Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Choose or Lose

Do you prefer your mascara waterproof or not?

  • Not Waterproof (57%, 455 Votes)
  • Waterproof (43%, 337 Votes)

Total Voters: 792

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51 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you prefer your mascara waterproof?

  1. Trace

    I have used both, but I prefer non waterproof for every day wear. It’s so much easier to remove at night, and I feel like the waterproof formulas dry out my lashes. =/

    Now of course if we go down to the keys and go out on the boat and stuff, I wear my waterproof mascara for obvious reasons, but I definitely prefer the regular formula.

  2. I prefer non-waterproof. I’ve found that waterproof is only truly waterproof once it gets on your skin. Like, when it’s on the lashes, it will come off as easy as the other variety, but if it falls down onto your skin, good luck.

  3. I use waterproof EVERY day…I cannot use nonwaterproof. I live in Florida, and between the humidity and my oily skin, I really have no choice unless I want to look like a raccoon! I don’t have any issues with it drying out my lashes or breakage or any of that.

  4. Charlie

    Like Tammy, I have to use waterproof mascara, in my case because of eyes that are very prone to watering. I’ve actually found that post-mascara waterproofers/sealers work better than waterproof mascaras. Although I have some complaints with Urban Decay’s “Lingere and Galoshes for Lashes” the “Galoshes” _really_ work — my mascara doesnt budge at all, not just through eye watering, but even through rain and showers!

  5. Jan

    I cannot make up my mind. On one hand waterproof holds the curls really well, especially all the effort I took to curl it nicely, but on the other hand it is such a chore to remove them. Nonwaterproof on the other hand gives lashes a nice soft look but cannot hold a curl for nuts!!

  6. Ashlee

    I use non waterproof. I used to have waterproof and it burnt my eyes. Even before I applied it just put the wand up my eyes would burn & water.

  7. Jennifer

    I strictly wear only waterproof mascara. I have tried brand after brand after brand, and I find the only mascara that maintains a curl in my lashes is mascara. I have very think heavy lashes and when I use a regular mascara I lose all the curl and the become stick straight. The downside thought is the removal. I have to use a oil based remover

  8. Eva

    Waterproof, every day!
    Maybelline Great Lash is the only mascara that holds the curl.
    I use jojoba oil to remove my make up, works like a charm! :o)

  9. I wud prefer non-waterproof if i dont have any plans to CRY!!


  10. Lingping

    I used to stay away from waterproof since it takes a bit more effort to remove than non-waterproof. But then I tried Kanebo 38+ – which I believe is my HG mascara – and now that is the only one which makes me happy :)

    It looks good, it lasts through sob movies, rain and even swimming, and it comes off easy as pie. Easier than non-waterproof, actually, since the little “tubes” come clean off and leave no residue panda eyes.

    I <3 my Kanebo

  11. tnguyen

    i would rather use non-waterproof b/c i hear that waterproof is bad for your lashes. they seem to become more brittle and fall out more often when i use waterproof. waterproof seems to hold the curl better tho

  12. Sanayhs

    I use nonwaterproof, since it’s gentler on the lashes.

  13. Gigi

    I HAVE to wear waterproof mascara, because I always have smudges under my eyes. Even wearing waterproof mascara isn’t enough, although the end results are not as bad as a nonwaterproof mascara. It’s so annoying! I like a lot of mascaras but can never use them because of the incredible amount of smudging.

    The only mascara that never, ever, smudges for me is Sana’s Extra Large Mascara. It’s Japanese and has fibres in it, but I could honestly swim a whole ocean and have my mascara intact. It’s awesome for those girls out there with my problem!

    • Hey Gigi!

      Wow, I can’t believe that even waterproof mascara can smudge on you!

    • Celia

      I have the same problem. I have oily eyelids, and never apply mascara to lower lashes. I just bought a eyeshadow base from M.A.C. and read that Shiseido makes a mascara that resists oil, waterproof, perspiration and smudging! Which is music to my lashes, but we’ll see how it really works. I plan to try it by just applying the mascara and eyeshadow and then the eyeshadow base, eyeshadow and the mascara. We’ll see how it works. Does anyone know of an oil proof mascara or have a solution for my problem?

  14. Annie

    Funny this came up.. I have been searching for a waterproof mascara that actually works! I am going to the lake this weekend and I have to look good cause its my birthday weekend! (FINALLY 21!).. So usually wear non waterproof (My holy grail, cult following, DiorShow..) cause it seems easier.. I bought a waterproof liquid eyeliner and I bought Maybelline XXL+ in waterproof cause I didnt want to spend money on a high end brand for something im only going to wear once.. HOPE IT WORKS!! Wish me luck!!

  15. Kimberly

    If I was to absolutely wear mascara, it would be non waterproof. I get freaked out whenever a mascara wand is coming near my eyes.

  16. viv

    I used to use waterproof mascara but it clumped on me soo much!!! so i changed to non-waterproof and it didnt clump anymore.. so yeah. and non-waterproof took so long to take off, and me being a lazy bum… haha i’ll be sticking to non-waterproof for now. :)

  17. karen

    not only water-proof, I hope it can proof oil as well. but good water and oil-proof mascara is hard to remove. so I only use water-proof based mascara for raining days or during summer.

  18. Minnie

    I rather use waterproof mascara at all times. I don’t find it difficult to remove.

  19. kobri

    I find a lot of waterproof mascaras make my lashes so stiff and the skin at my lashline kind of aches a bit. I was also told that waterproof mascara bleaches your lashes over time so I don’t use it. I sometimes tint my lashes and use a clear mascara if I am afraid of it running.

  20. I haven’t tried a waterproof one that I like yet. It makes my eyelashes fall out too.

  21. Laudry

    November through February it’s usually cool enough here (in Los Angeles/Pasadena, CA)for me to use non-waterproof, but most of the year I have to wear waterproof. I’ve experimented with at least 10 mascaras in the last 6 months, high- and low-end, and I find myself wearing
    “L’Oreal Lash Architect 3-D Dramatic Waterproof” most days now that it’s hot. Works as well as or better than many higher-end mascaras (great volume, length, curl & wearability) & comes off pretty easily with an oil-based remover!

  22. DaniMae

    My eyes are extremely sensitive and prone to watering, especially in the corners.

    I’m a perfectionist, especially when it comes to my make up so I have to take measures, and using waterproof mascara is one of them!

  23. claudia m.

    lol, Jennifer, you said EXACTLY what I came in here to say, so ditto!