Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Choose or Lose

Do you like colored mascara?

  • No (63%, 552 Votes)
  • Yes (35%, 312 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 882

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30 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you like colored mascara?

  1. Teresa

    I chose “other” because I’ve never tried any colors other than black or brown. I am sometimes tempted, but then I think, “When would I rather wear this purple instead of black or brown?” If I can’t think of an answer, I don’t spend money on it.

  2. HoneyBrown1976

    I have never used colored mascara.

  3. Julia

    I’ve never tried it, but once I get my Hello Kitty glitter liners I’m going to try those on the tips of my lashes 😀

  4. Liz

    I like it, but only in some colors. Green and blue both look lovely, but plum made my eyes look tired.

  5. Valorie

    Two of the colored varieties I’ve tried (Bourjois, Max factor) have flaked terribly on me. However, I love the Maxi Lash Extreme Volume Mascara in violet. It’s a lovely pop of color with my green/hazel eyes and does not flake.

  6. They usually do not show up on me – I’d want to try a burgundy/blackberry colored one though.

  7. AbbyL

    I love the idea of colored mascara… but it doesn’t show up on my lashes :(

  8. Anitacska

    The only colours I’ve ever worn are violet and plum, other than black of course, and blue a long long time ago – but I don’t like blue on me anymore. I like violet/plum with matching eyeshadows, it looks nice.

  9. L

    I have the Dior Diorshow mascara in the azure blue which is a really bright blue and shows up very well on my dark lashes. I’m interesting in trying a plum/purple mascara.

  10. Rachael

    Not a big fan of colored mascara, I think it looks tacky.

  11. I love teal or royal blue just on the tips.

  12. love

    No for me, it doesn’t show up

  13. miss showbiz


    I personally dont like colours mascara for example i have brown eyes so if i wear like blue or a plum colour it looks horrible and fake so i dont….

    im currently loving using ASDA’s(walmarts) own brand of clear masacara but use a old wand of my estee lauder mascara as asdas wand is rubbsih!


  14. maddie

    im love it but dont use it all the time
    i love the vincent longo blue, red and yellow… sometimes i just add it to the tips after i use black..
    i also love Diorshow purple which i will use daytime.. its very vibrant and pretty and i love purple

  15. maddie

    oopss the diorshow is in vibrant blue.. not purple sorry!
    i have a purple on but dont remember the brand

  16. I don’t understand the appeal of coloured mascara…it doesn’t sit right with me! I just don’t like it. xD

  17. I like colored mascara, except they never make it in waterproof. That means I can’t use it. I need waterproof!

  18. rayne

    It reminds me of 12 year olds.

  19. DaniMae

    I used to use turquoise mascara when I was younger. It was always good for fun looks.

  20. Glosslizard

    I really love subtly colored mascaras! Chanel does colors that tend to really appeal to me… most notably Inimitable in Emeraude and Exceptionnel in Smoky Violine and Smoky Marine! I love a colored mascara that is dark enough to give that sultry lash look, but has enough color to pop whatever look I’m wearing! Bright colors don’t appeal to me as much.

  21. Amber

    Having hazel eyes, I like a plum or a burgundy to pump the green in my eyes.

  22. Kella

    I think they’re fun, but you do have to be careful with them. You don’t usually get the same impact as with black or brown mascara. So I’ve got lots of crazy colours but don’t wear them often.. sometimes on my bottom lashes. :)

  23. Chrissie

    I love Navy mascara!!!

  24. Melissa

    I love the concept of these, but not so much in practice. Colored mascaras to me…

    1 Rarely show up on my black lashes
    2 Don’t give me any length or volume
    3 I end up putting on so many layers for it to show that it inevitably turns to clump city, after which, I take it all off again.

  25. Krystyn

    I choose no, just because of the fact that i love to play up my eyes with my eyeshadow, not the mascara. using black mascara gives that extra sultry smokiness weather or not your eyeshadow is smokey.

  26. Enrika

    Exceptionnel in Smoky Violine, and I just found Collistar Supermascara Tridimensionale Viola (Magnetica collection – Italian brand): really dark, really purple, amazing!

  27. cloudburst

    Anna Sui’s old waterproof coloured mascaras are amazing – the new colours are nice too but not as intense as the old ones.

  28. Ju

    Other : I like black colored mascara or black with “reflets” 😉

  29. Kim

    i had one from forever21, but they dont sell them anymore :( i really liked it, and i cannot wait to find a good colored mascara in a burgundy or maroon color :)