Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Choose or Lose

Do you prefer to buy organic/natural beauty products?

  • It doesn't matter to me if they're natural or not (48%, 475 Votes)
  • Sometimes, if they seem better (37%, 368 Votes)
  • Yes! (15%, 146 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,000

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!

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32 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you prefer to buy organic/natural beauty products?

  1. Erin

    Organic, naturual AND cruelty-free!

  2. Doesn’t really matter to me. In fact, I prefer my hair products not to be all natural/organic– those are the ones I usually react badly to the most.

  3. I try to, especially because they are more environmentally friendly, but many of them break me out – LUSH’s coalface, natural Vit E creams, Korres multivitamin powder. I haven’t given up though.

  4. Ilaria

    I try to buy paraben-free products.

  5. Krys

    The only non natural/organic products I use would be my mac concealer & eyeshadows/UDPP/eyeliner/mascara. Hehe I try to limit the chemicals to my eyes (that sounds awful doesnt it?).

    If I could find mineral eyeshadow that was comparable to mac or if mac would change their formula I would be ecstatic!

  6. Mikki

    Hmmm. I chose “Yes” because when I could choose between a non-natural product and a natural product, I’d definately go for the natural product just because it “feels” better haha!

    But it’s not like I only want natural products, because as for makeup and such I only have non-natural products I believe.

  7. Dee

    I would love to see a review of organic/natural products – specifically products with no dyes or harsh chemicals. Burt’s Bees, Bare Esentuals, Jane Iredale. Maybe you could do a comparison between MAC and some more natural makeup lines – Just a thought!

  8. Samantha

    I don’t try to purposely buy makeup that is chemical-free but when I find out it is, it’s great! I definitely love my MAC, but I also love my Everyday Minerals!

  9. Maria

    Hey do any of you guys have good recommendations for natural or like conditioning mascaras. Lately my eyelashes have been falling out and starting seem real weak…so I’ve been really worried! :(

    • Krys

      I liked Tarte’s “Lights, Camera, Lashes!” mascara in terms of a more natural product but I’m not sure how well it conditions lol. Some lash primers might also help condition your lashes I do believe.

    • Oh no! What products do you use on your lashes?

      • Maria

        Well I’ve been switching around mascaras and just now been searching for a real good one, would you have any recommendations Christine? :/

        • I would say you could try a lash conditioner like shu uemura’s lash repair, or you could try conditioning your lashes with something like jojoba oil before bed time and see if that helps!

  10. aradhana

    i haven’t managed to get all my makeup to be organic/natural since i’m a bit of a mac addict, but for remaining skin/body care products i try to use products with natural and non-harmful ingredients.

  11. Miss_M

    I use both regular and natural beauty products. I like mineral make-up, Emu oil, pure Vit. C and E, Aloe Vera, Gamilla soap, Dr. Hauschka rose cream and H2O+. I would also love to try products from Joyful Girl, I keep reading great things about them :)

  12. Tina

    i try to get natural/organic items..but if there’s something with better quality and a similar price that’s not organic…i’d go for the quality.

  13. tc


    • Not always! šŸ˜‰
      A lot of people are allergic to the minerals used in mineral makeup.

      • Vivian

        Yes and no. Actually, a lot of store brands contain Bismuth oxychloride, talc and paraben. Bis.Oxy can break out sensitive skin and talc can block your pores. I’m only buying small business online for more of natural selections. No preservative and no Bis.Oxy or talc. You just have to know how to find them by googling. oh, and always ask for ingredients questions if you’re not sure. :)

  14. Kristen

    i cant wear anything organic. I am allergic to all things that have those types of formulas. Even mineral makeup makes my skin break out.

  15. Zoila

    do i prefer? not really.. as long as the product works really well and it’s cruelty-free, i’m okay with organic or non-organic products. i recently purchased physicians formula’s 100% organic mascara, and it’s an okay mascara.. it doesn’t do a WHOLE lot, but the MAJOR con is that it has this smell… smells awful! like a farm! even if it didn’t have the smell, i’d still probably reach for my badgal lash mascara. as long as the products work well, and is cruelty-free, don’t matter!

    • cooliegal

      I agree 100% with you Zoila! As long as it’s cruelty-free. I haven’t had a bad reaction to any makeup products so far (natural or not)…so I think I’ll try anything once…

  16. Honestly, I would buy all natural but I think I’m more concerned with cruelty-free items.

  17. Well.. Natural products would probably be better for me and my skin in the long run, but I just haven’t found any organic/natural cosmetic lines with products that I liked!
    Also, even if it’s natural you can still be allergic to it! Bismuth oxichloride is a much used mineral in makeup and a lot of people are allergic to that.

  18. Very rarely. Most of the time I don’t like natural makeup’s pigmentation and I do up and beyond taking care of my skin but then again, Iā€™m really not fond of wearing foundation anymore ā€“ I look much better with just natural skin.

  19. Cassykins

    I do love my Lush skin and hair care, but I don’t actively seek out products only because of their ingredients. I just like things that work for me. I’ll admit I really -don’t- check ingredients at all!

  20. MissMae

    I don’t go out of my way to buy natural products, I usually ignore them! There’s a beauty/makeup blog called the BeautyBrains (run by cosmetic chemists) that gets a lot of questions regarding the benefit of using “natural” products, here’s a recent post that may be of interest: http://thebeautybrains.com/2009/05/09/more-natural-cosmetic-nonsense/

    • Vivian

      That’s an interesting read, and I’ve read it elsewhere too. To me, it varies. Natural-organic ingredients can contain bad stuff, just by how the store brands advertise. If you actually read her comments. She claimed that Safe Cosmetics Campaign has nothing based on scientific proof and invalid. Well, how is her rant going to prove any scientific reason? To me, it’s possible another coporate personnel trying to assure that paraben and chemicals are safer than natural.

      I still believe at the end of the day, it’s up to the consumers to decide and natural is generally better than chemical stuff. (unless you’re allergic to certain plants) Her article is interestingly contradictive. I use both natural and traditional cosmetics and I don’t care for her left view. (though leaning more to natural) :)

  21. lexi

    I’m OTHER because natural/organic makeup breaks me out like mad…but I do like some more natural products for skin cleansers, masks, etc.

  22. I just bought my first natural face products from Everyday Minerals. And they’re amazing! I think I’ll use only naturals for my skin after that, especially the foundations. But it doesn’t matter eyeshadow, blush, gloss, lipstick ect. is natural or not.

  23. luckyme

    Im doing the research on ingredients in most beauty products, natural and not natural and im shocked by the things that unnatural products have in them and the lack of research that has been done to see if they benefit your skin or not. Some ingredients have been known over time to cause dermatitis!Some ingredients and products have only been tested on 20 people for a time amount not long enough to show any long term affects. Then there are the ingredients that are supposedly good for your skin like algea, but there are over 20,000 different types of algea, some are toxic for your skin! and only 2 have been proven to be beneficial to your skin, some products only work if they are ingested and do absolutley nothing when applied topically. The fact of the matter is if its natural it is most likley good for your skin as long as you know what to use and what to mix together.

  24. luckyme

    By the way there is a difference between organic and natural. Google it!