Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Choose or Lose

Do you think you can only wear certain colors?

  • Yes, I have to avoid some colors (61%, 640 Votes)
  • No way, I can wear them all! (38%, 403 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,054

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33 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you think you can only wear certain colors?

  1. I have yellow undertones so I feel like all greens make me look sickly… :\ So I try to avoid greens now and I sure did a few looks using different sorts of greens but it’s always that same strange sickly look. And blues! I love them… and yet I can *never* get them to work. It looks too strange on me.

    Colors like pinks and purples, silvers – those look amazing on me! 😀

  2. I absolutely stay away from pastel, neon, bright colors. I’m medium/tan/dark skin. I mostly use jewel-tone, earth tone, & neutral colors!

  3. I have bright red hair and pale skin (NW15) so I’m always afraid to wear very light, pink lipsticks. Or anything pink in general — blush, eyeshadow, etc. I also avoid any kind of yellow-toned greens too, such as: Bitter, half of NARS Rated R duo etc unless I can cool them down with another colour.

    I finally branched out of my comfort zone and just purchased Well Dressed blush though. It’ll be my first official pink blush, since I always stayed close to peach or apricot/corals before.

    .. and though I seriously doubt I could pull off St. Germain or Snob (YIKES!), I’ll probably swatch it this time in store for the heck of it!.

    I just discovered I’m actually finally comfortable in deeper blue eyeshadow (all blue e/s looked like it was from the 60s to me!), once I discovered Deep Truth and others.

  4. Jadelyn

    I haven’t come across anything I just *can’t* wear…mostly because I don’t know HOW to wear colors, so I’m scared to try anything new. So it’s less that I can’t and more than I won’t cause I think I’ll look silly or something.

    Which is, of course, why I read this blog, because I’d *like* to use color someday…

  5. For me, I put that I could wear them all, but really it depends on what you mean by colors. I feel that I can wear any color eyeshadow under the sun and pull it off. Lip colors on the other hand…very different story! I think cool-toned pinks aren’t good on me. Doesn’t mean I don’t still try though :-) Fusha is tough for me to wear too.

  6. sprut6

    Yes, I look disgusting in nudes.

  7. Miss_M

    I’m a fair blonde with pink/red undertones and green eyes and I have to stay away from colors like yellow, fuchsia, orange, red and dark brown and blue. I usually stick to more neutral colors like beige, peach, pink, mauve and grey/silver, colors that are always failproof.

  8. The one color that anyone can wear is coral or peach….

  9. I’m a light brunette NC30. I stay away from pastels, neons and super brights. I like colors though, I just wear them less than the others. I tend to gravitate toward browns,beiges blues, purples and grays.

  10. Ali

    I tend to stay away from hot colors on my eyes, like yellow, orange, and red. They make me look sick. I also tend to have dark circles under my eyes (thanks Mom! lol) so combined with those colors they just look horrible. I stick with mostly blues, greens, purples, metallics, or nude colors. Very few pinks work on me, too. I mostly wear pink blushes, though, because I have pink undertones to my skin and they work great.

  11. TJ

    I am pretty open with colors. Sometimes I have to put thought into them (where to use them and what other colors to use with them), as I have dark skin.

  12. Natalie

    Until last year, I wore no brown/neutral shades on my eyes, because they just looked poop color to me. Then I learnt you can do so much with the neutral colors, now I wear less of bright colors! I wear anything though.. It is all in the fun trying out everything. I play with anything and wear everything lol.

  13. Brie

    I can safely say as an artist that given color theory – as it applies to just about everything – there are few people in the world who look good in EVERY color. They may THINK they do lol. Such is the nature of it, we all have colors which are unflattering to our skin tone or overall coloring. I cannot wear blue – I have tried with many different shades of it and it is just as unflattering on me in one shade as it is in another. Which makes me sad, because there are a lot of really gorgeous blues out there :(

  14. Kathleen

    I chose “other”, because the only color range I feel like doesn’t suit me are browns. They look awful on me, makes me look old. Other than that, I can wear every color out there.

    • mars

      I agree browns make me look so blah! I can do it to some degree on the eyes but brown lips make me look like I died and some one smeared mud on my lips.

  15. Bettina

    I’m learning to do more neutral colors but still don’t much like browns either and I have to do pinks a certain way or I think it just looks odd.

