Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

China Glaze Crinkled Chrome Collection for Spring 2014
China Glaze Crinkled Chrome Collection for Spring 2014

Winter is a time of shimmer and shine. Frost glistens on windows, lights twinkle in the night and decorations adorn doorways. This January, give your nails a shine all their own with Crinkled Chrome from China Glaze® where high-shine chrome meets wintery pastels for a crinkled metal look.

Chrome takes on a feminine flair with China Glaze® Crinkled Chrome. Six gorgeous colours retain the sophisticated, polished appeal of the season, but add a contemporary edge and sense of novelty to winter nails.

Crinkled Chrome ($7.50)

  • Aluminate Cool silver
  • I’m a Chromantic Baby pink
  • Crush, Crush Baby Powder purple
  • Iron Out the Details Icy blue
  • Don’t Be Foiled Soft teal
  • Wrinkling the Sheets Light powder green

Availability: January 2014 at fine salons and beauty supply stores.

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China Glaze Crinkled Chrome Collection for Spring 2014
China Glaze Crinkled Chrome Collection for Spring 2014

China Glaze Crinkled Chrome Collection for Spring 2014
China Glaze Crinkled Chrome Collection for Spring 2014

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15 thoughts on “China Glaze Crinkled Chrome Collection for Spring 2014

  1. These look pretty (colourwise, anyway).

    I have to admit, though, when I first read ‘crinkled chrome’ I thought – ‘Wait, are they trying to *sell* visible brushstrokes in foil polish now?!’ 😛 How unworthy of me…

  2. I wonder how these will look on the nails, I’m intrigued!

  3. The word crinkled makes me a bit worried.

  4. After the fiasco with Vampy Varnish, I’ve lost interest in them. Their polishes lately had also just been chipping on me within a day and eh, I just wasn’t fond of the formula anymore.
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  5. Tara

    Sally Beauty already has these…and samples.

  6. Heather

    There are a few people that have pictures out there of what they look like on the nails if you’re curious. Personally, I do think the effect reminds me a lot of crinkled tin foil. They’re pretty and unique. [:

  7. Oh, I’m so interested to see swatches! Hopefully soon :) I wonder if it’s more like a crackle or liquid sand? Or something new altogether!

  8. doroffee

    The pink one looks really promising for me :).

  9. Turboweevel

    These look like what happens when you put the second layer of polish on before the first layer is dry. Methinks someone screwed up on the formulation side and now they’re trying to make the best of it. Reminds me of the “matte finish” products for hair, because “I want dull, shineless hair” said no one ever.

  10. Shanna

    the name of these had me intrigued but after I saw swatches, I can’t understand how anyone thought they were a good idea. so so ugly :(

  11. kellly

    I’m not sure I get the “crinkled” part. The model’s nails look smooth to me. . . . am I just being dumb or what?

  12. AS1929

    The “crinkled” texture is created with bar and microglitters in the chrome base. You can see this when you remove it.

  13. Tracy

    Eww. I googled for pics, and it’s not pretty. It does look like the formula was just messed up and they decided to market it. This will disappear faster then crackled did.

  14. Geneva

    No, why. I googled this product and I don’t like the colors or the texture.

  15. I’ve seen swatches of these and I am NOT a fan. I love textured polishes but these just look messy and weird. The colors are pretty but the texture is just strange.