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Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream SPF 15

Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream SPF 15

Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream SPF 15 ($150.00 for 1.7 oz.) is a rich, luxurious anti-aging cream designed to be used during the day time, and the texture and name suggest its better for normal to dry skin rather than oily skin. Chanel’s description of this moisturizer is all about the elemi PFA, which “stimulates the production of tensin, improving the quality of skin’s collagen and elastin fibers, and helping to improve their bonds within the skin to create a firm supportive network.” The description goes on to say that the cream is “luxuriously textured and delicately scented, delivers a very soft, matte finish, with ultimate comfort, for a visible lifting effect.”

Chanel has a whole website dedicated to the Ultra Correction Lift line, which includes more information about the ingredients, science behind the line, and all that good stuff. The line also includes Day Fluid SPF 15 (lighter weight moisturizer) ($150.00 for 1.7 oz.), Total Eye Lift ($100.00 for 15 grams), Lips & Contour ($85.00 for 15 grams), Night Cream ($165.00 for 50 grams), and Concentrate ($165.00 for 1 oz.).

My Skin: I’m 23 years-old with some fine lines around my eyes, slight but noticeable lip lines when I smile, and a nasty canyon ever-deepening on my forehead. My skin type is normal-to-dry in the fall/winter and mostly normal in the spring/summer. I am acne-prone and suffer from minor breakouts but generally nothing major.

My general feeling for this day cream is, “I LOVE IT!” but I don’t know if I’d shell out $150 quite yet for it–I think I want to explore more of Chanel’s skincare line-up before committing, you know? It’s only the second Chanel skincare product I’ve tried (the other being their Exfoliating Mousse), so I think I’m going to look into trying some of their other products before making any hasty decisions.  Besides, can you really imagine me committing?

It feels absolutely heavenly on skin. It’s rich, but it doesn’t have the negative characteristics often associated with heavier, richer creams. It has that rich, luxe texture that’s instantly hydrating and soothing, but it absorbs in under a minute. I’ve never encountered such a rich-in-texture cream that soaks in that quickly!  As far as sun protection goes, it contains Avobenzone (3%), which covers the UVA spectrum, and Octinoxate (7.5%)., which covers the UVB spectrum.  (See our Sunscreen 101 post for more.)

Not only is it incredibly hydrating without being greasy or heavy, it holds up throughout the day–it actually has really helped keep my skin from getting oily towards the end of the day (mostly in the t-zone).  I’ve noticed that some of my fine lines seem to be less prevalent, too.  I only notice them when I’ve gotten less than four hours of sleep, and then I just look ragged, period (ha!).  This is actually the first time I’ve ever noticed a moisturizer doing anything visibly apparent on the subtle signs of aging I have. It does have a near-matte finish–it’s feels lightweight and has a soft, matte finish that’s soft, smooth, and not at all shiny or greasy.

I’ve been using it since late March, and I just finished the jar yesterday. (I also found out that the boyfriend has been stealing some periodically!) It’s important to me to look at the value of a product, not just the price tag–all in all, 1.7 oz. of the day cream lasted for about 2.5 months worth of daily application (just in the morning, since it has SPF). I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: if you find the skin care products that work for you and they’re pricey, I really think the investment is worth it (as long as it doesn’t leave you on the street, of course–everything in moderation with a dose of common sense!).

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation:  Based on my experience, it’s definitely worth looking into and grabbing a sample, if you’re able to, at your local Chanel counter.  I think it is best suited for dry and normal skin.

Availability: Chanel, Nordstrom

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Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream SPF 15

Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream SPF 15

Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream SPF 15

Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream SPF 15

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40 thoughts on “Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Day Cream SPF 15 Review & Photos

  1. kcrystal

    The description of the cream sounds lovely however considering it has ingredients that your skin does not need and in the long term would possibly cause more damage. Some ingredients do break down the collagen in the skin and for the most part “organic” skincare is somewhat better compared to regular skincare, I think i would pass on this.

    • What ingredients would cause damage in the long-run and what studies found this?

      • Michelle

        I was watching a show on skincare by Dr. Oz and he said that skincare with fragrance isn’t good for your skin. He said that fragrance breaks down collagen. Bummer — so many different companies add fragrance to their products. Who knows though — it seems like studies have totally different results depending on the scientist/company backing the study!

