man! I think you can rock any colour you want to!

  6. mars

    I think anyone can wear any color but it has to be the right version of that color and the right placement. Pink for example can be pale, bright, icy, peachy, etc and if used properly looks amazing. Most people can’t wear it right next to the lash line without liner or it can make it look like they’ve been crying. But with a darker liner or in the crease it’s gorgeous. Eyecolor is very specific as well because there are so many variations of blues, greens and browns. The same purple won’t necessarily work on all green eyes in the same way. It’s important to look at all the undertones in the eyecolor and take into consideration hair color and skin tone.
    I wear every color under the sun and some are better than others on me but they all “work”

  7. Jenna

    My eyes are black! If you must judge by the colour wheel, I’d say black goes with anything. And in that case – the next problem would be my skin tone 😀

  8. Esmeralda

    I can’t wear baby pinks or blues for my life. Just looks horrid on me.

    Oh, and red eyeshadow. My favorite color is red, but red eyeshadow just makes the redness in my eyes more noticable. D:

  9. No skin tones do! I don’t suit silvery shimmers much =] x

  10. Katherine

    No, because I believe almost all eye colors can wear some variation of a color. If you think about how many variations there are of just the color “brown” – golden brown, grayish brown, blackish brown, reddish brown, etc. there are very few who can’t wear at least one brown depending on the undertones in the color.

  11. cloudburst

    I think your skin colour determines that more than the colour of your iris.

  12. Eva

    I am adding my voice to the chorus that it

  13. Whitney

    Luckily I have dark, dark brown eyes that can look black in low light so anything matches them which means I get to wear any color combo I want. I am jealous sometimes of blue and green eyed beauties but I get over it and have fun with my makeup collection.