Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Chanel Santal Rouge Allure Laque ($32.00) is the fifth entry to drool over in our seven days of Chanel Rouge Allure Laque feature.

Santal is a subdued peachy-coral. It has just a little bit of a coral-tone to it, but otherwise it is quite peachy. There’s almost a hint of pink, but yet there’s definitely some golden-orange shimmer. This is exactly what I love about the Chanel Rouge Allure Laques: the colors have so much going on, it’s hard to classify them. It’s lightly glossy (but not quite as glossy as some of the other shades, like Dragon), packs plenty of color, and subtle shimmer that’s there but not glittery.

I find one layer of color provides me plenty of full color coverage. I think the natural pink of my lips does add some of the pink tones I see in Santal, so if your lips are less pink, it may appear more peachy. Like Ming, this is a shade you can wear anywhere and anytime; it’s perfect for everyday or paired with a dramatic smoky eye.

Since I don’t want to just re-write what I say about the formula (since it is the same–if there are any variations, you can be sure I’ll call them out), here’s a quick bullet-point summary.


  • Satiny, creamy lip color that hydrates
  • Opaque color in one layer–very pigmented
  • Lasts for hours and even through eating/drinking
  • Glossy sheen
  • Looks like a lipstick AND a gloss
  • Easy to travel with
  • Sleek packaging


  • Pricey at $32 each

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: For easy, wearable color, Santal offers exactly that!

Availability: Nordstrom

See more swatches

\Dynastie (#74), Dragon (#75), Ming (#76), Santal (#77)

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60 thoughts on “Chanel Santal Rouge Allure Laque Review, Photos, Swatches, Lip Swatches

  1. Ming & Santal are AMAZING!! I love them. I can definitely use both. 😀

    Are they available at ALL Macy’s???

  2. Melinda

    This Color is super Gorgeous Love it :O)

  3. Wilcoa

    These lip colors are all so gorgeous – I want all of them! ;P

  4. Rachael

    This color is stunning!

  5. Oooh, I want Ming! It looks so pretty!

  6. Jennifer

    I got Santal on my mind and Imperial now… lol Too bad they cost so much. I’ll have to put them on a Christmas list.

    This is the first Chanel Lipstick I freaking love.

  7. Rivoli

    Temptalia, that picture is exactly what I am looking for! Thank you–this looks so fabulous! :) I’m really enjoying this series. So far I want all but one of these! :)

  8. Daniela

    santal looks to me like a wayyyy more pigmented version of love nectar lustreglass

  9. Ooo, this looks pretty! Reminds me of Sublime Shine Dazzleglass Creme, but with so many more pros.

    • Haha! Totally outclasses Dazzleglass Creme!

      • Sigh, my wallet is crying. I think I’ll have to pick it up next week. My BF is going to like it more than DG, he hates the sparkles that I love.

        • My wallet wasn’t pleased after I acquired all of the shades, either!

          But at least the boyfriend will like it more… haha. Mine won’t let me kiss him with ANY color/gloss on!

          • ROFL!

            I wear nudes and light pinks with my BF, just to make sure I leave less of a mark on him. I remember wearing Girl About Town and I gave him a kiss on the cheek before going home one afternoon. There was this mark on him that I had to take a makeup wipe to. Thank goodness for wipes!

          • Han

            So does my BF, he calls any lip products “goop” and wouldn’t kiss me if I have them on. Oh well, I wouldn’t let that stop me from buying lippies. I have the Santal and love it. Very moisturizing and neutral color. Doesn’t dry out my lips at all and I’m prone to dry and flaky lips when it comes to lipstick/gloss/balm.

  10. Doreen

    Wow, this looks gorgeous! I’ll start setting aside money for Ming and Santal… They’re different enough from most pinky/peachy-nudes!