        • Yeah, there are SO many studies. I feel like there is at least one study for everything that concludes “it will give you cancer!” It’s really hard to know what to believe, what to look for, and all that. I always have a lot of follow-up questions — like how much fragrance? At what level does it break down collagen? At what level is okay? And what is “fragrance?” Sometimes companies may use essential oils which they’ll label as fragrance.

  2. Hey Christine! I think theres a typo (not to be picky, but just in case.. you know? lol), you said you started using this in late May, which I am assuming is actually late March?

    Other than that, thank you for this review. Do you think someone like my mom would be able to use this? You said its for early signs of aging, but she’s 45.. lol. It looks like it does do wonders for wrinkles so maybe she’d like that =)

    • Yes, yes, late March, boo!

      Oh, it’s not for early signs at all, IMO! I think it’d have far more impressive results on more mature skin, actually. It seems like it’s about the middle point in Chanel’s skincare line (Sublimage looks like the top dog!), so I think it would work for your mom’s skin!

    • Aisha

      It worked so much better on mom’s skin than mine, so I suppose you could keep it in mind 😉 I got her the day cream and within days she forced me to get her the night cream too lol.

  3. Farida

    OMG, I really want this. The price is so high but like you said, as long as it does good to your skin, price does not matter!

  4. christy

    How do you feel and compare this to the Kate Sommerville Oil-Free moisturizer that I know you’re so fond of?

    • Hmm, they have such different textures! I would say that Oil-Free is better for normal to oily skin, but it may not be heavy-duty enough for driest of skins (opposite of this Chanel moisturizer). I also like that it has SPF in it, so I don’t have to use something separate. (Really, really wish she had Oil-Free SPF ## and without!)

      This is why I can’t commit!

  5. Eileen

    This past winter the skin under my eyes became very dry and crepey. I started using the Ultra Correction Lift eye cream and was very impressed with how well it smoothed, firmed, and moisturized the entire area around my eyes; including my eyelids. So many other eye creams say to avoid that area, but not this one. Like you, I was amazed at what a wonderful job the cream did without being in the least bit heavy or greasy or interfering with my make-up. I haven’t tried any of the other Ultra Correction Lift products because I tend to stick with what my dermatologist recommends, but I’m glad I gave the eye cream a try. I’ve just started on my second jar. Like all Chanel, it’s pricey but a single jar lasts for months.

    • So happy to hear you had great results, Eileen! :)

      What do you use for your AM/PM moisturizers?

      • Eileen

        Hi Christine. First of all, let me say that despite being one of your older fans (61), I thoroughly enjoy your blog :-)

        AM: I use Skin Medica’s TNS Essential Serum on my face, neck, and chest, TNS Illuminating Eye Cream for under eye circles, Chanel’s Ultra Lift Correction eye cream lightly patted over the entire eye area, then Chanel’s UV Essentiel SPF 50 on my face, neck, and chest. PM: I use the same basic regime but instead of applying SPF, I use a special product from my dermatologist. It has .05% retinoic acid in it and a lot of other good stuff. Like everyone else, I supplement with various products as the need arises and as the climate changes.

        • Aww, I am happy to have you as a fan! :) Thank you!

          I appreciate you sharing your routine with me — it’s really great to hear from others who have tried and tested and found what works well for them. I haven’t used anything by Skin Medica, so I’m going to go look into it for sure!

  6. Alexis

    I got a sample of this the last time I participated in Nordstrom’s Beauty Event. I guess I should try it. I love their Hydramax line. I am just not a fan of the price tag!

  7. nicci

    I have not really ventured into the skincare line of Chanel. I have tried the cleanser you used Christine but that’s about it, well I bought their SPF lotion but I don’t really count that. I bought my mom one of the toners and she loved it. I got samples of Sublimage and so far she really likes it. She’s in her 50’s though.

    I want to try some of their skincare products but I keep waiting for a good time…whenever that is. I really want to try out SK-II! I should stick with one line but like you, I can’t commit either! :)

  8. Geez, so many to choose from! I am an avid user of Kate Somerville products but i wanted something a little heavier for night so i ordered the Nars moisturizing cream. Have to say i like it quite a bit but now i’m intrigued with this one! I will see if i can get a sample first because i just spent boocoo $ on the Nars.

