Friday, August 8th, 2008

Choose or Lose

Do you like your lipgloss sticky or non-sticky?

  • Non-sticky! (63%, 426 Votes)
  • Either or, doesn't matter. (25%, 171 Votes)
  • Sticky! (11%, 71 Votes)
  • Other (Share your answer in the comments!) (1%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 674

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20 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you like your lipgloss sticky or non-sticky?

  1. kobri

    I prefer non sticky and more importantly, doesn’t get all gummy and whitish on that line between the inside and out side of my lip

    • I hate when that line happens! Ugh.

      I prefer non-sticky, but I usually end up with sticky because I like the colour/effect.

    • Jaclyn

      are there any lipglosses/lipsticks that don’t give you that white line on your lips? all the ones i own seem to do that over time, and i can’t find one that doesn’t. :(

  2. Asta

    I hate it when my hair gets caught in my gloss, so I don’t like sticky, but sticky is often what keeps the gloss on your face, so I’m torn. Right now I’m wearing Hourglass extreme sheen in Ignite. It’s not sticky, but it feels….odd. I love that it lasts through drinks (not always a meal, though). It’s pretty waterproof, I wore it through a shower once with very little loss.

    I guess it all depends on the color payoff.

  3. Lingping

    I like both. just have to make sure my hair is up or that there is no wind when I wear sticky gloss :)

  4. shimmermoss

    like asta said, i’m torn. if i find a non sticky gloss that lasts, that would be the HG!

  5. JillyB

    I can’t wear sticky lipgloss, it dried out my lips. I’ve tried some beautiful colors, but no go.

  6. gio

    I prefer non sticky, although if I find a sticky one that works for me and lasts a long time, I’ll use it

  7. julianna

    I prefer non sticky and my hubby too (lol), he doesn’t like it how feels it when he kiss me, and I don’t like it when my hair gets caught in my lips

  8. whitnee

    I said ‘other’ because i’m not going to say that i want it to be sticky, because who would choose that, i don’t like my hair getting stuck to it, but it seems that the lipglosses i’ve liked the best, like lipglass, are sticky, so: the glosses that i like are sticky but i don’t like sticky gloss…lol makes perfect sense! ha

  9. marquita

    It doesn’t matter if it is sticky or not as long as it has a good flavor and smell.

  10. Jenna

    HA! DOESN’T BOTHER ME FOR NOW! I recently cut my hair so it’s now really short, and none of the strands can reach my lips.

  11. Brenda

    Non-sticky. Sticky glosses are very unkind to me as soon as the wind blows I look like the girl from the ring, not to mention my boyfriend HATES sticky lipglosses because when I kiss him it’s very hard to get off.

  12. DJ

    In between–sticky enough to stay on…

  13. Anber

    I like non-sticky because I prefer pigmented glosses. Sticky gloss = uneven pigmentation IME. You have to force the gloss in place in order to get a uniform color.

  14. Kella

    I voted “other” because I have long curly hair, so my hair is always eeeverywhere, so it’s pretty impossible for me to wear sticky gloss without pulling strands of hair off my lips every 10 seconds.. when I already end up doing that with non-sticky gloss anyways! Soooo… I like sticky gloss, but I’d only be able to wear it if my hair was back & up & sprayed etc.! lol

    If my hair wasn’t an issue, I’d love sticky gloss. I love how it stays put.

  15. Kella

    But yeah as someone said above, sticky gloss does suck for kissing too…… but the look is worth it sometimes. My sweetie can deal :)

  16. charlene

    oh sticky all the way! I hate when it’s too ‘slidey’ on my lips…for eg. the max factor tube glosses i tried recently…and even though regular mac lipglasses aren’t sticky (for me at least) i still love em…but i would love a lancome juicy tube anyday…the stickier, the longer it lasts…for me…and that way i don’t keep rubbing my lips together to see if my gloss is still there…can u tell i’m in love with the dazzleglasses? I want all of far i’ve only managed to get 2. :)

  17. Amethyst

    I love lipgloss and all the shades & brands available but nothing is more annoying than when your hair gets stuck on your lips. It’s a major pet peeve of mine which is why I tend to use lipstick more. I think only women with short hair can really wear lip gloss trouble free or else if you tie your hair back for the whole day. :-(

  18. Can

    non-sticky! my lips get that white weird gluey/crusty line on the insides of my lips. so hideous! the only ever non-stick one i’ve found and liked is the rimmel vinyl lip. anyone else? any other recs?