Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Choose or Lose

Do you consider yourself a makeup addict?

  • Yes, get me to makeup addicts anonymous! (77%, 461 Votes)
  • Nah, I like it, but I'm not obsessed! (23%, 140 Votes)

Total Voters: 601

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!

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13 thoughts on “Choose or Lose: Do you consider yourself a makeup addict?

  1. Kimberly

    I think I’ve calmed down a lot, since I don’t spend over $200 anymore, but my friends still think it’s an obsession, haha.

  2. Raven Fire

    There are many products that I can do without, but when it comes to eyeshadows and pigments, get out of my way!!!

  3. Jennifer

    I have been addicted to makeup since age 10 – back then I got this Cover Girl palette with those 1980s style blues and pinks, a blue eyeliner and a mascara while out with a friend. That was it, after that I was hooked! LOL… I’m particularly partial to eye makeup.

  4. viv

    yup. definitely :]
    even though I have to control the amount of money I spend on make up each month, I never stop researching/looking at MU related stuff! 😀

  5. if this poll happened in 2 more months, i would have answered yes. but since i learned that to be considered an addict or a mental disease, it must be for consistent in 6 months. since i’ve only started last february.. i still have about a month to see if i really am.. hmm.. maybe i need an intervention. lol!

  6. Ashley

    Definitely addicted. All my alloted spending money goes to make up. I desperately need new clothes but keep spending that money on makeup I don’t necessarily need!

  7. nikki

    i can’t seem to control myself whenever i see makeup. i can’t walk into mac while i’m broke or i end up spending money i don’t have! i need new everything but i can’t seem to budget well enough for anything. how sad.

  8. Jan

    Simply, I HAVE MORE THAN I EVER WILL NEED! I love to buy MU as it makes me happy, all the colors and finishes! Especially MAC, the range is huge with many new collections all year round. I’m always planning my next purchase when I have enough cash to make myself happy again!!

  9. Karen

    my bf thinks im addicted and so do my friends.
    but this past while my dad has been mad at me for wearing eye makeup..
    and he doesnt like eyelashes cuz he thinks ill go blind if i keep rubbing my eye
    lol . he just doesnt want me to wear makeup or buy it
    since i dont have a job yet. im young. so yea..
    now im not so hooked on makeup

  10. I will confess that I am an addict and have been one since I was about 8. All I can say…it is better than drugs. LOL

  11. Michelle

    Well Hell Yeah,i’m an addict. I still can’t believe it myself. Once upon a time i was a “Plain Jane”,now i’m one of the biggest Mac junkies there is!!

  12. HeavenLeiBlu

    I like it a lot, but compared to the ladies here and on other sites… nah, definitely not obsessed, LOL.

  13. tinna


    I’m have a lot of colors, but most are pigment samples from Pure Luxe and e/s that have broken with time (all drugstore) I get FANTASTIC and AMAZING pigmentation and wear from companies that are cosidered low end. The truth is, most makeup is formulated and made at the same companies but the QUALITY of it seperates the two, sometimes along with pigmentation, wear-ability, blend-ability. (In no particular order) Milani, Loreal Hip pigments, some of their duos, Prestige, NYX, Maybelline,CG have good products and pair that with good skills and creativity it looks AMAZING. There are also companies that are in between low-end and high-end like internet sites such as Theshespace, Pure Luxe, Beauty from the earth, etc. Theshespace and Pureluxe are great because they offer samples (although I prefer Pure Luxe’s way of delivering samples [small jars] rather than Theshespace/Taylor Made Minerals, in small messy baggies.) they also have a wide selection on colors. The quality of Pure luxe is AMAZING, it’s my MAC. MAC is considered the best company for makeup and I don’t own a thing from them. Many of their eyeshadows can be duped by the companies already mentioned but many cannot. But it’s the quality that seperates the two. MAC is consistent and delivers amazing quality in each and every product, each and every time and this is why low-end cosmetic companies cannot compare with many high-end products. I spend money on eyeshadows waaaaay more than any thing else.