Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Chanel Ombres Contraste Duo

Chanel Ombres Contraste Duo / Eyeshadow Duo

New OMBRES CONTRASTE DUO Eyeshadow Duo takes the guesswork out of harmonizing and applying eyeshadow. This foolproof pairing of complementary shades — in two unique textures — is housed in one convenient compact. The softly shimmering light shade is a creamy powder, which can be worn alone for a luminous effect, or as a base to extend the wear of the accompanying deep-toned shadow. The dark shade has intense micronized pigments for true colour application, and a matte finish to create depth and contour. Two applicators are included: a foam tip to apply the shadows and a brush to blend. Available in six essential shade harmonies.

Chanel Ombres Contraste Duo / Eyeshadow Duo ($42.00)

  • Khaki-Clair Hunter green / Ivory
  • Taupe-Delicat Brown taupe / Soft peach
  • Berry-Rose Plum rose / Soft pink
  • Misty-Soft Plum brown / Lavender grey
  • Bleu-Tendre Navy / Silver blue
  • Gris-Subtil Grey / Silver

Availability: September 2010

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Chanel Ombres Contraste Duo

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27 thoughts on “Chanel Ombres Contraste Duo / Eyeshadow Duo

  1. kim

    are these going to be permanent? they’re so pretty!

  2. cant wait to try these!

  3. Etaoin

    I wonder how similar these colours are from the old duos? i have a silver blue and navy called bleu-train and it looks very similar!

    • Melanie

      I wonder the same thing. Train-Bleu is one of my favourites, so I think I will get a back-up as it looks here as though the dark shade will be matte.

  4. Nicole

    I love that they include a mini brush! I don’t care about the sponge tip, but mini brush is a very nice touch. Oh, Chanel. :)

  5. Juliette

    How do u think, wich of them will look good on light-hazel eyes?

  6. I don’t wear eyeshadows, but I LOVE the colors Chanel does. And that 2nd pictures, I wish I had it in print, the makeup looks like candy!

  7. jade

    It’s been out in the UK for 2 months already, loving my taupe delicat!

  8. lauraaaaa

    of course i’ll be paying attn to the taupe one lol

  9. Claire

    These are up on the Chanel website! I was very tempted to order some!

  10. nicci

    These are already available! :) I tried it a couple weeks ago in Misty-Soft, Berry-Rose, and Taupe-Delicat. They appear bigger than the ones in the quad but not as much as a single. They were easy to apply and pretty long lasting but not sure I want to spend the $$ on it…

  11. HC

    I saw these at my Chanel counters already! At SF Nordstroms and Bloomingdales

  12. Kristana

    You always look so put together with chanel shadow colors

  13. lazeny

    It’s out at the Chanel counters already, I bought Khaki-Clair and it’s beautiful. I’m going to buy Taupe-Delicat next.

  14. Joanne

    It’s been out in Singapore for a while already. I LOVE Misty-soft! Textures are amazing too!

  15. Cecelia

    I feel this blog is pretty biased towards MAC. If this were a MAC collection coming out, this post would have been up WEEKS before it even came out and there would be swatches galore. And the day of, yet again another post would be up reminding your readers. But anything not MAC just seems to get ignored. The Chanel duos have been out for awhile now. The availability date is incorrect – not September. This would have NEVER have happened w/a MAC collection. I have heard people say that this blog is just for MAC lovers and now I can finally see their point. Why even bother covering other brands? It’s not like you really care, if you did each brand would get EQUAL coverage. Sorry but not everyone loves MAC & not everyone even has access to the brand.

    • Hi Cecelia,

      Chanel just sent over the press release the day that I posted this. Unfortunately, if I post certain brand’s information before they send it to me, they will ask for the information to removed. According to the Chanel press release, the launch date is September, but Chanel has been known to launch it earlier on counters – but not all counters.

      I’m sorry you feel that it is biased towards MAC and that we don’t cover all brands, but we cover between 60-80 different brands per month. I don’t get Chanel information 3 months ahead because well.. that’s just not how Chanel works. MAC information comes out earlier via international sources, but MAC doesn’t request that it gets removed – so I know I can post it without ramification. I’m not exactly prepared to be sued by brands for posting images – and there have been two brands that have threatened to do so.

      I regularly review all of Chanel’s collections and have been doing so for the past year or two. I’m not sure how Chanel, at the very least, isn’t getting equal coverage. MAC, of course, puts out 40-50 collections, whereas most brands put out 3-5, per year – which obviously would indicate that MAC would by default always have more posts.

      Please take a moment to consider commenting in a way that’s constructive, rather than accusatory – because you don’t have the facts – I have not been sitting on this information – I only just got permission to post it. I do my best to cover every major brand’s seasonal collection, as well as regular reviews of other permanent products. I am only one person and surely cannot get to everything and anything that comes out, but I genuinely feel that we do a good job at covering a full spectrum of products and brands. If you don’t enjoy the blog or don’t find it useful, I’m sorry that it’s not up to your expectations.

      • Ganda

        Very well said, Christine. Your blog has been immensely helpful to me personally and I am grateful for the time and energy you put into it. The way I see it, you don’t “owe” your readers anything — after all, we’re not paying you and yet we benefit from your work! So thank you, and please know you are appreciated. :)

      • Andrea

        I just want to say I really appreciate your site and the work you do. I happen to love Chanel & I am very happy with your posts. I really don’t know why people get so angry and set off these days by every little thing.

    • Wow. Christine happens to be the very best beauty blogger out there with detailed, structured reviews that do not focus on the product quality, size, consistency, price compare color for dupe’s across brands and price points. I am not a person who typically gets involved in these sorts of discussions but you have a lot of nerve. I recommend you go read some other blog, that is more to your taste perhaps.