Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Choose or Lose

Do you spend time thinking about your makeup purchases?

  • Yes, I like to figure out if I really want it! (73%, 737 Votes)
  • Sometimes on new products, but I don't spend too long. (20%, 203 Votes)
  • Never, I just buy what I want when I want it! (6%, 65 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,010

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24 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you spend time thinking about your makeup purchases?

  1. I always spend time thinking about one purchase so I have an excuse to whip out my credit card and go to Sephora. And after I have that item in my basket, I go wild with the impulse-buying. So I start by thinking, but I’d say 90% of what I own was bought on impulse. OOOPSIES!

  2. Wilcoa

    Gotta spend time thinking through what I’m going to buy. I’m a student, so impulse buying doesn’t come without a steep toll. Best to plan ahead!

  3. CeeBee

    I used to be really bad at “Oooh, pretty!” and buy immediately but I have managed to curb that a lot lately. I still impulse buy occasionally and I am rarely disappointed with those purchases but I already have enough makeup to sink a battleship and am about to take on a mortgage so my spending priorities will be radically different very soon!

  4. Kimberleigh

    my spending habits have changed drastically over the last two years. I have been forced to stick to a budget so I have to really look at a product and decide whether I really want it.

  5. I wish i had more willpower. Right now, I do alot of impulse buying. I’m trying to curb that though.

  6. Chika67

    I have become one that takes time to think about my make up purchases. I usually request trail sizes from the counters and schedule makeovers to test eye colors and such. Found this to be very helpful to make a decision to purchase. Having buyer’s remorse on makeup is the worst. I accumulated a huge collection of makeup I did not like a week later. :(

  7. i get super excited whn i see some new collection on blogs n sites. later i kinda think what i exactly want. I tend to thnk a lot these days because i have accumulated loads of make up….and honestly there is no end….the beauty industry will keep churning out new collection…i beter start thnkin…:)

  8. Regina

    ha this is a funny one to me. Because i am such a junkie i am constantly checking up on the products i like(usually racking up a whole list) but then when i actually see the products on display my mind goes crazee and i end up getting things that i didnt plan on, but most of the time looks good when the counter people put it on but not when i do then i end up not liking it b/c i cant put it on EXACTLY like oh well, guess i need a new plan!

  9. Heather

    I always think really hard about what I want because I don’t like spending so much money on superficial things. But the makeup that I do use is a little expensive but I use it sparingly.

  10. Taylor

    I never used to—I’d just buy anything I wanted. But now I’m not working and I only buy things that I either need (like mascara, foundation, shampoo) or really, really want and know it won’t break the bank (trying a new drugstore lipgloss, OPI/Essie Nailpolish)

  11. Arika BH

    I’m an obsessive list maker. I make a general list and eliminate according to what I really want and my budget. I really do it too to avoid sales pressure from overzealous MUA, and I don’t buy something I don’t want.

    • Miss Trendy

      I use the same approach… i have a list on my blackberry of products i need and prices then i list the wants…

    • Sarah

      Same here… I obsess over lists of products and slowly eliminate what I don’t really need so I don’t break the bank with every collection. The shopping bag on the MAC website is excellent for playing around 😉

  12. cloudburst

    I make lists and read reviews but ultimately if I want it I buy it. I’ve gotten better at not impulse buying, I usually go home & think about if I need it immediately.

  13. Noel

    I plan out all of my purchases as well because it helps me to not go over a certain budget I set for myself to spend. I always read up on reviews and look at swatches to determine if I REALLY need a certain item before I go and see the actual item in person. Yes, this can take a lot of time, but it’s worth it to know I’m not getting a dupe on something I already have and also helps me save some of my monies in the end. :)

  14. inuchan

    I take a lot of time thinking and pondering about what I will purchase — especially for high end makeup products. Price is not a thing can overlook, but fortunately, due to the quality of the high-end makeup, I can make it as an investment lol.

  15. I’m a student so I live off a total sum of $970 a month and when everything necessary is paid I’ve gotta mke a budget on how much I can spend so… I simply have to figure out if I really want something.

  16. actually i do some preparations before buying, like i’d read your reviews (i know :) ) and swatches as well from diff makeup forums, i try to determine if it will suit me or something.

    then make a list of my wishlist.

    then when i see the products in person, i decide which i should really buy or not. but the thing is, since i don’t have a lot of makeup i have a good excuse of buying a lot of things since im just expanding my makeup collection. lol.

  17. I always make a list of things I want to buy and things I don’t use anymore. I sell and swap things I don’t use and buy what I want after reading reviews and swatches on the internet.

  18. Melia

    My friends sometimes get annoyed with me for browsing alot. I’m the person that will plan, look, swatch, go away and get it after some time (or another day). I also find the obscure shops to look for new things, but rarely impulse buy.
    (I’ve become quite good since I decided not to buy similar colours that I already have)

  19. Sweets4uk

    So for collection, I get to hear all the reviews before I buy so I get like 2-3 weeks extra to think.
    At the moment I am debating on the 5 brushes I should buy next with my anniversary money, I have been debating for 2 months now….any suggestions?!

  20. Roxanne

    Check Temptalia first, THEN go buy stuff lol. Seriously though, taking some time out to really think about it stops me from buying impulsively. Besides, that way you can just tell the person at the shop what it is you want exactly… = easier + faster :)

  21. Honeybrown1976

    Yes, I think long and hard after makeup reviews. For me, I have to really justify why I’m willing to spend any $$$ on more makeup.

  22. Mirna

    I buy 70% on impulse and 30% on thinking about whether I need it or not.