Friday, November 13th, 2009

Choose or Lose

Do you like lip palettes?

  • Nah, hate 'em! (63%, 965 Votes)
  • They're okay... (31%, 476 Votes)
  • Yes, love 'em! (6%, 90 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (0%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,537

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30 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you like lip palettes?

  1. Riss

    Nah, hate em. They just aren’t very opaque or having staying power with all the ones I’ve used, even the higher priced ones from reputable brands! I’d rather carry around a lipcolor with me that works well or have a drawer full of lipsticks.

    • nmnikki

      and i almost never actually like all of the colors in them–only 1-2 at the most! i do own a really nice bobbi brown one though

  2. No, honestly they are a hassel, its much easier just grabbing lip stick or gloss in a tube to carry around. And I don’t like the colour payoff in boxes

    overall not a fan of gloss in a box

  3. Sass

    I hate them. Messy and just nasty after a while. I always skip over palettes that have lip colors in them no matter how bad I want to e/s color.

  4. Virginia

    I like lip palettes. I don’t use much lip color, so I’ll never finish a tube of lipstick. Having a selection of colors in a palette is a better option for me. And I like that I can mix the shades until I have the exact color I want.

  5. amy

    Some lip palettes are beautiful, but they get so messy. I bought one 5 or 6 years ago and still haven’t finished the palette. I tried to avoid them, unless they are included in a palette of mix product, such as eyeshadow and blush, but the packaging as to be tiered to separate the powders from the creams.

  6. Yvonne

    Lip palettes are a great idea, but the fact that its an open lip color for all the world’s dirt, dust and bugs to come to, just kills it for me. Unlike Eyeshadow palettes lip palettes are often sticky, so dust and dirt gets in them and is almost impossible to get out. One time I found a bug in my mark palette and it ruined the whole thing for me,…I haven’t touched it since.

  7. I don’t find them to be very useful. I like them for travel because you get color selection. I just really don’t like it when they’re placed next to powders. They tend to get covered over with whatever the powders have.

  8. Torie

    I don’t really mind colors so much but they are more trouble than they are worth to carry around and I do like to reapply too much to have to mess with them.

  9. They’re ok. Like some people have said above, the color payoff isn’t great. At least w/ the lip palettes I’ve come across.

    I’m more of a lipstick & lipgloss girl 😀

  10. Kerry

    i dont mind them.. the only thing that annoys me is that i like to reapply ligloss during the day and using a lip palette means this is so much more hassle. :/

  11. kim

    yes I do now, recently got the 66 generic one and I love the colors.

  12. I CAN’T stand lip palettes. If I get one with something, I likely won’t use it. I hate it especially when they’re bunched together with eyeshadow palettes or blushes, ie. powder stuff, and then all the shimmer/glitter/powder get onto the lip palette and its all just a big fa mess.

  13. victoria

    no i do not like them at all. i fell for the antiquitease one and only brought it out with me once because it was a hassle using a brush. i still use it at home but when it is used up, i will clean them and press e/s pigments and use them for e/s instead.

  14. Ivonne

    I had a Chanel one that I feel guilty about never using. The little lip brush that came with it just was too small, and it just wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. It was a waste of money :(

  15. DonnaN

    The problem with palettes….you usually end up with shades you don’t like/use/want. Now, on the other hand….sets….glosses, lipsticks are better cause you can gift away the one’s you don’t want.



  16. I like having them in my kit for use on clients, but not for my personal use.

  17. Diana

    Dislike em. I like eye palettes a lot more. The lip ones just get ickier faster and tend to make the palette as a whole sticky.

  18. NaNa

    I think they’re kind of useful. If I’m experimenting with a look I might not wear I don’t want to use up my full-size lipsticks and glosses- especially if I’m just messing around. I don’t have to worry about wasting product with a lip palette. But out of the house they’re just a hassle. 😛

  19. Cindy

    Hate them in general, however, I take them when I travel because they’re easier to pack. I find it helps to have a good lip brush (retractable or with a lid–NOT the one that comes with the palette) that I can load up from the palette and carry with me for touching up later; that way I don’t have to haul around the whole palette. This actually works great for tiny purses.

  20. Stella

    I hate them, I just like eye palettes. Lip palettes tends to have a small amount so I prefer to buy the tube.

  21. BIMPE


  22. L

    Not a fan because the colour payoff is never that great and I find they get dirty quickly.

  23. Carmen

    I’m in the minority here, because I really like lip palettes. I have about 4 right now – 2 older MAC ones, an older VS one, and a new Trish one. I like the variety of shades that you can easily carry around, and the messiness is not an issue for me. While I do prefer lipsstick bullets, I still like/love palettes too! It’s a great way to test shades that you wouldn’t normally use, too.

  24. Krista

    I always have on in more purse for a back up lip color and use of te mirror. other than that I don’t like them

  25. Sasha B

    actually i really like my fresh cameo palette (was LE). the colors are sheer but not to sheer, the texture is awesome and i think it’s worth the money. and the packaging is adorable which is a plus

  26. Nicci

    I want to get one but they seem like more of a hassle and I don’t always have time to take it out and a lip brush to apply.