Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Protected Paradise Face contains shimmery sheer coral and pink shades as well as gold which can be used a a highlighter. Also, it comes with a large pouf that can be used to create a healthy glow all over the face and décolletage.

Protected Paradise Eyes contains a pale gray base color with a marine green-tinted overlay. One of the fish is a shade of aqua that can be used as an eye shadow or eyeliner and the other fish is a rosy gold that can be used to highlight the brow bone or the inner corners of the eyes. This palette comes equipped with an eyeliner brush as well as a basic shadow brush.


Oh my goodness, are these not adorable?  Sigh, I wish they weren’t $90 a pop, because I would surely consider getting one otherwise.  I just don’t think I could bring myself to splurge that much on any makeup item with my student budget!  Anyone a fan of Chantecaille?

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27 thoughts on “Chantecaille – Protected Paradise Compacts

  1. Lori

    OMG so freaking beautiful! But…

    A) I also couldn’t spend that kind of money being a university student
    B) I would be hesitant to use it a lot, as I imagine it would start to wear down and lose its pretty picture!

    But how creative. Wow!

  2. Tanya

    WOW, 90$ is some serious crack smoking!! The shadows are really pretty but like Lori said, it wouldn’t really be usable because the image would get ruined. I swear at times I think these cosmetic CEO meetings are a bunch of silly skinny fashionistas sitting around smoking crack and then laughing at us little people for considering spending 90$ on a eyeshadow.

    • LOL! Chantecaille is pretty pricey as a brand, so I wasn’t surprised at the prices for these, but I can’t afford Chantecaille, well, I suppose I could, but I can’t justify the expense!

    • Skyler

      *LMAO* I have no problem picturing that and I’m sure it’s not far off from reality!

  3. Tayma

    Are the eyeshadows $90 or is that the face stuff?? Do you know when itll be available in stores?

  4. lisa

    They look gorgeous but i wouldn’t spend 90 dollars on it.

  5. Brooke

    omg so beautiful… but so not worth the price tag. ack

  6. Tekoa

    Hot dandy! Makeup AND cute ocean pictures for the cause of environmentalism? I love it. Its a good thing I’ve never seen the brand in my city because I’d probably get the green fishy one just to look at. *lol*

    • They are sooo adorable, but I know I’d never use it! You’d think with a $90 pricetag, they could give a bit more than 5% though :/ Better something than nothing!

  7. Mo

    Where are these being sold?

  8. Mary

    WOW $90! What are they on? They are GORGEOUS, but as soon as you use them, they start to look like any other eyeshadow I would think.
    These types of designs seem to be a trend right now, but they are really a useless one unless you don’t want to actually USE the product.
    Thanks for the pics though, they are beautiful!

  9. BaDKiTTy

    OMG! You can find a much prettier picture to look at online for FREE! :) And for this kind of money you can get a lot more nice stuff at MAC :)

  10. Thalia

    TBH, they don’t really appeal to me.

    (I noticed that you wrote “I wish they were $90 a pop” and I was gonna wonder why until I checked out the source.)

  11. I just heard of Chantecaille for the first time a few months ago in Glamour. And being someone who likes to hear about makeup asap, I am shocked at how fast famous people and makeup artists started talking about it and using it. Where the heck do they even sell it? And WHY is it SO EXPENSIVE? I heard it was started by an heiress of some sort, so ‘cmon, what is up with the price?

    *But these are simply GORGEOUS.

  12. Stephanie

    Pretty, but not for 90.

  13. Betsy

    I found your blog through Makeup Bag. Chantecaille is a nice brand but the price has been skyrocketing the last few seasons. I’ve used it since 2003. The Papillons from a couple of years ago were more reasonable around $40. $90 is extremely expensive and while it’s a nice brand, I would not recommend it for someone on a budget. Guerlain is similar in quality but the prices more reasonable.

    • Hey Betsy! Thanks for visiting us :) I appreciate you sharing your insight into Chantecaille, as I don’t think many of us have tried it personally!

  14. i love it . the blue one i mean, any one with tanned skin should wear blue beause it gives there skin a healthy glow.