Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Choose or Lose

Do you like your lipgloss sticky?

  • No way! Non-sticky, please! (52%, 788 Votes)
  • It doesn't matter either way! (30%, 459 Votes)
  • Sticky pleases me! (17%, 262 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,520

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40 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you like your lipgloss sticky?

  1. aradhana

    no…actually i also prefer products that are more like balms and lip butters than glosses…

  2. Wilcoa

    Sticky! It last much longer than when the gloss is non sticky. If I have a nonsticky gloss I use it more for moisture than for shine.

  3. I really prefer non-sticky because I like it when my lips feel nice and smooth.
    I noticed Wilcoa above said that a stick gloss will last longer, I think I’ll have to try a sticky gloss again and see if that works for me!

  4. SarahT

    Sticky like MAC’s because it lasts so much longer for me! 😉

  5. it depends, actually. I love MUFE Super Lip Gloss because they are super sticky and long lasting and also because they are in squeezable tubes. but at the same time, i also like some running ones that don’t last long as they feel more comfortable. i guess it is the scent, colour & and packaging (super dislike those sponge applicators) that sell on me the most, rather than its stickness…

    excellent poll.

  6. ..amy..

    If its just a li sticky than im ok but if a gloss is super sticky like a thick globby coat of carmex than forget it lol I also noticed with some very thick sticky glosses I’ve tried they ussualy stink not all but most I’ve tried smell horrible and stong

  7. The new Stila 24K gloss is not sticky. The applicator is sort of unusual, you twist the end and that squeezes the product onto the brush. You can feel the glitter bits a little when you rub your lips together but the overall feel is slick.

  8. Aramis

    stivky like the mac ones but not tooooo sticky like the 1st ones victoria secret came out with

  9. HoneyBrown1976

    It doesn’t matter, unless it’s really sticky.

  10. Fie

    It depends for me. I dislike MAC lipglasses because if the stickiness. I much prefer the Creamsheen glasses. But there are some glosses which I adore…and they’re somewhat sticky (like Lancome’s Juicy Tube).

  11. Kalie

    Haha “Sticky pleases me!”…that made me lol. I have to stop thinking like a teenage boy!

    I used to hate the feel of sticky, but it lasts waaayy longer and doesn’t make lipstick bleed if you wear it over lipstick, so sticky does please me.

  12. lisa

    To be honest all i really look at is the color and if its a color that i absolutely love i could careless whether it be sticky or not.

  13. daphne

    I’m not crazy about the sticky because my hair is JUST long enough to get stuck to it and JUST too short to pull back (I love this length but argh!). And I’m not in love with my lips sticking to one another. But usually I don’t get that profoundly sticky feeling unless I’ve reapplied a coat after it starts to wear off, and the sticky glosses look so lovely.

    I only have one non-sticky gloss, and I love the feel of it on my lips – Chanel Aqualumiere in Tangerine Dream. And it’s *gorgeous* of course. But it disappears like THAT, which sucks because it was so expensive.

    My favorite “shiny” lip in terms of the balance of feel and look is not a gloss, but rather MAC’s Slimshines, at least the higher-sheen colors (Funshine, Urgent!).

  14. Ruth

    Oh, my lip gloss has to be sticky or no gloss at all ! I need it to last really long and feel thick on my lips, I love it. I’ve tried the non sticky lip glosses and they disappear in minutes and smear everywhere. I’m all for the uber sticky, long lasting glosses.

  15. Amber

    It really depends for me. If I want it to last long, then the stickier the better (I find that MAC glosses are a little sticky but they last long). Thinner glosses don’t last long but they feel so much smoother than thick glosses.

  16. eeeekk hate sticky gloss!

  17. i don’t like sticky lipglosses at all. i use lipbalm, then lipstick then lipgloss on top so that it’s not THAT sticky afterwards. and i use the lipbrush all the time so i have just enough lipgloss and less stickiness.

  18. Natalie

    I love sticky gloss. I eat, drink and talk and it seems like the sticky gloss is the only one that stays put.

  19. strawberry

    i prefer non-sticky glosses but i don’t mind certain sticky glosses like mac. but there are some days when i don’t want to bother with sticky glosses.

  20. I hate sticky, but if it’s a really gorgeous color… I can’t help myself! Unless it’s EXTREMELY sticky, and there have been a few, that I just can’t stand it and have to toss it. But that’s rare.

  21. Much prefer non-sticky than sticky! Lusterglasses are my fave, but I wish MAC would have them in as many colors as they do for Lipglasses. I feel that Lipglasses are too annoying to deal with sometimes because of their stickiness.

  22. Eunice

    as long as they’re not overly sticky, i am perfectly fine with it. i actually like it to be a bit sticky because those smooth, non-sticky ones just feel so greasy and they last like…ten minutes 😛

  23. Sexy sadie

    Sticky, please.

  24. viv

    non-sticky definitely! i wouldn’t mind replying when necessary. but imagine sticky lips – no one would wanna kiss that!

  25. Miss_M

    I don’t really mind if my glosses are sticky or not as long as they are not ‘glue-like’. However, I do find that glosses that are more sticky last longer on my lips. Non sticky ‘watery’ glosses seem to slide of my lips in 10 minutes.

  26. Daisy

    No stickyness! I dont think there is anything worse, makeupwise, then sticky lipgloss. One gush of wind and your hair is stuck on it, or worse, flying bugs! ewww.

  27. inuchan

    doesn’t matter as long as it shines :)not too much stickyness though

  28. Sandy

    I prefer non-sticky glosses. But I don’t mind using sticky glosses either.

  29. Of course I prefer non-sticky lipgloss, but when they are sticky they tend to last much longer. So I said either way, if they have to be sticky to be long-lasting, I’ll wear the sticky ones!

  30. Vivian

    No sticky for me. My first experience with sticky gloss is when I bought this Britney spears dual end perfume and gloss. it is tacky and sticky and my hair got stuck… i hated them. I don’t care for long lasting-ness because my lips are 80% chapped the time. Making them longer lasting would be torturous for me! I perfer my lip gloss satiny or kinda runny, but not to the point where it runs down the corner of my mouth. The extremes on the both ends of the spectrum don’t work for me. The most sticky ones I have is prob Neutrogena Cool lip gloss with spf 20, but it’s not tacky and smell nice too. :)

  31. It all depends on what I’m using it for.

    If I’m wearing a gloss just for shine, I prefer non-sticky. If it’s more for colour (especially leaning more to the opaque side) I prefer it to be more sticky.

  32. whitnee

    I don’t seek out the sticky, but as with lipglass, I love it. LOL I remember reading the below quote on a blog awhile back and laughing to myself, because I would describe it like glue, but i DO love it.

    “Stylin’ Sindy
    I have heard about this product from everybody. Most comments are “feels like glue, sticky, gooey…” doesn’t sound like a good sell except that everyone saying it, seems to love the stuff.”

  33. i despise sticky!!!

  34. steph

    Bring on thee stickyyy, x

  35. Tattoo Girl

    I don’t but my hubby loves the sticky ones!!!

  36. gabyvv

    My lip gloss needs to be sticky or thick or whatever.. or it won’t stay on! If I rub my lips together AT ALL it’s gone (when it’s non-sticky)! But, I’m not crazy when it comes to sticky-ness… anyhow it just needs to feel full and thick and sticky and I’m very pleased! It can’t be runny or feel like chapstick… my YSL gloss lasts like 20 minutes whereas my clinique long last glosswear satisfies my sticky addiction for 4 hours ish!Minimum 2!

  37. Millie

    Yuck, I hate sticky lip gloss . Why is it so sticky??????