Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Choose or Lose

Does packaging matter?

  • Yes (80%, 512 Votes)
  • No (20%, 126 Votes)

Total Voters: 638

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20 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Does packaging matter?

  1. I voted yes because to me usually it does.
    For example, I didn’t really like Heatherette colors… but I still wanted it (but luckily I kept it down to 1 thing)
    And I went NUTS for Antiquitease and what drew me in was the packaging.

    I had NOOOOOO interest in Neo Sci-Fi or Solar Field because of the orange yuck packaging, but I was in MAC for something else and happened to check it out and it was BOMB. I got most of it, but I almost missed out because I’m a packaging snob!

    By the way, I know people have been iffy about them.. but I LOVE my Solar Bits!

  2. viv

    Unfortunately, yes. It’s all part of marketing.
    Products that LOOK good usually SELL good.
    sighh.. and I am the type of people who like that… sadly. haha
    oh well. yes yes yes :]

  3. Shayla

    If we’re talking packaging as in the box the actual product comes in (like those bright orange Neo Sci-Fi boxes), packaging doesn’t matter to me. Actually, I kinda liked Neo Sci-Fi packaging…haha…

    Now, if we’re talking the container that the product comes in, such as a lipstick tube whose lid doesn’t stay on in my bag…*that’s* when packaging matters to me.

  4. DaniMae

    Just like viv said, it’s part of marketing. If I’ve already been exposed to something and I know what the product is and how it looks, I’ll probably care less about packaging because I already know the function. For most people walking by, they don’t know all there is to know about every product so companies have to catch the eye with packaging first.

  5. AmyLou

    I voted “no.”

    The only way a product would make me care about packaging would be whether it interfered with how the product worked. For example, I’ve read reviews of Revlon’s new mineral powder that say the bottle and brush are difficult to use the way it’s packaged together, and you can’t sub another brush.

    But other than that, I honestly don’t care. I will check out just about everything!

  6. Susanne

    I say no. I decide to buy the colors and shades, no matter how much I like or dislike the packaging. I bought a lot from Fafi although I didn’t like the stickers on the packaging. But most of the times I like MAC’s SE packaging, so there isn’t such a big problem for me.

  7. Calico

    I say yes, cos i like Neo Sci Fi colours, but i hate orange, and dont want my collection having lumo orange blobs in it…
    Also a package snob.. he he…

    but ito of plain or fancy,. i prefer simple clean packaging.

  8. Jennifer

    Yes AND no. Packaging that’s sleek, stays tight, and/or matches my personal style is always a draw. Packaging that’s shoddy, cheap, or ugly, even if I like the product inside, will generally make me go looking for a dupe elsewhere.

  9. shimmermoss

    when you say packaging, i hear functionality.
    i’m into minimalistic packaging, that’s why i hated antiquitease (unlike mary) and that’s why i’ll never buy udpp. so yes, it does matter for me… but in a different way.

  10. Val

    I said no….but it really is yes and no. If I really want a certain color…then nothing can stop me from getting it. BUt it’s the functionality of the packaging that really concerns me….loose lids, etc that really drive me crazy. I really want to buy the Fuschia Fix tinted lip conditioner, the only thing stopping me is I hate sticking my fingers into pots! I really wish they could make that in a tube!!

  11. Annie

    If I didnt like packaging, id save a lot more money buying wet n wild stuff.. instead- i get sucked in by big brands with droolingly luxurious packaging (ehm ehm chanel)!!

  12. Ashley

    Yes, I could have passed on Neo Sci-Fi but bought just for the LE packaging!

  13. Heather

    I voted no, but I can see where it would matter. I say no because if I like a color, I’m going to get it no matter the packaging. On the other hand – I might also get a color I’m so-so liking just because I love the packaging. Heatherette is a perfect example…since my name is Heather, I had to have practically everything, even though they weren’t my favorite colors :-)

  14. Cristina

    It’s cute to see unique packaging in LE items as it adds to its appeal.

    Sadly, some companies don’t consider packaging as much. Sometimes there are good products out there, but the packaging is frustrating. Example, you find a good blush for less than $5, but the lid breaks off the hinge :(

  15. Nell

    Packaging matters for me not only for its looks (although that is vital) but also whether it is ideal to keep a product stable and free of contamination. There are so many great moisturizers out there that would be great and are, but only as long as you donĀ“t open them. Jar packaging, besides being unsanitary, means immediate death for antioxidants and lots of other beneficial ingredients (e.g. Retinol). That makes me furious, because cosmetics companies deliberately compromise their products (for sure they know the same things and hopefully more than I do about chemistry) to sell more “beautiful” jars. Argh!

  16. Laudry

    I can’t help it… Even when I find a cheap product that’s totally superior, if the packaging is clunky, or cheap-LOOKING, I just don’t enjoy using it as much. Using something in attractive packaging just makes me feel more like I’m making myself beautiful, illogical as that is.

    On the other hand, I HATE & am often stubborn about buying some of the more out-there designs, which are very often used by some of the highest-priced lines – like lipstick or gloss with weird balls on the ends, or perfume bottles that won’t stand up, etc.

  17. With all the issues on stability and sanitary cosmetic packaging does count. However; I still wish they’d make beautiful containers with the stability that is needed. The Prescriptives line makes my favorite foundation and some of my other favorite products. Although they are perfect for stability, they are the ugliest bottles in the world. I wish cosmetic companies would blend the two together. I buy them because they work, but they sure look awful in my bag.

  18. I like when something has pretty packaging.

  19. Tanya

    yes. when purchasing a product packaging does play a big role in my final decision.

    eg: I probably wouldn’t have bought so much from heatherette if there was not gorgeus bright pink packaging.

    i’m not sure if i’m in the minority here, but sometimes I skip collections if there is no special packaging – take naughty nauticals…if there was a LE nautical themed packaging I sure would of got some lipsticks and lustre glasses lol. I have found it is much easier to coax myself out of buying products (especially mac) if they are in the uniform black containers/canisters.

    Although functionality does play a part and colour preference does creep in (sometimes, lol). but this is not always a bad thing…I would have never discovered electro if it hadn’t been for the LE orange tube. (yes, i know its a marketing scam……but its just soooo pretty!!!)

    • pkkizz

      i voted yes but depening on what product it is, for example i bought many perfumes but i dont use some them as much as the one i stick with because their scents are ok and sweet but the main reason is they have amazing bottle designs. for products such as furniture or stationery i just dont care about packaging at all.