Monday, August 4th, 2008

Choose or Lose

Do you stay loyal to one brand, or do you buy from lots of brands?

  • I'm loyal to a few! (44%, 280 Votes)
  • I'm open to all brands! (44%, 279 Votes)
  • I'm loyal to my one favorite brand! (12%, 79 Votes)
  • Other (Share your answer in the comments!) (0%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 641

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20 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you stay loyal to one brand, or do you buy from lots of brands?

  1. Sexy Sadie

    I am loyal to a few brands.

  2. victoria

    i’m open to all brands high end and drugstore but majority is mac mainly because of the selections and favorites that i keep returning to.

  3. Virginia

    I’m also loyal to my few favourite brands, mainly Mac, Bobbi Brown and Nars. Somehow Makeup has to do something with luxury for me, and I can’t really worship things that are probably good for their price but will always remain second choice.

  4. Bianca

    I’m loyal to my favorite brands like MAC, Chanel, Bobbi Brown but I’m also open to new stuff. It can be drugstore, new brands or high end. As long as the reviews (yours especially Christine) say they are good and safe i will try anything :) I love makeup way too much to not try everything that comes out.

  5. HeavenLeiBlu

    I’m loyal to a few brands for certain things(up until a few months ago, I was loyal to MAC and chanel Lipglasses for 10 years, but L’Oreal HIP finally cracked the mantle), but I’m open to try anything, and I’ll stick with it, as long as it works for ME.

  6. I’m loyal to Prescriptives for foundation, but I must admit, I’ve tried quite a few MAC foundations lately, and none of them compare to Prescriptives (for me!). I’m loyal to MAC for just about everything else. Oh, not mascara though, I can’t find any I like by MAC.

  7. JackA.

    I’m pretty loyal to a few, MAC probably being the most predominant. Not necessarily because their quality is the best-though it’s certainly great quality product-but for the price and the quality, as well as the whole MAC aesthetic being one of creativity without age or gender barriers is really something I like supporting.

    I really love NARS and Urban Decay, but for their prices, I have to be selective about what I do purchase. Smaller lines I enjoy are Milani, Ben Nye, and MUFE.

  8. Liz

    I’m technically open to all, but I hardly have the time or $$ to try everything out there that might be cool. So I mostly stick to stuff I know I already like: MAC, Urban Decay, MUFE, Prescriptives (foundation), NARS, Lush, Ben Nye, Fyrinnae, Besame, Archipelago Botanicals, and a bunch of drugstore mascaras :)

  9. Ashley

    I am mostly loyal to MAC but open to all brands, like GOSH, NARS, UD, MUFE etc. Too much of an addict to limit myself!

  10. Daantje

    Well I am loyal to MAC and to my MA, he’s so cute, but I will try certain products from other brands that have gotten extreem good reviews (still haven’t found a way to get the Kanebo brush-on concealer in the Netherlands…)

  11. Vee

    I used to be MAC only….. but I’ve started finding some great products in both HE & DS brands….. though MAC is still my love, I’m in a polygamous relationship nowadays.

  12. I have my preferences for certain things, but I try to keep an open mind about because you never know when something might be a HG that you miss out on because it’s not ‘your thing’.

  13. jaibee

    MAC only!

  14. Eva

    I am open to many brands, I just make sure they´re cruelty-free…
    Although I seem to go back to the same few faves (MAC, Bobby Brown, Urban Decay, MAD minerals and Saphoros Lueur Jeune).. :o)

  15. Amanda23

    I am obsessed with MAC, (except their mascara, yuck)! Recently bought some NARS shadows and their ok…. I don’t think I’ll be swayed any time soon……

  16. Brenda

    I’m open to try drugstore brands and other brands but I’m more of a Dior girl myself.

  17. gio

    I’m open to all brands. I like trying new things and if it works for me, then I’ll stick with it.

  18. Sash

    I’m really open to whatever!
    I bought an Annabelle Pigment dust, and surprisingly it was really great!

  19. viv

    i’m loyal to a few brands… my collection mostly consists of MAC and Maybelline but i also have one or two products from Cover Girl, Stila, BeneFit etc. i’m open to other brands but i find that if i stick to the couple of brands, it’s better for my wallet. 😀

  20. julianna

    I’m open to all brands, if i like the color I buy it, don’t matter the brand