  9. shontay

    I’ve heard great things about chanel’s skincare. I have their base lumiere primer and it’s a must have for me. I’m afraid I can’t commit to these prices, though.

  10. Aisha

    Unfortunately the cream felt far too heavy on my skin and in ways messed it up. I gave it to mom and it worked perfectly well for her. I use other products from the Precision line and they suited me better than this one. But man when I compare my results to mom’s I feel so jealous. This cream is just too good lol.

  11. Jenn

    Ohh, I want to try this! But compared to a pot of Creme de la Mer, this seems more expensive.

  12. AnGeLwInGz

    Chanel’s Hydramax line of skincare is also excellent. Though not advertised as anti-aging (I am a non-believer in such a thing) it provides incredible moisture without being greasy. This goes for all Hydramax products. Perfect for all skin types, and much less expensive than Ultra Correction and Rectifiance.

  13. Whirl

    Christine,just a little observation re your forehead concern.
    Have you noticed how much you “help” yourself with the brows while doing your eye make up?
    Pay attention to this on one of your videos.
    This “raise eyebrows to better apply eyeshadows to the crease” technique along with mascara application when we all tend to let our eyebrows fly is responsible for 60% of our forehead wrinkles.
    Make an experiment by prohibiting yourself moving your eyebrows while doing eye make up.
    In a month you will awe at the results.

    • I actually make a lot of funny faces and stuff, which is probably more responsible for that than anything else :)

      TBH, I am not overly concerned about aging – it is a natural process, and I only hope to age gracefully and have fun doing so (which includes making crazy faces!).

      Where did you get your 60% number? I’ve never heard that. Could you share the study you read? Thanks!

      • Whirl

        Hmm…I just think that cheaper and easier to not have wrinkles by avoiding actions that cause them(if possible) instead of accepting them as an aging process bonus.
        My 60% number comes from my own experience.
        First I stopped creasing my forehead while doing the make up(around 25 y.o),then started wearing sun glasses outside and then learned to control excessive mimics.
        Today my only concerns are oily skin and eye zone skin prone to dryness.(I’m 32 y.o)

  14. Wow, $150 for 50ml. I wonder how much it costs in Croatia, I have to check it out to compare prices. 😀

    I have to admit that I’m not tempted to try any kind of skin care products made by high-end brands. I somehow prefer brands which are specialized just in skin care products and those brands are also way cheaper than any high-end brand.

    Though, I do like few Shiseido skin care products, but they cost approx. $30 so it’s not really *that* pricey. :)

    • Rosana

      Yes, I agree. The best face moisturizers I’ve found are coconut oil and almond oil is good too. The coconut oil is actually great for the hair too. I’m torn whether to stick with old traditional/natural facial care or spend the $$ at Chanel.

  15. Laura

    Hi Christine first off just want to say thank you for providing such a wonderful site! love it.. although my bank account hates it! I purchased my mum this cream as a birthday gift and it works beautifully on her skin. I use the Hydramax+active moisturizer and it is fantastic. Their creamy cleanser, I think it’s called Lait Confort it awesome, great for taking off makeup :)

  16. kcrystal

    Even though i would not buy this moisturizer even if i was a millionaire as its a ridiculous price for such product .. i would probably give the total eye lift, lips and contour a try.

  17. Sodium Hyaluronate comes way too far behind, and Tetrasodium EDTA as well as Parabens as well as silicone do not do anything positive for skin.

    Despite this – if it works on you and you are willing to shell the cash out to feel better – do. That’s what cosmetics are for!

    My mom is 65 and loves La Prairie and Chanel and all expensive stuff. Why not. She has got beautiful skin – but she started using comsetics only when she got around 55, bevor she was a “water only” user.

    I am happy though there are critical voices around on conventional skincare. I use only organic (which is not suitable for all) so I am out of this discussion. I have learned the silicone makes my skin very soft, but leaves ist very dry underneath which causes 2-3 days later my acne to break out :-( only my personal experience.