Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Choose or Lose

Do you wash your face everyday? (Be honest!)

  • Yes, of course! (72%, 582 Votes)
  • No, I know I should, but... (14%, 116 Votes)
  • Most of the time! I'm pretty good--really! (13%, 108 Votes)

Total Voters: 806

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46 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you wash your face everyday? (Be honest!)

  1. micex

    I’ve always had acne problems, so I take good care of my skin. I wash my face twice a day, apply various anti-pimple creams and sunblock and always wash my face before bed. (Except sometimes if I don’t sleep at my place)

    • MiNSUE

      I have the same problem. So I wash my face twice a day as well. If I don’t my face just feels dirty.

  2. Yes, of course! But not necessarily because I know it’s good (I’ve always been blessed with clear skin, regardless), but I just think it feels good to go to bed with a clean face.

  3. Nope. I’ve never needed to. I’ve never had acne. I never even use to wash my makeup off (although I do that about half the time.)

    BUT…now I’m starting to get zits. I looked up acne and many reputable sources say that the amount you wash your face has nothing to do with the zits you have, or the lack thereof. It’s an infection in your pores that has nothing to do with dirt.

    So, I hope that’s true, because I really don’t want to start washing my face every day.

    • rosa

      Eh, regardless of zits, you should at least wash off your makeup–it can’t be good just sitting there, you know?

    • dominique

      i dont where face make up just eyeliner and only goes on in he morning so i dont wash my face every day but when i do i like the st. ives. i have good skin

  4. kellie

    I use cetaphil everyday to wash my face. I have been using this stuff for probably 10 years. It’s nice and gentle and suprisingly gets off all my eye make-up.

  5. dee

    Well…I’ve got those lazy weekends where I don’t do anything(anything! it’s kinda gross I admit) But on a regular day to day I’ll use some kinda cleanser on my face in the shower. After I get home from a days worth of make-up I just use the wipes and leave it at that.

  6. michelle

    I wash my face at least once a day. Usually once at night, before bed. And then again, in the morning. But morning wash is alot softer, just to get any oil that accumulated in the night. Maybe once every two weeks, I’ll have a night where I fall asleep first, but its a rarity. I must admit, however, I did not become good about taking care of my skin until I started to see signs of age. Nothing drastic, but it was enough to scare me into caring for it. Moisturize,moisturize & undereye creme!!

  7. Kella

    Everyday, atleast twice, usually more (when I’m not wearing makeup, around home). I can’t imagine NOT washing my face, ew.. that’s just bad hygiene.

  8. shimmermoss

    of course! twice a day, morning and evening!

  9. viv

    yes! definitely. no make up will look good on bad skin 😛

  10. Sounf Of Vision

    I wasn’t much of a fan before, but then I got nice facial wash and started doing it regularly. I got Avon’s White Tea facial wash and now I got Lush’s Angels on Bare skin…mmmm, amazing!!!

  11. Brandi

    I wash my face at least every morning. And I’m trying to get good about washing every night. I can’t imagine not washing my face at least once a day! It’s so grimy. Plus, you wash your hands every day and see how dirty they get? All of that pollution and dirt is just building up.

  12. lala

    omg like 3x a day …cetaphil cleansar …clinique toner…garnier moisture lotion 😉

  13. HeavenLeiBlu

    Ugh, that’s like asking if you bathe otherwise every day. Of course I do! However, I don’t think of it as a separate task from bathing the rest of my body. it all gets done at once, unless I’m playing in makeup. That’s the only other time I was my face apart from bathing.

  14. Vee

    Twice a day – morning and night!

  15. Rubi

    Have to twice a day, my skin will break out horribly if I don’t stick to my religious washing. Mornings I use Murad pimple gel cleanser, Murad spf eye cream, PTR environmental protection serum, then Hope in a Bottle pimple cream. Night time I use PTR glycolic acid wash, PTR glycolic acid serum, and more HIB pimple cream…

  16. Rubi

    I have been wanting to ask, has anyone used the Clarisonic Brush Cleaner (they sell it at sephora)? I have been tempted to buy it but not sure if it hurts and also if it is worth the money.



  18. I have to! Morning is a gentle cleansing…but at night I have to remove all the make up off my face or I will break out the next day!

  19. Robin

    I LOVE washing my face at night- I get all the grub and stress off from the day. I feel so clean and refreshed and I know that my skin thanks me for the slab of moisturizer i slather on afterwards!