  11. Lorna

    i think after my pink phase i am going into a peach phase. it will never stop…

  12. I am so in love with this colour. But so expensive … D=

    Good for my wishlist though – here in Belgium we’ve got this great holliday in honour of a Spanish saint called ‘Sinterklaas’ (you guys adopted him as ‘Santa Claus’ ;D) @ the 6th of December. My amazing parents still give me a gift each year. And this is going ot be it ! I hope … It better be ! =O

  13. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous!

  14. amy

    This is pretty Ming and Santal are my favourites so far.

    • They’re really great for everyday wear, so if you’re going to splurge, I suppose actually *using* the whole tube is up should be the goal!

      • amy

        Luckily these are permanent but I will put them on my shopping list. This would probably be almost $40 CAD before tax, so I will really need to push myself to use it up, luckily I almost always use up a product eventually, even if it would take awhile. Ming and Santal are so lovely, it looks like I would be reaching out for these a lot. I just wish MAC would take a little break from pushing out so many collections and leave me a bit more budget for other wonderful things! :)

        • I know! I am REALLY pleased they’re permanent, too. Not only are they pricey, so this lets you build up slowly, but you don’t have to be rushed – you can pick out the shade(s) you like the most. And if you love it? You can get it again when you run out!

        • Andrea

          Hi Amy I bought Ming and Santal from The Bay and they were $39CAD before tax!

  15. Anitacska

    To me this is the nicest colour of all the ones you’ve revied, but I don’t think I like it enought for $32, if you see what I mean. :)

  16. Alexis

    OOOH I had a feeling I was going to like this color! I still need a neutral brown color….

  17. Marcia

    These look so beautiful. I love this shade. Christine, does it have that rose smell that Chanel typically has?

    • Thanks, Marcia! It does have a faint scent, but it’s fainter than the average Chanel lip product. I actually didn’t notice until you asked (so I went to take a sniff!).

      • Nicci

        I was waiting for this review! :) I noticed a weird smell. Mine doesn’t smell that pleasant…almost like paint?? I like it but not crazy about the smell.

        • :) Really, weird scent! I’d probably see if you could return and get another. Mine smells like roses a bit (whatever Chanel usually smells like), but it’s faint — definitely not paint, though!

  18. Emily

    This looks GORGEOUS on you, Christine! :)

  19. Bridgette

    Mine, mine, mine! Another color I have to get!

  20. Jennifer

    I just got this color today and it is truly amazing. :) On me, it looks a little more pink than it does on you, Christine – perhaps my natural lip color is a bit different – but I still LOVE it. The texture is like silk – or as the sales associate said, “like wearing nothing” – and it stays feeling that way all day.

    I really would like to get Imperial as well, but the Chanel counter I went to today was out of that (as well as a few others). Luckily they still had a few Santals left though so I could at least get this one now. :)

  21. lalala1719


    I had to let you know i just went to my local Chanel counter and tried Phoenix, Ming and Santal…. I walked away with Ming but ended up going back to exchange it for Santal…. I looooooove this product!!! I am a NC20 with very pink undertones yet Santal is still very wearable on me. It is exactly how you described it… beautiful and creamy but with a great natural gloss and I really DEFINES your lips! Expensive but worth it, thanks for the heads up, my new favorite!!


  22. sammy

    Hi CHristine..thanks for posting these different shades of Chanel lip lacquer. I would like to buy one of the everyday lip lacquers but don’t have any access to a nearest store where I live but plans to buy it online. What would you suggest with an olive skin, santal or ming? Don’t worry I will not blame you if it does not turn out to what I wanted..LOL. By the way, all the shades do look very well on you!

  23. CharismaSL

    Hi Christine

    Thanks so much for your review. I really like Dragon, Ming and Santal, and is on my next purchase list when I go to the Bay or Hotl Renfrew. You mentioned you bought all the shades, are you serious? Did all of them suit you? I’m NC20-25 with dark hair, can you please recommend me a few more? Thanks so much.


    • I think they all did for the most part – of course some were more flattering than others, but I actually found the range rather wearable :)

      Dynastie & Phoenix!