  16. It depends on the situation – I can only wear certain colors *well*, but I’m fair game for almost anything when I’m playing with makeup. I’m not a huge fan of pink/red eye colors or super vampy lips, but I own a few and have no qualms about wearing them for fun. For professional/social interactions, not so much, but I suspect that’s normal :-p

  17. Jocelyn

    I like pink and reds on other people, especially on those with paler complexions, but they just make me look tired or allergic.

  18. Sandy

    Yes! I need to wear light colors on my lid on dark colors on the crease. If I try to work it the other way around it just looks bad. It sucks because I adore really smokey looks.

  19. Melia

    I wear just about any color in the rainbow… The only colors I think don’t look very good on me are red-based colors (I look as if the boyfriend has hit me), like some purples and my beloved Cranberry. I just don’t place them as eyeliner and try to add them on the crease to make them work.
    On my lips, I love wearing any color. I just keep it light, if I’m not sure how it looks.

  20. sapphire

    I have to stay away from blues, especially from light blue tones, because I have strong yellow undertones, and I don’t thing they suit me at all.
    And although I love them, I never wear greens too, because I have green eyes.

  21. Amelia

    I gotta stay away from red toned eyeshadow like cranberry, coppering, it makes me looks like a sick rabbit lol

  22. Michelle

    I also was told I can pull of any colour, but sometimes when I try something some one of my family said my eyes look sick haha. F.e. tried white eyeshadow yesterday and it did not look flattering. It is al about trying and combining experimenting and learning and not be afraid of comments and then I think you can pull all colours off in some way.

  23. I was reading somewhere years ago, and a makeup artist who was interviewed said that women of all skintones can wear ANY color – it’s finding the right shade for your skin. I TOTALLY agree. I can wear all colors of the rainbow, but certain colors are trickier for me to wear than others. I am very warm-toned, so I do well with warm colors and bright vibrant colors most of the time, but some pinks, purples and blues (especially pastels) suck all the color out of my skin. Some colors I can wear only when paired with the right complimentary colors.

  24. I feel like I can wear anything… my skin tone is pretty neutral so I can get away with a lot. I also think it’s about the way you wear a colour, too (ie. what you wear it with) that can make or break it. I spent so many years thinking I couldn’t wear bold lips or anything purple… I was missing out on so much!!

  25. I up for trying anything totally glittered up, bright or crazy dark but soft pastels make me look very washed out so I tend to avoid them. Same goes for very cool colors and pinks.

  26. i haven’t found a color yet that looks bad on me!

  27. Linda

    I know blues don’t really look all that good on me, but blue is one of my favourite colours so I still wear and don’t really care if people think it looks strange on me cause it makes me feel good :). So in a way yes I know I should avoid some colours but little rebel me still rocks them anyways :)

  28. Sarah

    Some colors are easier to wear than others, but anyone can make anything look good they want if they REALLY want it to.

    For example, I never thought I could wear any shade of orange. My mom and most other people told me it would look terrible in any form. However, my guy friend and I went to a MAC store recently and he made me try on a mix of two lipsticks: First Morange, then we decided to layer Lady Danger over it. 2 minutes later, a makeup artist told me it looked GREAT on me, and it gets better–“Not many people can pull that color off, but it’s amazing on you!”

    As for colors that just don’t seem to work at all, you can adjust your whole face makeup and such to look decent if you really want it to suit a specific color.

  29. inuchan

    red eyeshadows or red lipstick is a no-no for me

  30. Aimee

    Medium warm brown hair, green eyes, NC30 skin tone. I have yet to meet an eyeshadow color that I can’t make work! (And my make-up bag shows this!) However, I have really dark lips naturally, so light lipsticks look atrocious. I basically avoid anything lighter than my natural lipcolor unless it’s a super-sheer gloss. One of these days, I want to go in to MAC and play with the lip erase stuff so I can see what I’d look like in nude or pink lipstick – I stick with reds and berries normally.

  31. v

    The only colors i simply cannot wear are blues and reds!
    Greens, purples, greys, browns, taupes, golds, bronzes i can totally rock

  32. Sabrina Saffer

    I love color. But of course there are definitely times for neutrals too. I love everything. I don’t think there is any color I can’t wear as long as you don’t wear too much. For example, a solid turquoise on the lid and brow bone is not something I would wear but I would definitely wear turquoise. I love orange. I wear yellow eyeshadow practically every day for some weird reason. Unless I’m wearing neutrals. In terms of lip colors, I love reds, pinks, and purples. I have brownish red hair, brown eyes, and small eyelids and lips so nothing clashes or looks too bold. It is less this though, than the fact that I just can’t resist color. The only color I can’t pull off is brown lips. Or maroons. They make me look dirty.