Friday, August 15th, 2008

Choose or Lose

Do you like limited edition products?

  • Yes! (70%, 246 Votes)
  • No! (26%, 93 Votes)
  • Other (Share your answer in the comments!) (3%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 351

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17 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you like limited edition products?

  1. Erin/slipnslide

    Yes. Usually. Sometimes I find that colors are not exceptional and would never belong in a permananent lineup, or are way too close to another shade. That bothers me because it seems like they’re really phoning it in when they do that. Sometimes the consistency or texture or pigment in an LE item isn’t quite what it should be. Otherwise some of the greatest stuff I own is limited edition, but you do have to be more choosy and not go hog wild because something is packaged differently. :) Unless that’s the only reason you’re buying it and you know that, in which case go for it!

  2. macaddict

    I have to admit that I am a BIG sucker for limited edition stuff!! If the packaging/concept is unique, different, cool, I’ll buy it (provided that I also like the product and its color). I consider those buys “splurging” and “pampering” myself. It makes me feel special:O)

  3. Yes and no. I love when they come out with new items and fun colors. It’s fun to experiment with my look and make it change each season. But when I find an item that I truely love, it’s hard to know that I’ll never be able to get it again.

  4. yes, its like shop now or regret later.. if its drool-worthy why torture yourself.. :)

  5. Amanda23

    I can’t get enough of LEs….. love em!!!!

  6. Jennifer

    Yes! I love getting new colors and textures to play with. I’m not generally affected by packaging – I bought Neo Sci-Fi stuff despite it being bright orange, and the only packaging that has really appealed to me so far was for the Antiquitease/Royal Assets collection. Of course, there’s always the pain of the fact that LE stuff is generally not going to come back, but a new collection generally comes out that takes my mind off my sorrow :-p

  7. Hillary

    not really. i dont like the thought of not being able to get another if i run out. i know “get more than one when it comes out” but i always seem to fall in love with it when its too late.

  8. I love LE products… it makes me feel like an exclusive VIP or something! But I have to monitor my use and be cautious, there’s nothing to do when I run out!

  9. I’m one of the ‘others’. I tend to like products for what they are as a product, not necessarily how they’re marketed. Even though I have a makeup addiction, I try to keep a psuedo-practical mindset. I don’t need drawers of things I’ll never use, just because it’s in cute packaging or it was LE.

  10. I like limited ed stuff, but I must like the color too! :)

  11. Nicole

    I also voted for “others”.
    On the one side, it is nice to have a lipstick with a fafi figure on it or an orange packaging, so I can find them easily keep them apart, on the other side MAC has a perfect marketing concept with these numerousness of limited editions to make us addicted (followed by a groth in sales for the company and balance sheet). I actually don’t see a reason, why I should buy i.e. every limited eyeshadow in a pot, when I can get similar permanent color as a refill or I already own a similar shade. Besides I like the shade so much, that I have to puchase it, what is rather unusual.
    My people won’t recognize a different between a limited shade and a permanent one, and I don’t feel special or blessed, because I own non-permanent colors. I love my Pleasureseeker and N3 lipstick and when they are consumed there are other shade on the market which I will love then. (My opinion from an economic point of view)

  12. Vee

    I’m impartial. I don’t by anything jut coz it’s LE – I swatch it against perm items I already have. If I have something that dupes it – then I don’t buy it.

  13. whitnee

    i love a lot of items that come out in LE but i hate the concept in itself. if i never saw it i would not miss it, and i have a very addictive personality. if i like something i have to always have it and i hate watching myself hand over my credit card to purchase backups when i know i probably never will finish the first one (i’ve never finished a makeup product yet the only thing is nail polish that has gone goopy but that should be fixable with thinner) and for example i see all of these commercials for sonic on tbs and i don’t have a sonic but the food looks so yummy, flavor shots into sodas and all the different foods. i went to one when visitng family friends in alabama, and i got a cheese dog and a milkshake because i was afraid to try something and like it too much and not be able to get it. i’ve also driven 45 minutes to get to the closest ben and jerry’s to me just to get a strawberry kiweeeee! smoothie (luckily though i’ve managed to figure out how to make one that comes pretty close at home) so because of these examples i feel like the LE thing is playing on my weaknesses and taking advantage of me. lol.

  14. danielle

    yes and no. it’s kind of like bittersweet with the limited editions because for the most you can dupe the colors but yet there’s some that just can’t.

  15. Tekoa

    Yes I love them! No I hate them! Yes! No! Yes! *lol* I love having new things come out, but I hate being afraid that my favorite Product X is going to vanish forever. What AM I going to do when my Volcanic Ash is gone?

  16. Shayla

    For the most part I like LE products, but if I have one I absolutely love and run out…it’s sad (although this has yet to happen to me, haha)

  17. Teresa

    There are several LE products that I ADORE!!! To name a few recent ones: Hollywood Nights lipstick (Heatherette), Style Minx lipglass (Heatherette), Joyous beauty powder blush, Volcanic Ash exfoliator, and most of all, Sweet Sienna pigment (Antiquitease, I think).

    I bought multiples for a few of those, and I use them whenever I want. I figure, sure it’s LE, but I have it to enjoy it, so I’ll enjoy it now!