Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Choose or Lose

Do you moisturizer your body regularly?

  • Yes, everyday! (30%, 375 Votes)
  • Not very often (29%, 355 Votes)
  • Yes, almost everyday! (21%, 259 Votes)
  • A few times a week (19%, 239 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,234

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17 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you moisturize your body regularly?

  1. I’ve got dry skin and the thought of it not being moisturized is not an option. The only thing that changes from season to season is the type of moisturizer I use. Because its summer I tend to use more gels and lighter options but when winter comes around I definitely use creams and heavier products.

  2. Marta

    I must moisturize myself every night before going to bed, it’s a must. I use tons of moisturizers of all kinds and I love them :)

  3. Nic15

    I am a huge believer in moisturizing the body every day. I believe it totally assists in keeping your skin’s elasticity at its personal best & prevents premature aging that becomes visible due to dry & cracked skin. I was a fanatic when i was pregnant both times with my 2 children about moisturizing my skin, especially my tummy. I knew that dry skin would be quicker to crack & develop stretch marks than skin that was soft & supple. It obviously doesn’t prevent it but surely helps to lessen the chances. After 2 pregnancies & tons of body butter, I only ended up with one stretch mark so I’d like to think my OCD w/ moisturizing paid off! :)

  4. whitney

    i have eczema and keratosis pyloris and finally a dr gave me something that works to make it go away so while im slathering stuff on my arms i use my nice smelling body butters on my legs and stomach to keep my body as soft as my arms, plus it makes me smell better than just salicylic acid cream does.

  5. I didn’t know you could live without moisturizer!!!

    I use moisturizer EVERY day for “seriously dry” skin, especially in the winter!

  6. Nat

    I try to! But I’m rushed easily =(

  7. whitnee

    i almost never use body lotion, but i use lotion like crazy on my hands and pretty regularly on my feet. i cover my body with baby oil when i get out of the shower, which i think locks in the moisture and allows me to not use body lotion, and since it’s so liquidy and just wipes off it takes only a few seconds to do my whole body, as opposed to probably 10 minutes or so to do my whole body in lotion.

  8. DanielleO

    I used to moisturize religiously, with everything – creams, lotions, oils, etc. It didn’t help my dry skin much, nor my eczema. Then I discovered if I didn’t use soap — or just used it on select places — then body moisturizers weren’t really necessary.

    I exfoliate elbows and knees, scrub my feet, and before bed, use hand and foot creams.

  9. lauren

    I used to think that moisturizing was the most important part of taking care of my skin. I wanted to keep my skin soft and problem free, but exfoliators, oils, and cream moisturizers just don’t do any good on my skin. I have naturally soft (but not VELVET soft) and sensitive skin and I find that all the moisturizing is more irritating than healing.

  10. I moisturize almost every day. I don’t always feel like doing my entire body, but I moisturize my elbows and feet every single day. I also use handcream a few times a day.

  11. Virginia

    I have dry skin and need to moisturize my body after taking a shower, which means at least once a day, sometimes even two times per day.

  12. I put lotion on my legs every morning after shaving.
    That’s about the only area I moisturize regularly!

  13. kat

    I have great skin so I never needed to before, but now that I have tattoos I constantly moisturize and apply sunblock. I think I take better of my skin with them than I did without them! haha!

  14. lisa

    Yup practically everyday!

  15. Rio

    I’ve actually had to train myself to put on lotion daily. My legs are constantly itchy if I don’t. I try to put it on twice a day, morning and night, but I don’t always remember night lotion.

  16. It’s the one thing I can’t skip in my routine. I moisturize morning and night.

  17. Miss_M

    Yes, I use a bodylotion every day after showering. My skin can be pretty dry due to eczema and if I don’t moisturize daily my skin gets really dry and itchy.