Friday, October 16th, 2009

Choose or Lose

Do you go drugstore or high-end for mascara?

  • I mix 'em up! (49%, 554 Votes)
  • Always drugstore! (35%, 398 Votes)
  • Always high-end! (16%, 181 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,140

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30 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you go drugstore or high-end for mascara?

  1. lesleykat

    give me plushlash or give me death!
    at $13 ($8.30 for me, cause i’m a macpro), is it really considered high end?

  2. DivaLove18

    I found that the mascara in the drugstore do the same job that the high-end brand for a fraction of the price.

  3. Kajsa

    Never tryed a high-end mascara, but I don’t feel the need to when I have a mascara I love!

  4. I do high and low. I’ve used everything from Maybelline Great Lash to Diorshow Blackout. Right now I’m using MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash & a coat of Dazzlelash.

  5. Autumn

    I like drugstore, my faves are Prestige My biggest lashes and maybelline great lash Big. I have tried some high end mascara’s by Lancome and Clinque & they weren’t anything special.

  6. Sandy

    Drugstore — never found a high-end mascara that was so much better than the drugstore brand that it was worth 3x the price! I’m loving Maybelline Lash Stiletto.

  7. Rengirl

    Drugstore only. Mascara is one thing I must replace constantly (sensitive eyes) so I can’t be blowing off too much cash on high-end especially since I, personally, can’t really tell a difference.

  8. SarahT

    Over my dead body am I using anything but Covergirl Lashblast! False lashes effect on me 😀

  9. Nic

    I go high-end for virtually all other cosmetics, but I get my mascara at the drugstore. It’s not so much about price, but about value. I’m very satisfied with drugstore mascara, and (especially compared to the high-end mascaras I’ve tried) I think it’s unlikely that any high-end mascara could do such a superior job that it would be worth that much more money to me. Also, I use mostly waterproof, and high-end brands seem to have less of a variety of waterproof mascaras.

  10. Jenna

    For something that
    1) has a shelf life of 3 months,
    2) gets washed down the sink/ends up on a cotton ball in the trash,
    3) coats lashes that end up hidden behind glasses anyway,
    4) smudges all over the lens of my glasses, and
    5) doesn’t get noticed in my male-dominated workplace,

    spending more than $10 mascara seems a little absurd.

    However, if it would actually HOLD the curl of my lashes (nothing I’ve tried does – MAC Zoom Lash, everything by Maybelline, everything by CoverGirl), I might splurge just for the experience of having nice eye-batty lashes all day long.

  11. Dee

    I mix it up. In my little bin I have almost every MAC mascara(mostly out of curiosity lol), LashExact and LashBlast(just bought it), a few rimmels, a couple maybellines, some randoms and one colored estee lauder(AMAZING!). I love experimenting with them cheap and expensive, but i’m not stuck on Dior or anything like that.

  12. Ericaville

    I heard Sexy Curve by Rimmel is to die for. That being said, I am going to try it, I usually wear Lancome.

  13. Vivi

    Dior(show), Lancôme, Chanel (MAC is fine, too… but doesnt work as great for me) – nothing else is going to touch my lashes ever since!

  14. lancome DRAMA is amazing but for drugstore these two measure up… Loreal volumous and Loreal telescopic.. first put on telescopic and coat with volumous

  15. Michele

    My favorite drug store brand is Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara. I definitely am lacking in the lash department and this really makes a difference and doesn’t smear or flake. It’s amazing how the tubes come off with just warm water.

    I like to try all kinds (all prices) but as far as staying power and length Loreal Double Extend works best for me.

  16. I do both. I tend to go low end for everyday mascara but for special occasions I’ll use the high end.

  17. Roberta

    I’ve tried drugstore mascara but they always leave my lashes hard and kind of crispy. So i’ll continue to use my diorshow.

  18. Collistars mascara is LOVE! They price high end but not all meet the high-end quality that I expect – the bronzer not so nice.

    But Max factor also performs so great, even if it’s on the lower side on the prince range.

  19. aradhana

    as some of the previous posts, i also use almost exclusively drugstore brands…i just haven’t found there to be any difference at all, let alone one that would justify spending double or more on a product that has to be replaced so frequently! in the end, my faves are from drugstore, and it has noting to do with the price!!

  20. J

    For me, I can’t justify paying high-end prices for a product that I’ll go through really quickly and that should be chucked after about 3 months.

  21. Charlene Daalling

    My favorite is MUFE Smokey lash, and drug store brands are becoming just as pricey.

  22. Nicci

    The one I have now is Dior Iconic & I

    • Nicci

      opps…I like Iconic and will likely repurchase. I have used drug store brands and was somewhat happy. I tried a mascara from Sisley but it was $47 and that seems way too high to pay for just mascara. I use high end for other products but it is not a must when it comes to mascara.

  23. addie

    I only use the waterproof Lashblast in black, the only other mascara I would use is Dior Show but sadly at about $30 a tube i just cant go there lol

  24. inuchan

    drugstore all the way ! I use either bourjois or maybelline. I tried a high end mascara once (dior iconic), but was not impressed that much by the result.

  25. Miss_M

    Drugstore. My favorite mascara is Maybelline Define-A-Lash at the moment.

    I used Lancome and Estée Lauder mascara for years, until we got the Euro. Prices doubled since then and I refuse to pay E25,- euros (=$37,-) for a mascara.

    Drugstore mascaras are not cheap either, my Maybelline sets me back around E12,- euros (=$18,-).

  26. Anitacska

    I used to only use drugstore (Max Factor mainly) mascaras, but since discovering Guerlain’s Le 2 and Givenchy’s Phenomeneyes mascaras, I can’t be bothered with buying drugstore ones as these two are so much better. And as I buy them on eBay, they’re not that expensive either.

  27. Jannie

    CVS has lots of good stuff for great deals because its always buy one get one free and with CVS bucks back, you can get a whole lot for a whole less!!!

  28. Rio

    I just don’t use mascara! lol

  29. Chanice

    The clinique sample mascara paired with Mac lash primer and Wet n Wild Mega Length = lash heaven! There’s so much volume, no clumping, so much length. My lashes are longer, lusher, feathery and so perfect!

    I own 30+ mascaras and I used to go between tubes depending on my mood just use them but when I stumbled upon this combo, my other tubes have been COMPLETELY neglected!

    I believe that high-end and drugstore can both come together and make lashes more beautiful than ever. Though I use clinique as a base on top of the primer, the Wet n Wild Mega length is REALLY what brings on the zam-bam-pow-wap glam!It makes you want to flutter your lashes like crazy and it’s not heavy at all.