  20. Robin

    One more comment– i don’t understand girls who don’t wash there faces at night– and they wonder why they have bad skin!

  21. I try to wash my face twice a day because it makes me feel clean. I might get a little lazy at night if I’m really tired, but I wash it at least once a day.


  22. Kat

    Quite often, 3 times a day. Once in the shower with Estee Lauder Sparkling Clean face wash, once after work with Body Shop tea tree and mint, for that “got home, get rid of work stress” clean feeling. And once before bed with one of the above cleansers, depending on how icky I feel by the time I want to go to bed. I find if I don’t wash my face before bed my pillow doesn’t stay as fresh for as long and I get more breakouts.

    If I’m not going to be at home I take facewipes with me, I like Bodyshop tea tree ones.

    I’m really funny about keeping my face grease free just because I have always had bad acne.

  23. kim

    i used to almost never wash my face, but i do it every day now and i haven’t gotten a zit in two weeks! :]

  24. Jennifer

    I ALWAYS wash my face in the morning, and then again in the evening before bed. Sometimes if I’m taking my makeup off mid-day, I’ll wash my face then too. I make sure to moisturize afterwards, and apply sunblock in the morning as well. It’s just like brushing my teeth – keep teeth clean, keep skin clean. It just follows…

  25. sara

    i always do it at least once a day, though sometimes i forget to do like super late at night

  26. rosa

    I’m so confused… do people usually not wash their face morning and night? Lol. I guess I didn’t at night before but now, with makeup.. But for those of you who don’t wash–doesn’t your skin feel gross in the morning? Maybe it’s just a habit for me, haha.

  27. aina

    I ALWAYS wash my face! morning and night… it just good hygiene. i think everyone should wash their faces even if they dont get break outs, its just gross going to sleep with a dirty face.

  28. Kristine

    Always! Cleanser, toner and moisturizer + eye cream, every morning and evening :)

  29. Tasha

    I wash my face twice a day always apart from in the morning when i dont leave the house, then its nights only. If im out the house for a split second I wash my face. Its weird but when i dont remove my make up at night, my skin is clear in the morning! I’m not a zit person, more of a dry-round-the mouth-area, other than that my skins pretty good.

  30. angela

    I have dry skin, so I use Jergen’s Face Cream at night to take off my makeup…it takes off all my makeup, dirt, etc, and makes my skin so soft! and it’s pink and smells awesome, and comes in a GIANT tub for like 3 bucks!! it’s my face secret.

  31. Rose

    not even wash face in the morning?

    i wash twice a day.

  32. Um yeah sometimes I don’t… I know thats gross lol

  33. Neena

    I try to but shoot I have an 8 week old daughter and sometimes I don’t get much time to do anything… I do get to brush my teeth though!!! But when I do wash my face I use Proactive and for a moisturizer I use Clean and Clear Oxegenating something or other!

  34. Jenna

    I exercise a lot, which definitely makes me perspire. Couldn’t live without washing my face everyday – unless I’m sick and in bed the whole day 😉

  35. Zsofi

    Face washing is a part of my morning,mid-day and evening ritual :-)
    since i love trying out new face products all the time,sometimes i wash my face even 4-5 times aday,and it always feels good afterwards.
    i would feel bad if i couldnt do my ritual.
    i tried many things,Neutrogena,Proactiv,Dior,Clean&Clear, Clinique….. and so on….
    all brands do good products,anything You chose,do it regularly :-)

  36. i wash my face every night and morning
    its so important to me i would hate to have acne again.
    i use PURPOSE by jhonson jhonson and I highly recomend it. its really good i also use retin a micro it has to be perscribed but yeah most people have no idea how much oil gets on ur face while u sleep. SO WASH YOUR FACE!!!

  37. kelsey

    for some people you dont need to wash your face with face wash. most face washes have soap in them anyway and that can cause dryness and irritation. if you shower every day and you scrub your face in the shower with your hands that cleanses your face and gets rid of the dead skin cells. the best way to wash your face anyways is use your hands because wash cloths can have bacteria in them….
    on the contrary, i recently have been breaking out due to my recently dry skin.. i think its the birth control actually
    but i can’t find a lotion that is NOT greasy that can prevent my skin from acne.. when i lose sleep i also notice my skin feels like its building up the acne… any helpers.

    my skin is pretty healthy and i dont usually break out but i notice it can become really dry and irritated.

  38. selma

    honestly i wash my face every hour when im in the house 😀