Monday, July 21st, 2008

Choose or Lose

Do you prefer lipstick alone or with gloss?

  • Lipstick with gloss (50%, 380 Votes)
  • Lipstick alone (29%, 219 Votes)
  • I don't wear lipstick! (17%, 131 Votes)
  • Other (Share your answer in the comments!) (3%, 23 Votes)

Total Voters: 753

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!

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26 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you prefer lipstick alone or with gloss?

  1. Nicole

    Alone, cause I’m a simple girl.

  2. I usually wear lipsticks alone coz gloss usually neutralizes the finish the lipstick has… especially lipsticks with pretty frost shades, you can’t really see the pretty frost anymore with gloss on top.

  3. Sandy

    I voted other because it depends on the lipstick and my mood. If my lippie is matte or Satin, then I definitely wear gloss on top. For lustres though, I usually don’t wear a glass. For frosts and amplified cremes, it depends on my mood :)

  4. I said lipstick with gloss. It’s because of my lips. They are huge and already naturally red. IF I use lipstick, it looks better on me if it has gloss over it. I’m sure that’s not the case for some other people, though.

  5. Shu

    I usually use lip gloss because I don’t like my lips to have too much color. But I always use a lip balm underneath any lip product.

  6. Nikki

    I can do either lipstick alone or with gloss, but the most important part is the lip liner! Can not do without liner!

  7. I usually just wear some type of colored gloss by itself :)

  8. I had to go with other, because it completely depends on the look I’m going for. For example, I wore O out the other night and put a gloss over it.. but I also love it by itself. Just depends on what I’m feeling.

  9. Madeleine

    Mostly either one alone with one exception.Chanel lipsticks almost alwyas with Chanel l/g.

  10. Sadie

    Liner, lipstick, and gloss always. I use this combo everyday all day. My lips are very high maintence!! In fact I am getting Juvederm soon to make them a bit fuller! I am very excited!

  11. Roxy

    I only wear lip gloss. But i make sure the lip gloss always has a shade of color and is really shiny! Thats the first thing i want a guy to look for when i go out, my lips!

  12. HeavenLeiBlu

    I typically go for liner with gloss, but it really just depends on the colors involved and the look I’m going for.

    I do gloss/no lipstick, lipstick/no gloss, lipstick and no gloss, and sometimes, I can get away with just my Oyin Handmade Honeystick- the plain and tinted ones.

  13. angela

    usually when i wear lipstick its because i WANT the matte or cream finish and not a glossy one. Also, I agree with someone above who said that adding a gloss neutralizes the color of the lipstick. Plus, I’m not very good at layering gloss over a lipstick. I always make a mess.

  14. Sexy Sadie

    I have started to develop a sence for matte lipstick.

  15. dee

    If I’m wearing lipstick, I more than likely have gloss on over it…I’m not much into lipstick though

  16. Skyler

    I said lipstick with gloss because I like how gloss can enhance the colour or make it multidimensional. Or at a subtle glittery finish like Dazzleglass. At the same time, I wear lipstick alone a lot too! I love matte lipsticks but I also love a frost finish. Lipsticks look great alone too; it all depends on what I’m trying to achieve. :)

  17. Ivy

    i wear both or one, depending on the look of the day!
    lately ive been just wearing Smashbox Captivating.

  18. DevilishDoll

    I usually wear either lipgloss alone or lipstick with lipgloss. I almost never wear lipliner though, unless I use my one red lipliner as a lipstick.

  19. Sara

    Either. If I’m lazy or want to look natural, I’d just wear lipgloss. If I apply full face makeup then probably lipstick with lipgloss.

  20. Brenda

    Mmm either lipstick or lipgloss, not both for the most part. I’m a lazy bum though so I hate having hundreds of different lip liners so I go with benefit d’line d’finer which is a skin toned lip liner, works wonders it does.

  21. Pquanda

    Where’s the LIPLINER!? I sometimes wear lustres alone, and then if I just want to wear a gloss.. I do lipliner and gloss to make it stay longer and amp the colour!!

  22. I guess I’m one of the few who voted “Other”. Usually lipstick alone, but sometimes gloss alone, and sometimes lipstick with gloss. I guess it really depends on my mood. =P

  23. I usually use lipstick alone, but I rarely use lipstick – glosses are make me more casual.I like all matte lipsticks and very very shiney glosses – just don’t match!

  24. RuBie

    I usually wear lipgloss only, just because I find most lipsticks with nice colour too drying for me / having an artificial smell, and also coz I just love love love the glossy look on my lips, but I would definitely start wearing lipstick more often if I find a moisturising lipstick that comes in a colour I like.

    I guess I just have to stick to using lipbalm underneath for the time being…