Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Choose or Lose

Do you use a separate eye cream?

  • Yes (49%, 429 Votes)
  • No (32%, 280 Votes)
  • Sometimes (18%, 158 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 869

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24 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you use a separate eye cream?

  1. ..amy..

    No just one face cream all over but lately I’ve been lazy even ith that and its showing for almost a week now the area uner my eyes has been getting very dry eek!! Anyone have any good suggestions for a pocket friendly face/eye cream??

  2. Wilcoa

    I only use a separate eye cream when the condition of the skin around my eyes is really bad. In that case I’ll usually buy one from clinique or biotherm.

  3. MizSusann

    I’ve been using one since I was 17, all brands, from Kinerase to drugstore products. It’s paid off, I’m 47 and have no crow’s feet. I’m also religious about wearing sunglasses and hats when out in the sun, don’t want to squint and negate the purpose of wearing eye cream.

  4. loveandkiwi

    sometimes… since i can’t find a good eye cream yet=(

  5. Ilaria

    I’ve just started wearing shiseido’s eye cream the one that should lighten the dark circles… let’s hope so!

  6. What? Girl, I use two – one for day and one for night! I’m only 18 but just like MizSusann, I’ll be in my 40s and 50s laughing at everyone who waited too late to start a good skincare regimen. ;D

    • Nathalie

      The skincare regimen is not the same for everyone. I’ve started to use eye cream again last year because I thought it was good for me to do so but using eye creams makes my under-eyes very puffy, heavy and painful (yeah I know, it’s weird). I tried 3 different creams last year, all got the same puffiness effect. I doubt it was the wanted effect. So I stopped everything and my eyes are feeling better now.

      I remember having bought an anti-puffiness eye cream when I was 22 and the same thing already happened back then. Yet, I always choose stuff adapted to my skin type. Or maybe didn’t I find the good one? But I don’t want to spend all my money trying creams I’ll trash at the end. So on the morning and the evening, I simply apply cornflower water compresses. It feels good. I probably will have wrinkles at 50 but actually I prefer that rather than dealing with an ugly and uncomfortable puffiness all my life.

      • Although I’m not sure if my comment required that type of response – it was meant to be recieved in a joking sort of manner – if you read my blog you’ll see why I have to use eye creams:


        • Nathalie

          I know it didn’t call this but your comment (which I liked!) reminded me of my bad eye cream experience because I have always associated eyecream with a wrinkleless future but it just doesn’t work for me and make the wrong effect! 😀

          Thank you for the link! I’m always interested to read!

        • Nathalie

          That’s terrific, girl! :( Allergies suck. Overall when they come from nothing you can control. Allergies on my eyes resume on eczema all around the eyes which can be calmed down (happily I’ll say) and nothing makes me puff except for creams which I can avoid! Not sure I can find the cream you found good in my country but I’ll read your blog more. :)

  7. Filipa

    Yes! And everyone should not only for to prevent rinkles but also to prevent milis those white cists around eyes that can aprear among other reasons due to the use of very rich creams. All about eyes from clinique is a very good choise because it’s a gel 😉

    • Wow, really? I didn’t know you could get those on the eye area – I’ve learned something new today! Do you find the gel to be as moisturizing as a typical cream would be?

  8. aradhana

    i use an eye cream from dr.hauschka…it smells nice, its totally natural and its lip friendly too, so sometimes i use it instead of lip balm.

  9. I try to use a separate eye cream but usually forget or I’m in such a hurry in the morning to get ready I skip it…BUT when I do remember, I use Luminessence Eye Cream by Aubrey Organics. It works well and even helps your eye make up adhere better. The best part is that it is natural and organic. You don’t have yo worry about chemicals seeping into the delicate eye area.

  10. Simply

    I love the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream. Once it sinks into my skin, the area just feels so smooth. I was actually looking for a different one at Sephora but the SA recommended the All About Eyes one to me, and I’m so glad that he did,he’s a life-saver!

  11. christy

    i always use an eye cream day and night, but i use the same one. i use chanel’s sublimage serum first and then natura bisse’s extreme eye cream on top of that and my eye lids always feel velvety smooth. i love them!

  12. HoneyBrown1976

    I don’t use eye cream at all as I don’t need it.

  13. Jody

    I dont use a separate eye cream. I use Paula’s Choice Hydrating Treatment cream as a moisturizing and an eye cream. This cream is unbelievably moisturizing and I only use it on areas of my face that I need it.

  14. I use an eye cream everyday. I use a philosophy one. Its great.

  15. inuchan

    When I am not to lazy, I apply Nivea eye cream. Just for the moisturizing and cooling effect, when my skin feels itchy. Not sure it will have any effect as an anti-wrinkle though

  16. landwhale

    Some ppl say you dont need to use a separate eye cream, but since i have acne prone cobination skin, I really need a lighter moisturizer and a heavier eye cream.

  17. I use a variety of ones for day that reduce puffy eyes, but my fav for night is Mario Badescu Glycolic. It is incredibly moisturizing.

  18. I use an eye serum – I have no wrinkles, my skin is smooth – it even smooths out my upper lids, which used to be bumpier. It doesn’t work for -=reduction=- of the heavy upper lids…but, eh. I’m good.